Write a Letter to Your Sister on Her Birthday [With PDF]


In this session, you are going to learn how to write a letter to your sister on her birthday.

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Example 1

Question: Your little sister just turned 12. But you could not attend her birthday due to your work. Write a letter to your sister wishing her on her birthday and how sad you were to miss her special day.

Hints: Your wishes for your sister- Reasons for not attending- Your plans for her gifts- Your prayers for her future.

23 Kusum Nagar,
Mumbai 400002,


May 20, 2022

Dear Sister,

Congratulations on turning twelve this year. I heard that you had enjoyed a lot on your birthday. 

I wish I could come to meet you this year, but I did not get a  leave from my work. Mom prepared your favourite food and dad also gifted you the video game you have been wanting for so long. I have also bought your favourite storybooks as your gift and very soon you will receive them. I am certain you are going to like them. Please share the pictures with me of your birthday.  I wish you many many happy returns of the day. 

My prayers are always with you. God bless you and lots of love for you. See you soon.

Your annoying Sister,

Example 2

Question: Your sister is turning. You are the elder sister and you are planning a surprise birthday party for your little sister. Write a letter to your sister on her birthday about your plans and your wishes for her special day.

Hints: Your wishes- Your plans for her birthday- Birthday preparations- Anything special you are doing for her

12 Fern Road
Kolkata 700023

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Feb 21, 2021.

 My dear Sister,

Wish you a very happy birthday. I still cannot believe that my sweet little sister is turning 5 years. Although you are growing up, you will always be a kid to me.

This day is as special for me as it is for you. I have planned a huge surprise birthday party for you. Mom and I have called all your friends from your kindergarten school and everyone is coming.

I am also going to bake your favourite chocolate cake. I am going to decorate the whole house with balloons and your favourite toys. Our grandparents are also coming for your birthday from Delhi. It is going to be a great celebration.

I am going to make this day extremely memorable for you. My love is always with you. 

Yours affectionately,
Priya didi

Example 3

Question: Your sister is having her birthday but her board examinations are also knocking at the door. Write a letter to your sister as an elder brother about how you are going to organize a small birthday party for her and the reasons for it.

Hints: Your sister’s examinations- your plans for her birthday- how you are preparing- your wishes for her well being

56 Vikaspuri,
Delhi 110012,
Feb 23, 2021.

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My dearest sister,

My heartiest wishes for you on your birthday. I wish that all your dreams come true and you reach all your goals and ambitions.

You have your board examination very soon and that is why this year your birthday will be celebrated in a small manner. Only our close relatives and a few of your friends are invited. We will have an intimate dinner at our terrace followed by a cake-cutting event.

I have already ordered your favourite flavoured from a nice bakery. Although it is going to be a small event this year, we are planning for a holiday trip after your exams are over. I am sure you like that gift the most.

Once again wishing you a very happy birthday. Always stay healthy and never lose focus on your studies. May God bless you, my dear sister. 

Your loving brother,

Example 4

Question: You stay in a boarding school and your sister’s birthday is around the corner. You cannot attend her birthday because of your exams. Write a letter to your sister wishing her on her birthday and how much you are going to miss her.

Hints: Your wish for her birthday- Why you cannot attend- Plans for her birthday- Any gift of her choice

24 Sanjay Nagar
Bangalore 560003

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Feb 18, 2021

My dear Sister, 

I wish you a delighted birthday. Although it is on 21 February, you are going to receive this letter before that. My heart feels so heavy whenever I think about missing your birthday.

My exams are going on and it is impossible for me to visit you on your birthday. I feel really upset about this. But I am sure mom and dad are going to make your birthday very special. All your favourite foods are going to be cooked on your birthday. I have told dad that you wanted a chess game for a long and he is going to get that for you as your gift. Enjoy your birthday the most and have lots of fun with your friends.

I am going to miss you a lot. Please write to me soon. I cannot wait to see you. Happy birthday my sweet sister.

Yours affectionately,
Anju di

Here we saw a couple of examples of letters written to sisters on their birthdays. We have tried to cover various aspects through these different examples. Hope you enjoyed this session and found it helpful. Let us know your valuable feedback in the comment section below. Your opinion matters the most to us.

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