Write a Letter to the Editor about the bad Condition of the Roads [4 Examples]


Today, in this article, I am going to show you how to write a letter to the editor about the bad condition of the roads. Refer to the following examples whenever you are asked to compose an editorial letter on this topic. So let’s wait no more and start right away.

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Set 1

Question: A recent roadwork left the roads of your locality with uncovered holes which have made traveling on the road impossible. Write a letter to the editor about the bad condition of the roads. 

Hints: Current condition of the roads- problems faced- Any recent accident- Problems of the elders and stray animals- your concern

22, Garia Place
Kolkata 700058

May 05, 2021


The Editor
The Hindu

Sub: Uncovered holes on roads

Respected Madam,

The condition of the roads in our locality has become extremely poor. There are many uncovered holes on the road which are dangerous for us citizens. 

Last year, there was an underground pipe installation on the road. During that time, due to the roadwork, many holes were developed on the road. However, after the work, the holes were not covered and now they are lying on the roads uncovered. This is very dangerous for the kids on the roads as well as elders. Many senior citizens go for morning walks and due to the fog, they are unable to see clearly. They can fall anytime into the hole. Even stray animals are facing the same danger. Last week, a puppy nearly fell into the hole but a good samaritan was there to rescue it at the time. It is very difficult for the residents of the locality to live under a risk like this.

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I hope the issue will be highlighted in your esteemed daily to raise concern to the authority about the everyday issue and bring about a solution. 

Yours sincerely,
Sukanya Roy.

Set 2

Question: Roads get waterlogged during the monsoon and you have to face many problems due to this. Write a letter to the editor about the bad condition of roads. 

Hints: How water gets stagnant on the roads- Why other routes have to be taken- Other problems- Concern of the public 

19, Vikashpuri Road
Delhi 600029

May 05, 2021

The Editor
The Times Network

Sub: Waterlogged roads in monsoon

Respected Sir/Madam,

Monsoons have become a painful journey for us, the residents of the Vikasphuri area. The roads are so poorly made that even a little bit of drizzle is enough to make the water stand there.

We have been suffering from this problem for the past few years. But during the monsoon, it becomes worse. Roads are waterlogged, and sometimes even the drains overflow. Our movements are restricted due to this. We have to take the other routes which are longer to reach our workplaces. School buses refuse to come to pick up the students in the rainy season. Even the cars in the garages are getting affected by the stagnant rainwater. The improvement of the condition of the roads would definitely solve this issue. It is hard to live with such frustration every day. 

I urge you to put emphasis on the poor condition of roads on your esteemed daily so that the authority takes necessary action at the earliest. 

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Yours sincerely,
Samar Verma.

Set 3

Question: The uneven roads in your locality are increasing the chances of road accidents. Write a letter to the editor about the bad condition of the roads. 

Hints: Problems faced due to uneven roads- Risky traveling- Recent road accident of a bike rider- The negligence of the authority 

17, Madhapur Road
Hyderabad 50078

May 07, 2021

The Editor
The Telegraph

Sub: Uneven roads leading to accidents 

Respected Sir/Madam,

Living in our locality has become life-threatening now. The condition of the road is extremely poor and it is causing many accidents. People are afraid to use the road for their everyday use.

The road is totally uneven and not at all driver-friendly. Even practised drivers are sometimes losing their control on this uneven road. We have made several complaints to the authority in the past few weeks, but our concern has gone unheard. Recently, one bike rider fell upon the road and injured himself. He had to be hospitalized for his severe injury. As residents, we have no other option but to use this road. It is becoming perilous for us to travel on the road.

I sincerely hope my genuine concern will be published in your esteemed daily to have the attention of the authority. 

Yours sincerely,
Poonam Chhabra. 

Set 4

Question: The muddy roads in your area are causing many problems. Write a letter to the editor about the bad condition of the roads. 

Hints: Current state of the roads- What problems do you face- The big vehicles cannot move- Authority’s action regarding this- Your concern

29, Shivaji Park
Kochi 400059

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May 07, 2021

The Editor
The Hindusthan Times 

Sub: Muddy roads causing inconvenience

Respected Sir/Madam,

People of the Shivaji Park area are really dissatisfied with the poor condition of the roads. This has been an ongoing problem for us. Most of the roads in this locality are muddy which makes travelling quite difficult.

The muddy roads slow down the driving process causing unnecessary traffic on the road. Due to this office goes and college goers are reaching late to their respective destinations on a regular basis. Big vehicles are unable to pass by the road as they can get stuck at any time. Last week a four-wheeler Maruti Suzuki got stuck in the middle of the road. It took more than an hour to make the move once again. We have not received any positive response despite notifying the authority to renovate the road. If this is going to continue for long, the residents have to make a monetary contribution for the betterment of the roads. 

I earnestly urge you to publish this on your renowned daily so that residents of this area get a quicker solution regarding this matter. 

Yours sincerely,
Akash Sharma. 

Here, in this article, I showed you how to write a letter to the editor about the bad condition of the roads. I hope you enjoyed the session and learned the basic points of constructing an editorial letter. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Keep following our website for more unique content like this.