Write a Report on Career Guidance and Awareness Programme Organised by Your School [With PDF]

Today we will discuss and show you a couple of examples on a Report Writing that is on Career Guidance and Awareness Programme Organised by Your School. So let's dive in.

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Example 1

Career Guidance and Awareness Program

By Ipsita Das

The Aakash Institute of Education, Branch-III, Varanasi on 12th August 2020, arranged a mass program focussed on Career guidance for the students who had just passed the matriculation exams from various Boards of Education. Nearly thousands of students were cordially invited to the institute premises last Friday. The program lasted for a duration of three hours.

The program organised under Mr Srinivasan Roy, Manager of the institute commenced with a warm welcome speech addressed by Mrs Neena Madogatia, Co-host of the event.   The Guest of Honour for this event was Shri Niranjan Kumar Das, Senior scientist at DRDO as well as an IIT-ian graduate with a B. Tech and MTech degree in computer science engineering from IIT Kanpur.

The chief guest took over the dais and inspired all the young minds by discussing about the ample of opportunities and career options they can choose from Science, Commerce and Arts. He also emphasised that career decision is one of the significant decisions in one’s life and therefore, it must not be taken under parents’ compulsion or peer pressure. He also motivated the students to never go out of following their passion.

Example 2

Career Guidance and Awareness Program

By Mamata Rani Jha

The final year students of Goenka College of Commerce, Agartala were cordially invited to participate in a One-day Career Guidance and Awareness program held in the main auditorium of the college on 10th of August at 10:00 hours.

The guests were members of the “Institute of Chartered Accountants of India”, Northeastern region who were enthusiastic to create awareness about the scope of Chartered Accountants in India and in Abroad in recent times.

The Guests of Honour for this grand event were Shri Nitish Moore-Chairman of ICAI, Assam and Shri Gopal Rao-Secretary of ICAI, Assam. Also present were the Sub-directors of ICAI, Smt. Isha Thacker, Shri Ganesh Lal Advani and Shri Shivansh Mishra respectively. The event commenced with a lighting ceremony followed by an addressal speech. Nearly 200 students took part in this program.

Dr. Neena Poddar, Event Manage took the opportunity of welcoming the guests and thanking them for their decision to spend time with the students of the college. The event created awareness and enriched knowledge among the young, aspiring Chartered Accountants.

Example 3

Career Guidance and Awareness Program

By Sahid Raza

The students of Vasu Mittal College of Engineering, Bangalore were cordially invited in a career guidance program on 12th August 2020, which was followed by a counselling session in which the students got various opportunities to engage themselves and enrich their level of knowledge by live interaction with various teachers, professors as well as counsellors.

The program commenced at 2:00 pm in the main conference hall of the college premises. The large number of participation of students reflected their passion and interest.

Chief guests for this program were Shri Dinesh Reddy, State Education Commissioner, Dr. Meena Panandikar, Secretary of IIM-B and many other dignitaries.

Shri Dinesh Reddy discussed with the students the upcoming difficulties that lie ahead after they graduate. He cautioned that acquiring an engineering degree isn’t the same as what it used to be many years ago followed by Dr Meena who spoke about the importance of setting up personal goals in life. The Chief Guests were then presented with a memento by the college authorities as a token of gratitude and appreciation.

Example 4

Career Guidance and Awareness Program

By Smruti Das

A Career-oriented guidance and awareness program was conducted by the principal of Loyola Public School, Phulgaon in his school premises on 8th August 2020 at 11:00 hours.

The Guest of the Honour for this event was Shri Manohar Samantray, Professor at IIT-Roorkee followed by many other dignitaries as well as teachers. The students who had just passed their board exams- both for grades X and XII were invited to witness the program. Nearly three hundred students participated in this event.

Shri Manohar conducted a seminar in which he beautifully presented various career options in form of colourful graphs, pie charts as well as flowcharts to make it easier for the students to interpret and analyse all the options and then choose the most suitable career decision for themselves Other dignitaries took up the dais and gave ideas and insights about the practical life which one will face in the corporate world.

Some emphasized the importance of internships and apprenticeship among the students. A questioning session was held in the end to solve all the queries in the minds of students.

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