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Today we are going to present an essay on my favorite subject History, so let’s dive in!

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History is a study of the events that have occurred in the past. It gives us an insight into that which has happened in order to derive lessons for the future.

There are various means to observe and record history; these include but are not limited to a document. Through its study or information attained through some source or investigation, it also acts as a prominent way to search for history.

It is a part of academic discipline to teach the reader the importance of the history of the world or particularly any country we talk about. In today’s time everywhere we see there is a thing originated from history be it any religion or a ritual, everything has a story in the past.


I have always been an adventurous person who loves to explore places due to which I get to know the history of those places as to how they came into being or about the consequences it faced. 

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The account of recorded history in the form of archaeological or mythological narratives starting from 4th Century B.C. Historical accounts are recorded in the form of recorded audios, videos and various pictures of prominent people or great personalities printed in the books same as painted long ago.

The sketches of maps and symbols are kept in an account in the books of history to be used by the researchers for finding the routes to places they go to explore.

In earlier times, tapes or reels were used to record the historical audio speeches of the people, but now with the advancement, it is recorded in the compact disks. History is one of the most interesting subjects and my favourite one among the other subjects in academics. 

Not only in academics but there are historical accounts of tribes, cities, people and world wars in the country that people should for which documentary books are written by the writers in order to tell the people about the ancient culture.

Not only these but religious festivals are celebrated as a result of a shared history believed by a group of people following that particular religion, such history has been documented in religious texts and also been passed across generations through word of mouth.

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These beliefs are what play the role of forming the culture and customs for every individual based on their perceptions and thoughts transformed into real stories.

As you already know that I am an adventurous person, so the day before yesterday, I had explored the historical monuments of my city. Each and every monument had a history related to it told by the guide orally. The designs and patterns used in forming those architectural buildings have something exquisite story related to them.

The engineers who planned out the framework of construction of the buildings measured each and every step carefully and that it took them years to construct the buildings.

It has become important for us to know about history as it will pass on to generation to generation with the same story but told in a different manner, which is either orally or in written form.

Dating back to the earliest centuries in chronological order, there are many civilizations like Harappan civilization, Egyptian civilization, Sumerians and Mesopotamia that were commenced early from 3500 B.C.

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In earlier times people travelled places to places to investigate the civilizations and places with the help of which, they wrote journals that were converted into large historical shreds of evidence. These pieces of evidence of history have helped many people to learn more about their own culture and civilizations. 

Since history is my favorite subject that I love to learn more about the artifacts, monumental buildings, shreds of documentaries, journals, books, and texts passed on to generations so that the coming generation would know much about the history they read and would be able to explain others or write in a much better way by exploring and researching more and more about it.

This would help in spreading more awareness about history and to understand it more clearly. This would provide an insight into the origination of our cultures with which, we are least known with, till now. 

How was this essay on My Favourite Subject History? I hope you like it, Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section.

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