Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing Durga Puja [With PDF]


In today’s article, I am going to show you how to write a letter to your friend describing the Durga puja. These examples will help you whenever you are asked to compose such letters. So let’s begin. 

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Example Letter Writing 1

Question-1: Your friend lives in a different city. Write a letter to your friend describing Durga puja and tell her to visit once.

Hints: Facts about Durga puja- How it is celebrated in Kolkata- Pandal hopping culture- Why she must visit

 3A, NSC Bose Road,
Kolkata 700089,
March 10, 2021.

Dear Priyanka,


I just received your letter yesterday and it was so good to hear from you after so long. I am also in a very happy mood as the festive season is beginning here in Kolkata.

Durga puja is the biggest festival in Kolkata and it spans around seven days. My city has already started decorating itself with lights and canopies. It looks beautiful. The rituals of Durga puja begin with Mahalaya which is known as the commencement of the goddess Durga’s arrival. We start pandal hopping from Sasthi.

Numerous pandals are set up for the puja with various themes and innovative ideas. Many food stalls, balloon shops and other things surround the pandal ground. We all buy new clothes for every single day of the puja. We enjoyed it a lot on those days. Dashami, the last day of the puja, marks the immersion of the idol in the holy Ganges. 

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It would be great if you could visit Kolkata during durga puja. I am sure you will have a completely unique experience here. Take care.

Yours loving friend,

Example Letter Writing 2

Question-2: You have lately moved to Kolkata and you are experiencing Durga puja for the first time. Write a letter to your friend describing Durga puja and how you enjoyed yourself.

Hints: Your first experience- facts about Durga puja- Rituals followed by Bengalis- Decorations and food

5A, D.P Road,
Kolkata 700048,
March 20,2021.

Dear Anu,

I hope you are doing well. I am enjoying my days in Kolkata a lot and also recently I experienced Durga puja for the first time. Let me share my experience with you.

The whole city looked beautiful and you could feel the festivity in the air. I loved the sound of dhak that was played in every pandal. The puja is usually for four days including Saptami, Ashtami, Navami and Dashami. On Ashtami, most Bengalis wear traditional clothes and give their divine offerings to goddess Durga.

They also have traditional Bengali food on all four days which is very delicious. On the day of Dashami, they have a ritual called Sindur Khela or vermilion game which is played by married women. I visited a lot of famous pandals in Kolkata and it was indeed an extremely charming experience. 

I hope you liked my experience. I will also send some pictures of pandals with the letter. Lots of love for you. 

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Yours affectionately,

Example Letter Writing 3

Question-3:  Your friend is from a different religion and is curious to know about your festivals. Write a letter to your friend describing Durga puja and how Bengalis enjoy themselves. 

Hints: what happens during the puja- Pandal hopping culture- Different events organized at clubs

12, C.P Lane,
Kolkata 700048,
March 15, 2021.

Dear Thomas,

How are you? I hope you had a great Easter this time and enjoyed yourself a lot.

You might know that Durga puja is the biggest festival of the Bengalis and we too have a great time this year.

With the beginning of Mahalaya, most of the schools have their vacation started. All children buy new clothes and start pandal hopping around the city. My locality has one of the famous pandals in the city. This year I was an active member of the club and participated in a lot of events.

During the evenings of the puja days, we organized different competitions and quizzes for the people to take part and revel. The last day of the puja was quite emotional for all of us as we have to wait for another year for Durga puja. Nonetheless, these four days are spent with merriment and celebrated to its fullest. 

Please share your experience of Easter with me. I will be waiting for your reply. Take care. 

 Yours Vijay.

Example Letter Writing 4

Question-4: You live in Delhi and have a different experience of Durga puja. Write a letter to your friend describing Durga puja. 

Hints: How it is different from Kolkata- Community culture- How you enjoy yourself

21, C.P Park,
Delhi 800023,
March 16, 2021.

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Dear Sia, 

I just finished reading your letter. It is great to know that your Puja vacation has already started. I am sure you have begun your Puja shopping too.

Although Durga Puja is one of the biggest festivals of Kolkata, we also celebrate it on a large scale in Delhi. Especially the apartment committees set up a huge pandal surrounding the building complex. The idols are imported from Kolkata as the most beautiful idols are made in Kumartuli.

On Ashtami, the traditional bhog is organized by the puja committee which includes hotch potch, lentil soup and other famous Bengali fries. It is a great time for all of us to reunite and make merry. I love wearing traditional clothes during these four days. Although I miss the catkins surrounding Kolkata, still Delhi gives me the feeling of puja to its best. 

Please come to Delhi once during puja. You will have a lot of fun. Take care. 

Yours affectionately,

I showed you in this article how to write a letter to your friend describing the Durga puja. Hope you enjoyed the session and found it helpful. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below. Keep visiting our website for some awesome content. 

See you soon.