Write a Letter to the Editor about the Bad Condition of the Hospital

By | June 6, 2021

Here in this article, you will learn how to write a letter to an editor of a newspaper informing or complaining about the bad state of a hospital.  With the editors’ liberty to choose what gets published, a compact article with important points elucidated properly has high chances to make it to the newspapers. Let’s continue reading the article further to make ‘writing to editors’ easy for you. 

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Example 1

Question: You are residing in a locality of Kolkata. Your local hospital is lacking a proper state of hygiene and not following the cleanliness guidelines. Write a letter to the editor mentioning the condition of the hospital and put forward your demand for some steps to be taken.

Hints: Mention your urgency – Highlight the importance of cleanliness in a hospital – How people might end up being more sick in untidiness  – The right to access a clean and hygienic medical environment


336/A Banerjee Para Paschim Putiary
Kolkata- 700041

26th April 2021

The Editor
The Telegraph

Subject: Betterment of hygiene in the local hospital

 Respected Sir

I am writing today as I want to draw your attention towards the devastating state of hygiene that the hospital in our locality is suffering from. I also wish to draw the attention of the concerned authorities to this matter through the columns of your esteemed newspaper.

There has been a lack of maintenance on the premises and the floors are notably dusty. The medical equipment is stored in old uncovered boxes and is not being sterilised before use. Few cases were reported where the patients got evsickerick after returning from the hospital. I have tried to address the municipal corporation regarding this issue but no steps were taken. 

Hence, my request to you is to highlight this problem in your newspaper in order to get some steps taken either by the public or by the authorities of the hospital.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely
Rita Chowdhury

Example 2

Question: The hospital nearest to your house is facing a shortage of staff and delaying the treatment of the patients. Write a letter to the editor mentioning the problems and also mention the ow publishing the news can help in the betterment of this scarcity. 

Hints: Mention the importance of staff in the hospital – Write about the problems of pending works due to lack of staff – Mention about steps that can be taken by the newspaper for hiring new workers – Your humble request to take a look into this matter 

260, B Block
Paschim Vihar
New Delhi

26th April 2021

The Editor
The Times of India
New Delhi

Subject: Shortage of staff in the local hospital

Respected Sir

By writing this letter, I want to draw the kind attention of the public and the concerned authorities towards the condition of staff scarcity that our local hospital is facing, through the columns of your esteemed daily.

Since the past few months, the situation of the hospital has degraded due to a lack of people attending their respective job roles in the place. I, myself, am a medical student and have a fair idea about the number of people required to run a hospital properly. Due to this scarcity, the public is facing procrastination in treatment or attendance of emergencies are getting delayed. Only two out of five reception windows are operational and there is absolutely no one present to attend to patients who need dressing on wounds or get their plasters changed. 

This is my humble request to you to publish and put a light on this matter. This way interested people may come forward to apply for the job or the authorities might take steps to reduce this scarcity of staff in the hospital.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully
Pritha Roy

Example 3

Question: The hospital nearby your house has premises that need maintenance. Write a letter to the editor letting them know about the problems of unmaintained hospital premises and negligence of the authorities. Also, suggest the changes that should be brought in the surroundings of the hospital.

Hints: Write about the necessity of clean and beautiful premises of a hospital- Mention the problems the patients might face under-Maintained premises – Discuss the role of authorities in keeping the hospital premises retained – your humble request for necessary steps to be taken

37, Lakeview Road
Hyderabad 500078

April 27, 2021

The Editor
Telangana Today

Subject: Maintenance of hospital premises

Respected Sir

Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I want to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the bad condition of the premises of our local hospital.

My uncle, a school teacher by profession, was admitted to our locality hospital a month back. Whilst this was happening, the condition of the hospital that drew my attention is its under-maintained premises. A good ambience is always necessary for the improvement of patients’ health. The floor is broken and has become uneven at various areas where patients or any of the people hold a chance to stumble and hurt themselves. Also, the garden is filled with weeds and muddy ground which releases a foul smell from the area. Patients with beds beside the garden-facing window might fall ill. I also noticed the dustbins overflowing and the trash being found on the ground beside them. This may attract flies and other insects which in turn might make the food consumed by the patients stale. 

This is my request to publish this condition of our nearby hospital in your daily columns to attract the authority’s attention and for steps to be taken by the maintenance department of the hospital.

Thanking you

Yours obediently
Raina Dutta

Example 4

Question: A private hospital in your locality has put up a fundraiser post to seek monetary help to increase their number of beds for the patients. Write a letter to the editor about the condition of the hospital and the consequences of the inadequate number of beds and request them to highlight the fundraising to help the hospital authorities.

Hints: Write about the need for of adequate number of beds in a hospital- Mention the importance of funds to accomplish getting adequate number of beds- Your humble request to publish your writing in order to gain people’s attention towards the issue

DS Marg, Lower Parel
Mumbai- 400008

28th April 2021

The Editor
The Indian Express

Subject: Scarcity of beds the in hospital

Respected Sir

Today I am writing to you to raise the issue of scarcity of beds in our local hospital. I also want to draw public attention towards the fundraiser that can help in arranging beds, through the columns of your reputed newspaper.

My locality has a private hospital nearby. A few days back I heard complaints from various people about the scarcity of beds, which is quite inconvenient because it is the nearest hospital to our locality. Having adequate beds in the medical premises ly important so that people can have access to the medical facilities whenever needed or be able to rush to seek help in emergencies to that hospital as it is the nearest. Recently the hospital authority put up a fundraiser post to be able to be financially backed to increase their number of beds.

Therefore, it is my humble request to publish this and highlight the issue of scarcity of beds in the hospital and make people aware of the fundraiser which in turn will hopefully encourage them to donate for the improvement of the condition of the hospital.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely
Shruti Sengupta

So, here comes an end to the article where I taught you how to exactly create a letter that is meant to be addressed to the editor of a newspaper regarding the issue of the ad condition of the hospital. the  

You can change the points depending on the question that would be provided to you.

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