Write a Letter to the Editor about the Rising Number of Crimes in your Locality

By | June 8, 2021

In this article, I am going to show you how to write a letter to the editor about the rising number of crimes in your locality. The following examples will help you to compose an editorial topic on a similar topic with ease. Now let’s dive into the article right away.

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Example 1

Question: The number of thefts in your locality has increased a lot. All of you are living in dread. Write a letter to the editor about the rising number of crimes in your locality.

Hints: Number of thefts- Examples of thefts- Role of the authority- People’s anxiety and fear- Demand for safety and security

58, Bellevue Street
Delhi, 600089

June 20, 2021

The Editor
The Indian Express
Noida, Delhi

Subject: Increases number of thefts


I wish to bring the focus of the authority on the rising number of thefts in our locality through the space of your esteemed daily. 

Our locality has been experiencing an increased number of thefts in the past few weeks. All the residents are petrified during the nights especially. Last week, two motorbikes were stolen from the garage of two houses. The gates were locked yet the thieves found a way to steal them. Even small items such as shoes or bags are being stolen if they are left on the balcony without anybody’s care. We made complaints to the authority to look into the matter as early as possible. The number of night guards has been increased to put an end to these crimes. However, the thieves are not afraid of the law anymore. They are exercising their own will and the normal people have to spend their lives under their threat. We all have become anxious due to these activities and our stress level is only rising up. We demand a solution to this problem.

I hope my genuine concern will draw the attention of the authority. All the residents deserve to live in a safe and secured locality. 

Yours sincerely
Bikash Patra

Example 2

Question: Your locality is hooliganism which is violent and rude behavior by young groups of people. Write a letter to the editor about the rising crimes in your locality expressing your troubles in 120-150 words. 

Hints: Rude behavior by the hooligans- Asking for unnecessarily from the residents- Using vehicles of others without permission- Miserable life

20, Lake Road
Kolkata, 700067

June 12, 2021

The Editor
The Telegraph

Subject: Hooliganism in our locality


With this letter of mine, I would like to express my concerns about the rising crimes in our locality. I will be highly obliged if I am given a little space in your esteemed daily.

Recently, our locality is going through a tough phase. We are facing hooliganism by a bunch of hooligans on an everyday basis. These hooligans are between 24 to 30 years of age. They ask for money from us unnecessarily every time we pass their clubs. They gather around in front of shops and never pay money to buy their things. They trouble the rickshaw puller and auto drivers of our area. The hooligans take their vehicles without their permission and return them after long. They have made our lives miserable. We are unable to cope up with such a level of rude and unjust behavior. 

I sincerely urge the authority to take steps to stop such unacceptable behavior and punish them.

Yours sincerely
Uttam Mondal

Example 3

Question: Two children were kidnapped from your locality and later been rescued by the police. However, this incident has left all the residents in fright. Write a letter to the editor about the rising number of crimes in your locality.

Hints: Details of the kidnaps- How they were rescued- Not a safe environment for the kids anymore- Afraid to step out – Demand for a safe neighborhood 

20, Brick Road
Bangalore, 60089

June 10, 2021

The Editor
The Deccan Herald

Subject: Kidnapping of children in our locality


I would like to express my concerns regarding the rising number of crimes in our locality through the column of your esteemed daily.

Two children of age five and six respectively were recently kidnapped by some kidnappers from our locality. The kids were playing in the park when the abduction took place. We used to live in a pretty safe neighborhood. However, after this incident, we all are very scared. Although The police took immediate action and the kids were returned home safely, we are still in that trauma. The residents are scared to let their children go outside. Normal life cannot be led with such anxiety and stress. We have to keep the children under surveillance all the time which is suffocating for them as well.

I sincerely hope that the authorities will take stricter actions in the future so that no such incident ever takes place. We want a safe locality. 

Yours sincerely
Neeraj Kulkarni

Example 4

Question: The young boys in your locality often get involved in fights and disrupt the peace. Write a letter to the editor about the rising number of crimes in your locality in about 120-150 words.

Hints: Description of fights- Peace disruption- Terrible situation on locality- Injuries and fights- Your concerns

20, Commercial Street
Delhi, 600089

June 12, 2021

The Editor
The Hindusthan Times
Noida, Delhi

Subject: Frequent fights between the young adults


With this letter of mine published in your distinguished daily, I wish to bring the attention regarding the rising crimes in our locality. 

The young adults of our locality who mostly spend their time on the street chatting frequently get involved in fights with each other. They fight over silly issues and always create a huge scene disrupting the peace of the locality. Last week, the fight was so intense, that one of the residents went to stop it. However, he got severely injured while trying to stop the violence. He had to take to the hospital. The boys involved in the fight too get hurt themselves in their heads and faces. We are shattered by this whole situation. We are in terrible condition. We want peace and safety to be restored in our locality as soon as possible. 

I hope my concern will catch the attention of the authority and they will take strict steps to prevent such violent actions. 

Yours sincerely,
Akanksha Malhotra

Here I taught you in detail how to write a letter to the editor about the rising number of crimes in your locality. I hope you enjoyed the sessions and learned something new. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. And tell us what other topics you want us to cover. We promise to keep your request. Follow our website for more useful content.


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