Write a Letter to the Editor about the Ruthless Cutting of Trees

By | May 12, 2021

Today, in this article I am going to show you how to write a letter to the editor about the ruthless cutting of trees. The following examples will help you to write whenever you are asked to compose editorial letters on a similar topic. So let’s begin.

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Set 1

Question-1: The air quality has become poor due to the mindless cutting of trees. Write a letter to the editor about your concern about the ruthless cutting of trees.

Hints: Effects of cutting trees- Poor air quality- Breathing problems in children and elders- Your concern

28, Dhakuria Road
Kolkata 700056

May 08, 2021

The Editor
The Telegraph

Sub: Increased pollution due to cutting of trees

Respected Sir/Madam,

Trees are the most essential part of our nature, yet we human beings are mercilessly cutting them down every single day. It is because of fewer trees nowadays that the pollution level has increased so much.

The air quality has become extremely poor. People are having breathing problems more than ever now. Children are falling sick due to dust and pollution. Also, the number of vehicles has increased a lot and there are not enough trees to balance the CO2 emitted from the vehicles. It is hard to see the sky as it is completely covered with dust and grim. It is our responsibility to plant more trees and cut them less. We need more green fields and less concrete at this point to have clean and fresh pure. The authority should control the unnecessary cutting down of trees.

If we want to save our mother earth, we must start taking action for it. I hope this issue will be published in your daily with high emphasis to unnerve the conscience of the people. 

Yours sincerely,
Sakshi Sinha

Set 2

Question-2: the cutting down of trees is causing natural calamities like earthquakes and floods. Write a letter to the editor about the ruthless cutting of trees.

Hints: Effects of cutting trees- Earthquakes and floods- How can big trees hold up the earth- Raising awareness

19, Suraj Nagar
Delhi 500079

May 09, 2021

The Editor 
The Hindusthan Times

Sub: Floods and Earthquakes due to the cutting of trees 

Respected Sir/Madam,

The number of earthquakes and other natural calamities has increased a lot over the years. It is due to the cutting of trees. Trees hold up the earth and if cut they lose the ability to hold the earth.

The recent news of earthquakes in Assam and other places is quite threatening. Floods are also the result of the cutting down of trees. In the hilly regions, trees are cut ruthlessly to make hotels and restaurants. This is disrupting the natural balance of the Earth. We are experiencing glaciers also more than often. If we continue to cut down trees like this, our future will be more endangered. We will be more prone to earthquakes and floods. The authority as well the citizens should actively take part in planting trees and also must make sure that no big trees are cut down. Old and big trees are the most capable of holding the earth.

If we want to have a prolonged future on Earth, then we must take care of our mother nature in this very hour. I hope my concern will be given enough emphasis on your daily to raise awareness among the citizens.

Yours sincerely,
Rohan Sur. 

Set 3

Question-3: Birds and animals are suffering the most for fewer trees. Write a letter to the editor about the merciless cutting down of trees.

Hints: How birds are suffering- Lack of shelters for animals- The importance of co-Habiting with nature- Your concern

45, Indrapuri Road
Mumbai 400089

May 09, 2021

The Editor
The Hindu

Sub: No shelters for birds due to fewer trees

Respected Madam/Sir

With the ongoing development, trees have become the most neglected things of nature. They are being cut down ruthlessly for making tall buildings, bridges, etc.

This is not only harmful to us, but it is also extremely dangerous for the animals. Birds nowadays do not have any shelter. They do not have enough trees where they could build their nest and raise their families. Also, due to fewer trees, most birds do not even have sufficient food for themselves. Apart from birds, animals like dogs and cats could take shelter under a tree during the scorching summer, facing a similar problem. They do not have a place to take a rest. We are harming nature by cutting down trees as well as the animals.

It is high time that we realize, that humans need to co-habit with nature, and to achieve that we can not go on cutting down trees ruthlessly. I sincerely wish that this burning issue is highlighted in your esteemed daily for human beings to understand the importance of trees for our survival.

Yours sincerely,
Rinki Paul.

Set 4

Question-4: The ruthless cutting of trees for commercial purposes is raising the earth’s temperature. Write a letter to the editor about the incessant cutting down of trees. 

Hints: Climate change is one of the effects- Extreme heat and cold- Less rainfall- Commercial usage of trees- Authority’s role

10, Fern Road
Kolkata 700067

May 09, 2021

The Editor
The Times of India

Sub: Increased temperature due to the cutting of trees

Respected Sir/Madam,

Climate change is one of the most important consequences of cutting down trees ruthlessly. Over the years, the earth’s temperature has increased rapidly bringing in different types of issues related to it.

Trees are cut down every minute for commercial purposes. Big industries are buying forests for their own profit to make consumer products like furniture, diapers, wet wipes, etc. With fewer trees, the oxygen emission from trees has also reduced. The high concentration of CO2 in the air is very harmful to everyone. Similarly, fewer trees mean less rainfall. This is raising the earth’s temperature and causing global warming. People are witnessing extreme cold or extreme heat. 

If we want to save our nature, we must ensure to plant more trees. Also, the authority should regulate the cutting down of trees for commercial purposes. I hope this issue on your daily will bring the attention to the authority of the severe consequences of cutting trees. 

Yours sincerely,
Soham Sen.

In this article, I taught you how to write a letter to the editor about the ruthless cutting of trees. Feel free to add more relevant points. Did you enjoy today’s session? Let us know in the comment section below. Follow our website for more interesting content like this.

See you soon.

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