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Example 1

Inauguration of R.K Tiwari Memorial Hospital

Reported by: Ipsita Chatterjee

June 12, 2020; Kolkata: A new hospital containing 250 beds was inaugurated in Elgis Street, Diamond Bazar, Kolkata yesterday at 10:00 hours with a vision to improve the healthcare facilities and services for the general public.

The State Health Commissioner, Shri Prabhudeva Goyal inaugurated the hospital while the Health Secretary, Senior Healthcare Executive and many other officers and authorities were also invited to the Inauguration program of the hospital.

The hospital is built in the memory of Late R.K. Tiwari, who was an excellent cardiologist and had served the general public since the last 50 years. Regrettably, he passed away six months ago as he was adversely affected by the deadly Coronavirus.

His only goal in life was to serve to the public, to the community and to the nation as a whole. As per the hospital sources, the hospital would provide some limited treatment to the poor people, who cannot afford hospital facilities and services, free of cost. The hospital has appointed 50 trained doctors having a wide range of fields of specialization and 75 nurses.

Example 2

New Hospital Inaugurated in Visakhapatnam

Reported by: Staff Reporter

May 12, 2020; Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh: A 200 bedded hospital was inaugurated here last Friday in Visakhapatnam. This hospital is the first modern large-scale hospital having a wide range of advanced and sophisticated facilities and latest Medicare technologies which promise to provide world-class treatment and services to the local people at reasonable prices.

The private hospital has a highly skilled infrastructure. It is a ten storeyed building covering an area of approximately hundred square kilometres. There are three Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and seven individual operation theatres.

The hospital also has an outlet for 24*7 medicines services, fast and efficient ambulance services along with direct consultation from renowned specialists across the nation. The hospital is well equipped with modern testing and diagnostic instruments as well as tool-kits.

The inauguration program was enlightened by the presence of dignitaries such as Sri Venkateshwara   Reddy, Minister of Health, Shri A.K. Patsani, the local Member of Parliament, Shri Purohit Shree, Secretary of Health Department along with various officers as well as businessmen of the local area. The Minister of Health addressed the inauguration of the hospital in his motivating speech.

Example 3

Inauguration of a Super Speciality Hospital

Reported by: S. K. Bhaduria, Staff Reporter, TOI

June 12, 2020; Ahmedabad: A new super-speciality hospital was unveiled at Hansalpur Becharaji, near the outskirts of Kunupur in Gujarat was inaugurated yesterday at 9:00 hours. Mr. Nayeem Abdullah, the president of GMC Hospital started the inaugural ceremony by addressing a speech.

The Guest of Honour for the event was Shri Rabindra Desai, Principal Secretary of Health. The program was witnessed by many officers, authorities, executives as well as general local people.

The main objective of this hospital is to avoid patients from travelling abroad for receival of first-class health and medical care by presenting comparable facilities in their doorsteps. The hospital has been the results of five years of substantial hard work, determination and perseverance.

The hospital is spread across nearly one hundred and forty square kilometres. The hospital has a running hospital, ambulances, provision of preliminary aid in cases of accidents and mishaps etc.

The hospital has three hundred beds, thirty ventilators, five Intensive Care units (ICUs) and four separate chambers for operation theatres respectively. The Guest of Honour distinguished the invited guests, doctors, nurses and staff of GMC Hospital and the fellow board members.

Example 4

DRDO’s Hospital Inaugurated at Muzaffarpur

Reported by: Mousumi Ghosh, Staff Reporter

June 12, 2020; Muzaffarpur: A new 1000 bed hospital including 200 ICU beds was set up by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and was inaugurated at Muzaffarpur. The doctors, nurses and other medical staff were appointed by the Directorate General Armed Forces Medical Services (DGAFMS). 200 doctors, 350 nurses and 100 staff members had been appointed so far.

The hospital is well equipped with all sorts of sophisticated instruments and latest medical technologies. Many other facilities and services such as CCTV surveillance system, pharmacy and pathology labs, catering services, ambulance services, computerised hospital management system, electrical system, air conditioning system etc are provided in the hospital premises.

The hospital is well maintained with clean premises and green gardens all around the hospital to provide a better environment for the doctors, nurses as well as the patients.

The hospital also provides consultation services from renowned specialists all across the globe.

The hospital is powered with diesel generator backup, individual oxygen piping to each bed, lifts and morgues in order for more sophistication.

The Bihar Government will provide free of cost water and electricity facilities to improve the hospital infrastructure.

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