Write a Newspaper Report on Accident between Bus and Train [With PDF]


In this article, I am going to show you some sample report writing on accident between bus and train. So let’s get started.

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Example 1


Reported by: Kajol Naik, Staff Reporter

Tiruvallur; June 18: Tamil Nadu Witnessed a horrific accident between a public bus and a mail train yesterday. It was at about 7:45 p.m. when the train rammed into a public bus in an unmanned railway crossing. According to an eyewitness, he suddenly heard an explosive sound near the railway line and everybody ran to find out about the incident.


The bus was completely demolished and left with no survivors. The local police station was immediately informed as well as the fire brigade. Before the rescue party reached the spot, the local people rushed up and rescued all the passengers from the bus. They had also arranged for a few ambulances and sent all of the rescued passengers to the nearby hospital.

But unfortunately, nobody survived. Very luckily nobody on the train got injured in this incident. Only a little fire was caught in the engine and that’s all. The railway service resumed back to normal in that line within one and a half hours. This terrible incident has again imposed a big question on the existence of unmanned railway crossings till now after so many years of independence.

Example 2


Reported by: Rakesh Routh, Staff Reporter

Malda; March 3: 16 school students died in a shocking accident yesterday that occurred in Malda town. Yesterday morning, at about 10 a.m a school bus and an express train rammed into each other near the NH11 at a railway crossing. There were a total number of 24 students on the bus. It was taking them to the nearby Gourchand High School.

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After the collision happened, the local people rescued most of the students from the burning bus and took them to the nearby district hospital. As per the last report received, 16 students have already fallen to death in the hospital. The condition of 3 more students are extremely critical and doctors are trying their best.

After the fire brigade came into the scene and controlled the fire, the police inspected the whole scenario. In the primary investigation, they got that the break of the bus was failed and it led to this horrific collision. The police have let us know that they found the bus driver and the helper dead at the spot and arrested the owner of the bus for neglecting the maintenance.

Fortunately, the train was unharmed. The local M.L.A visited the students at the hospital and talked with their parents. He assured to provide them with all kinds of necessary assistance required.

Example 3


Reported by: Abhijit Ganguli, Staff Reporter, H.T.

Bogupara; May 23: A horrendous incident happened yesterday in Bogupara, a native downtown area of North 24 Parganas. By yesterday evening a public bus collided with a train at an unmanned railway crossing near Bogupara.

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As per the last report received, a total number of 23 passengers have fallen to death due to this incident. Many other passengers got themselves severely injured and some of them are fighting to survive back into life. According to an eye witness, At about 5:30 p.m. a train was passing by the track. Suddenly, the bus came out of nowhere at a vicious speed and hit the 4th coach of the train.

The 4th and the 5th coach of the train got derailed through the hit of the bus and many passengers fell from the door. The bus got itself totally devastated and the driver, as well as the contractor, died at the very spot of the incident. The local people immediately informed the fire brigade and local police station and primarily rescued a few numbers of people.

After the fire brigade came and controlled the fire, they rescued all the injured passengers of the bus and train and sent them to the local hospital. The police found the accident happened due to the sudden break malfunction in the bus and arrested the owner. The railway operations in that line took 3 hours to get resumed after cleaning up the whole spot.

Example 4


Reported by: Soumitra Rath, Staff Reporter, H.T.

Burdwan; July 30: The Burdwan town yesterday witnessed a horrific collision between a bus and a train. As per the last report, a total of 16 people have died in this incident. This accident happened near Beldanga, at an unmanned railway crossing. According to an eye witness, Mr Saroj Kankra, he got an explosive sound at around 3:30 in the afternoon came from the crossing.

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Mr Kankra runs a tea shop near the area. They ran towards the source of that explosion and found the devastating scene. The local police station was immediately informed and the local people came forward to rescue the injured people. The train was unharmed, fortunately. The passengers of the train also helped the local people to rescue the passengers on the bus.

The bus was almost destroyed and left with only 3 survivors. Miraculously, the contractor of the bus was able to get himself saved with very few injuries. The local police have let us know that even the signal of the railway crossing was not working properly. But the railway authority has refused to know anything about it.

According to a local fellow, it seems a lack of administrative coordination snatched 16 lives today. This incident imposed a serious question on the very existence of unmanned railway crossings till these days.

There you have it: report writing on accident between bus and train. I hope you learned how to write a newspaper report on this topic. Please let me know if you have any other topic ideas you want me to cover, just leave a quick comment below the article.