Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing Your Leisure Time Activities

By | March 15, 2021

Today, in this article, I am going to show you how to write a letter to your friend describing your leisure time activities. These examples will be a great reference point whenever you are asked to compose such letters. So what are we waiting for? Let us begin now.

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Set 1

Question-1: Your summer vacation has begun and you have gone to visit your grandparents. Write a letter to your friend describing your leisure time activities and ask your friend about hers.

Hints: How you are enjoying- Any new interest or hobby you developed- Books that you are reading- About the place you are visiting

3A, M.G Road,
Hyderabad 500006,
March 20, 2021.

Dear Myra,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. We have not spoken since our summer vacation started. I am really enjoying the holidays.

I have come to visit my grandparents in Ooty with my sister during the vacation. Ooty is a very beautiful place and I am quite loving the surroundings of the locality. Every day in the morning me and my grandfather go for a stroll in the park nearby.

After returning I spend a lot of time in my grandmother’s garden. She has beautiful plans and I have also developed an interest in gardening. During the afternoon I indulge in reading books. Currently, I am reading Charles Dickens’s “Oliver Twist”. The book is very fascinating. You must read it. I will be spending the rest of my vacation here in Ooty. 

How are you enjoying the holidays and what do you do in your free time? Please write to me soon. Take care.

Yours lovingly,

Set 2

Question-2: Your friend studies in a different school. You were busy with your exams and now you have some free time. Write a letter to your friend describing your leisure time activities.

Hints: Any new thing you are learning- With whom you play- Your interest in other cultures and curiosity

45, P.G Road,
Kolkata 7000089,
March 18, 2021.

Dear Souvik,

I hope you are doing well. My exams at school just finished yesterday. The last few days have been quite busy. 

This weekend I have planned to take a rest from all the pressure. Usually, the weekends are spent on doing homework. But as my exams are over, I have some free time. I love drawing portraits and now I can devote a lot of time to that. I have also enrolled in a portrait painting course in my local club.

I really wish to master art. Other than that, I go out to play with my friends on our playground. We play cricket and football. I also love to read about different cultures of the world. So right now I am exploring the Japanese culture online. I am really amazed to discover so many new things about their culture.

How do you like to spend your leisure time? I would love to know that. Take care.

Yours affectionately,

Set 3

Question-3: Your friend has started learning violin in her leisure time. Write a letter to your friend describing your leisure time activities and how do you keep yourself engaged.

Hints: How do you utilize your free time- Your interest in music and writing- How you are improving your writing skills 

2A, P.N Road,
Mumbai 400001,
March 24, 2021.

Dear Anamika,

I just finished reading your letter. It is great to know that you are learning the violin. Now your leisure time has become really fruitful.

Usually, I hardly get any free time due to school and studies. But whatever time is left after my studies, I try to do something I love. In my leisure time, I write stories. From my childhood, I was very passionate about stories and storytelling. I let myself be totally engrossed in the story writing process.

Writing is like opening a window for my imagination and fantasies. I am also planning to participate in a writing workshop to really brush up on my skills. Apart from that, I quite enjoy listening to Hindustani Classical music. My mother is an excellent singer and I think I developed this interest from my mother. After a busy day at school, these two activities of writing and listening to music are a huge respite for me. 

I am looking forward to hearing violin from you. Let us meet soon. Take care. 

Yours lovingly,

Set 4

Question-4: You are having your session break and have a lot of free time on your hand. Write a letter to your friend describing your leisure time activities. 

Hints: What new skill you wish to learn- Why did you pick up this skill- The habit of diary writing- How you are enjoying these activities 

8B, Navapalli Lane,
Delhi 110010,
March 25, 2021.

Dear Soham,

How are you? How are your swimming classes going on? I also have thought of learning a new skill during this vacation.

I am learning the French language from a recognized organization. I always wanted to learn a new language. Also, from our next class, we have to pick up a new language, so I thought this is the best time for me to start. I could make this session break really productive and fruitful.

Most of the time is spent learning this interesting language. I am maintaining a notebook where I write down all the new words and their meaning learned in a day. By the end of the section, I am trying to read one story in French.  At night, before going to sleep, I have started writing a diary as well. A lot of my friends have the habit of diary writing and I must say I am also having fun writing one. I write down all the activities that I do in a day. 

Let me know how much you progressed in your swimming class. I am looking forward to your reply. Take care.

Yours affectionately,

I showed you in this article, how to write a letter to your friend describing your leisure time activities.  Did you enjoy the session? Was it helpful? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, keep visiting our website for such awesome content on various topics.

Until next time, bye!

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