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Example 1

Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony

By Sruti Reddy

The Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony was commemorated on the 10th of August in our school premises. The event was managed under the guidance of the Principal, Shri Pritam Kumar Modi. The program was enlightened by the presence of many dignitaries such as Meenakshi Chaturvedi, District Chief Commissioner, Mr Prapool Kumar Jain, Divisional Senior Manager and many others.

MS. Meenakshi lit a lamp to mark the beginning of the auspicious day. A speech emphasizing the overall average performance of the school in both academics as well as curricular.

Our school premises and gardens were kept neat and clean and were beautifully adorned by flower garlands, glittery papers and chandeliers. All the teachers, staff members, students and their guardians were cordially invited to join the program. The program began at 9:00 hours.

Various sweets, snacks and beverages were served among the guests. Prizes, awards, trophies and certificates for all the events, workshops and competitions organised throughout the academic year 2019-2020 were felicitated by the chief guest among the students who had involved themselves in many activities with great passion and enthusiasm.

Example 2

Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony

By Pankaj Rai

To mark the Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony for the Academic session 2019-2020, students, teachers and other staff members celebrated the same with great passion and fervour on 11th of August in our school premises.

The program was eye-witnessed by students, teachers, staff members, guardians and local residents. Our school was gracefully decorated with paintings, flowers, chandeliers, lamps and lights.

The event commenced at 18:00 hours as the Guest of Honour for this event, Mr. Balakrishna Iyyer, Deputy Chief Commissioner lighted lamps and incense sticks and offered prayers to the idol of Lord Ganesh placed in the centre of the stage.

Students of primary classes sang a devotional song to welcome all the guests, followed by various exhilarating and scintillating cultural programs performed by the students of our school. The most awaited moment arrived when the awards, trophies and certificates were to be distributed among the students.

This year, Ms. Priya Verma, XII B was awarded the “Student of the year” award for her evergreen school performance in every field. “Shivaji House” won the “Best House Award”. Sweets and snacks were kept for nourishment.

Example 3

Commemoration of Annual Prize Distribution

By Priti Modi

On 11th August, Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony was organised in our school premises.

The program was a great success because of the dedication and the sincere efforts made by students, teachers and the staff of our school. Many other dignitaries, associated members, guardians and local residents were heartily welcomed to be a part of this auspicious day.

A wide range of food stalls were located in the school playground for the refreshment and the nourishment of the participants. A speech was delivered by the Principal in which he mentioned that the average performance of our school has been comparatively improved by 23.67%.

Students were dressed in various vibrant costumes. They were the main highlight of the event. Group Dance, Group Song, Group Skit were performed with great vigour.

All the students were felicitated by the Guests of Honour by awards and trophies to encourage them to keep involving in such activities.

A thanksgiving ceremony was organised at the end after which all the participants headed for a grand community dinner.

Example 4

Celebration of Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony

By Sushant Kumar Mohapatra

With great vigour and enthusiasm, Our school marked the Annual Prize felicitation ceremony last Friday at 16:00 hours.

The program was successful because of the cooperation between the event organisers and the participants. Shri Venu Gopal Rao, our Principal was the Guest of Honour for this ceremony. Our school was embellished beautifully to welcome all the guests.

The students of our school showcased their talents and passion via exciting and thrilling dance performances and musical orchestras followed by the Prize felicitation ceremony in which the Principal blessed all the participants who gave best of their efforts to represent our school in different levels. The principal delivered an inspiring message to motivate the students and encouraged them to perform better in the next academic session.

A table was set up with a wide array of sweets, desserts and delicacies for the nourishment of the participants of this program. This event brought fun, happiness, refreshment and a sense of unity among all the members. The program was concluded with a bonfire. This event delivered indelible experiences to those who witnessed this event.

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