Write a Letter to the Editor about Street Light Problem in Your Locality

By | May 12, 2021

In this writing session, I will show you how to write a letter to the editor about street light problems in your locality for asking help to solve the matter. So, I have provided 4 sets of letters to show how to write about the problem in 4 different ways. So, let’s start writing!

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Set 1

Question-1: Every day right at 6 PM all the street lights of your locality are off making the entire area dark and roads inaccessible. Write about this problem and ask for help from your editor.

Hints: Mention the problem-Put extra focus on why this time is extremely unconventional and how it’s raising problems for all people-Ask for immediate help.

79, Purna Ganga Road

13th January, 2021

The Editor
India Today,

Subject: Street lights get off at 6 PM which is causing major road problems.  


We all are and will always be thankful for what you do for this society. You are there to help us solve societal issues and always have used your words to raise a voice against all issues. Hence, today I’m writing to you about a major problem that our society is facing for two weeks right now. Every day, at 6 pm all the street lights get off in our locality causing road problems as the entire area gets dark. As it’s prime time, we are unable to access the roads as there may occur accidents for the darkness. It’s quite dangerous for children also due to the stray dogs. So, I shall really be obliged if you can write about this issue so that higher authorities can notice and take steps to stop this.

Thank You

Yours Sincerely,
Vaishali Sharma

Set 2

Question-2: The street lights in your area were working fine, but now they all have badly been damaged due to the storm. But no one is taking any initiative to fix them up, as a result, roads are left with darkness making it tough for people to walk in the evening. Write this problem to the editor asking for a solution.

Hints: Write about the problem in detail-Mention the cause of this damage and its consequences- Ask for immediate help.

175, R.G.P Road
Mumbai 400001

15th March, 2021

The Editor
Times of India

Subject: Street lights are damaged due to storm but now no one is there to fix them up.


We all know that you are constantly trying to make this society a better place with your words by solving our different issues that we face every day. Today, I am writing to you about a similar societal issue which shows nothing but the negligence of our higher authority. Street lights of our society are damaged due to a storm last month, but there has been no initiative taken from the corporation to fix them up till now. As a result, roads are dark in the evening which makes it impossible for us to walk at that time. It’s mainly problematic for old people, children and people with vehicles.

It would really be generous of you if you can look into this matter and help us solve the problem immediately so that the lights are fixed up.

Thank You

Your Sincerely,
Divya Kumar

Set 3

Question-3: Street lights are constantly on even in the morning and no one is there to switch them off. It’s taking a great toll on electricity which is indirectly bad for our society. Write about the issue to your editor.

Hints: Write about the problem-Mention that you are concerned about the electricity and it needs to be sorted out-Then ask for help.

84/22, Vrindavan Garden Road
Delhi 110005

25 April, 2021

The Editor
Hindustan Times

Subject: Street lights are always on even in the daytime which is taking a lot of electricity.


As you are always concerned about societal problems, and are ready to raise your voice against them to fix the issues, today, I am writing to you with another problem which might be bad for all of us. All the street lights in our locality are always on even in the daytime and no one takes the responsibility to switch them off at dawn. It’s not good for our environment as it’s taking a lot of electricity throughout the day. So, we need to do something to stop this.

I would like to request you to please write about this issue so that people who are in charge of this thing can get aware of it and take the responsibility seriously.

Thank You

Yours Sincerely,
Nikhil Arora

Set 4

Question-4: Some of the roads of your locality are blocked due to street light works. But it has been almost 2 months that the work is going on at a very slow pace. Street lights are still not working and roads are in the same position. Write this problem to your editor for a solution.

Hints: Write about the problem-Mention the time period of the work-Write about the consequences in detail-Ask for immediate help.   

72, J. P. Road
Pune 411057

20th January, 2021

The Editor
The Indian Express

Subject: Work for street lights have been going on for months without any result.


I am writing to you for help on a serious issue that we all are facing in our locality currently. Some works on street lights have been going on for almost two months in our area without any fruitful result. The work is going on at a very slow pace with workers who are extremely inefficient and irregular. As a result, there is no light on the streets for two months in our area and the roads are blocked. So, it has become tough for us to walk on the road in the evening and due to the blocked roads, we have to take long routes which require a lot of time.

We all will highly be thankful to you if you can take this news forward and report about it so that higher authority will notice it and take immediate steps to fix it up.

Thank You

Yours Sincerely,
Divyanka Thakur

So, we have come up to the end of the article. I hope I have been able to show you how to write to your editor about street light problems in 4 different ways. I hope this will be helpful and solve your purpose. Don’t forget to comment below and check out our new articles on the website. See you soon guys!

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