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In this article, I’m going to show you how to write a newspaper report on bus accident. So let’s get started.

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Example 1

12 killed, Many Injured as a Volvo Bus Collides with a Jumbo Trailer Truck in Kozhikode

By A. R. Samantray

12th February 2020, Kozhikode: Over twelve people were killed and few trapped at a highway in Kozhikode after a Volvo bus collided with a Jumbo trailer truck on Saturday afternoon.


The bus was carrying 46 passengers and was travelling from Kochi to Thrissur. According to the locality, the accident occurred because of careless driving by both the drivers.

The mishap was followed by a terrible cataclysm and led to a fire explosion. Within minutes the flames began to engulf the whole area. The local people were very much disturbed at the pathetic sight. Almost 30 passengers were severely injured.

Soon the fire brigade arrived and began the rescue operation. Police supervised and investigated the situation. Disaster Management came into force and ensured the safety of victims and localities.

Doctors, nurses and ambulances hastily arrived at the accident spot. It took nearly three hours to carry all the operations successfully. The victims were briskly admitted in the nearby hospital.

As per the statements recorded by the hospitals, the doctors suspected a rise in the number of deaths caused by the accident.

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Example 2

Bus Carrying 43 Passengers Falls Off Bridge, Many Injured

By Rita Agarwal

12th February 2020 Mumbai: A passenger bus going from Sandhurst Road to Byculla fell off the Hancock bridge near Shivdas Champsi Road, Mazgaon, Mumbai killing 11 persons and injuring several others. The bus jabbed 35 ft down and fell on the river banks nearby.

It is presumed that the passenger bus accidentally pervaded in a herd of buffaloes trespassing the road, lost control and crashed before plunging off into the river.

Rescue operating teams, fire services, disaster management forces as well as the police grew obnoxious as the mishap occurred during sunset. It was extremely strenuous to walk in dark and drop-down ropes and ladders from the bridge and carry the victims in boats and ferries. Ambulances were dashed to that spot. First-aid treatment was provided to victims. The Police department supervised the operations.

As per latest reports, the rescue operations had been completed with at least 39 injured admitted in Kokilaben hospital, 9 km away from the accident spot. The injured included twelve men, five women and seven children.

The District Health Commissioner visited the hospital to consolidate the victims and their families.

Example 3

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By Advitiya Sujeet

 12th February 2020, Vani Vihar: A terrifying bus accident took place near Vani Vihar harbour at 6:00 p.m. yesterday. It was suspected that the private bus coming from Cuttack to Angul was collided by an overloaded bike driven recklessly by a group of few teenagers.

The biker was trying to overtake the bus. Unfortunately, due to moist weather as well as slippery roads, the biker lost control and his bike collided with the bus resulting in a miserable accident.

As per the reports, 16 people were killed and 30 were injured. The injured persons were admitted to the nearby hospital, 6 km away from the accident spot. 10 persons were let off after first-aid and others were hospitalised. The condition of 6 persons, including 3 children, was known to be critical. The angry mob set fire to the passing vehicles.

All the emergency services and rescue operations arrived at the accident spot without any delay. The police department had to lathicharge to tackle the violent mob. The traffic was severely disrupted in that spot because of which fury sparked among the local people.

Example 4

32 people injured as bus muddled into a bridge in Odisha’s Balasore

By Bishnupriya Mohanty

12th February 2020, Balasore: On Thursday at around 11:00 a.m, a jam-packed bus ferrying pilgrims from Bhadrak to Berhampur turned upside down and fell into a nearby trench. The bus crashed into a cement fencing of a bridge before breaking it and falling upside down.

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According to the villagers of Balasore under the Singla police station, the bus swiftly with a fairly good speed hit clashed because of the flat tyre on the right front wheel of the bus. The bus involved in the mishap has been impounded and its driver detained.

The local people spotted 12 dead bodies and 20 were excessively injured. Immediately after the accident, the local administration carried a search and rescue operation. The operation took 3 hours. The ambulances arrived immediately. Some of the casualties were provided preliminary aid before admitting them in hospital. The victims were shifted to Dayanand Memorial Hospital, located nearby.

The mishap was greatly tackled due to integrated coordination between the rescue operations team, fire services and police department respectively. The Health Commissioner visited the hospital to meet with the casualties and their lamented families.


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