Letter to Your Sister Congratulating Her on Success in the Examination [4 Examples With PDF]


In this session, you are going to learn how to write a letter to your sister congratulating her on success in the examination. Let’s get started!

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Example 1

Question: You live in a different city for your work and you have a sister. You recently heard that your sister has done very well in her examination. Write a letter to your sister congratulating her on her success and send your best wishes to her.

Hints: Your happiness on hearing the news- Your thoughts on her merit and talent- Any gift you want to send- Your encouragement for her future

52, Behala,
Kolkata 700032

Feb 16, 2021.


My dear Sister,

I just finished reading your letter. Once again you have made me proud with such an extraordinary result. All your hard work certainly paid off.

I knew you would do well in the examination considering the kind of meritorious student you are. My heartiest congratulations to you. Your high marks in your favourite subject Biology are remarkable. I will send your favourite storybooks for your success. I cannot wait to see you receive the first prize in school.

I wish you all the very best for your future. Keep working hard and continue to make us proud.

Your loving brother,

Example 2

Question: Your sister has passed her examination and has scored very well. As an elder sister, you are very proud to receive this news. Write a letter to your sister congratulating her on her success in the examination.

Hints: Your happiness for her success- Any gifts that she wants- Praise for her studies- Your best wishes

22 Cornell Street,
Bangalore 400012,

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Feb 16, 2021.

My dear Sister

I am very happy to hear that you have passed your examination with flying colours this time. With this score, you will definitely be admitted to your dream college.

I am very impressed with your dedication to your studies. Unlike other students of your age, you kept yourself completely focused on your studies and nothing else. Your commendable marks in all the subjects will help to fulfil all your dreams. I feel extremely proud to be your elder sister. I will give you the laptop that you have always wanted for your success in the examination.

My best wishes are for you and your future. I hope you will aim high and achieve that too. Lots of love to you. 

Yours affectionately,

Example 3

Question: Your sister studies at a boarding school. She has sent you a letter saying about her successful result. Write a letter in reply to your sister congratulating her on her success.

Hints: Praises for your sister- Your plans when she comes back- Your wishes for her future.

56 Gulmohar Kunj
Kochi 200012

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March 2, 2021.

My sweet Sister,

I just received your letter and I am extremely elated to know that you have done so well in your examination. Even staying away from home and without the help of our parents, you have scored such high marks in all your subjects.

I will be really happy if you share how you manage to study on your own. Your teachers and friends must have been a great help to you at the boarding school. Your success makes me very proud as an elder brother. I cannot wait for you to come home during your summer vacation. I have planned some surprises for your incredible result. Your future is going to be very bright.

I hope all your dreams come true. I have sent your favourite chocolates with the letter. Wish you all the very best in all your future endeavours.

Yours lovingly,

Example 4

Question: Your sister has secured the first position in her class. She is also very good at other activities as well. Write a letter to your sister congratulating her on her extraordinary success in the examination.

Hints: Your praises for her talent and hard work- Teachers’ compliments- Your wishes for her future.

21 Bandra Road
Mumbai 300023

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Feb 15, 2021.

My dearest Sister,

I am delighted to know that you have secured the first position in your class. I knew you would do very well in your studies as you have been a very bright child always.

I heard that all your teachers praised you a lot for your success and the Principal of your school herself handed you the first prize. You have also received a special prize for doing well in extracurricular activities. You are the only student I have seen in my life who is equally good in studies as well as other activities. Your intelligence and your zeal for hard work will take you a very long way.

I am very pleased with your efforts in your studies. My heartiest congratulations are to you. May God bless you.

Yours affectionately,

Here we saw through these examples how everyone is congratulating their sisters on their success in the examination. We have tried to cover different aspects in each and every letter. Hope you have liked this session. Let us know your valuable feedback in the comments section below. Your opinion matters the most to us.

Thank you; see you again very soon.