Write a Letter to Headmaster for Three Days Leave


We have learnt how to write letters to friends or family members. Let us now consider a different situation. There comes a time when as a student we need emergency leave from scholar few privileges in our schools. In this situation whom do we turn to? It is the school Headmaster or our teacher. You need to maintain a formal tone while writing to them. Here I have shared with you the exact format to write a letter to your headmaster.

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Example 1 

Question: You will be attending your sister’s marriage. Write a letter to the Headmaster of your school praying for a leave of three days.

Hints: Start with introducing yourself- Precisely highlight the reason for the leave- Show your gratitude

21 Brabourne Road,
New Delhi- 110001,
February 01, 2021.

The Headmaster,
A.B.C. School,
19 Bilaspur,
New Delhi- 110011.


Sub: Application for three days’ leave.

Respected Sir,

I am Vinita Singh of Class VII, Section B. With due respect, I would like to inform you that I cannot be able to attend school on 9th, 10th and 11th March as I’ll be attending my sister’s marriage in Surat. She is my eldest sister and I wholeheartedly desire to be there on her big day.

I therefore earnestly pray and hope you would be kind enough to grant me three leave. I will be highly obliged for your act of kindness.

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Yours sincerely,
Vinita Singh

Example 2

Question: Owing to your bad health your doctor has advised taking a rest. Write a letter to your Headmaster asking to grant leave.

Hints: Introduce yourself-State the reason for your absence-Mention the dates-End with thanking him

B-14 Bleeker Street,
Ahmedabad: 561101,
June 11, 2021.

The Headmaster,
X.Y.Z School,
Ahmedabad: 561120.

Sub: Application for three days’ leave.

Respected sir,

I, Rohan Sen of Class VII, Section A would like to inform you I would not be able to attend school starting from 12th June to 14th June 2021 due to my poor health. I have been diagnosed with food poising and our family physician has strictly advised taking complete bed rest for three days.

So I, therefore, request you kindly to grant me a leave of 3 days. I shall be very grateful to you for this favour.

Yours obediently,
Rohan Sen

Example 3

Question: Your grandmother has become ill suddenly. Your family needs to be there. Write a letter to the headmaster requesting to grant you leave for three days.

Hints: Introduce yourself- Why you need the leave- Highlight the period of your absence- End the letter being grateful to him

15 Sudder Street,
April 10, 2021.

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The Headmaster,
19, A&C Green Park

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that I am Saurabh Jain of class IX. Section C of your esteemed institution beg for leave for the next three days that is from 11th April to 13th April. Last night we came to know about our Grandmother who lives in Madhya Pradesh had been admitted to hospital with serious health issues. Except for our uncle, there is no one to take care of her so it is mandatory on our part to be there for her.

I shall be grateful to you if you provide the approval on my leave request.

Thank You for your time and consideration.

Yours faithfully,
Saurabh Jain

Example 4

Question: You are suffering from viral fever. Write a letter to the headmaster requesting to grant you leave for three days.

Hints: Share your identity- why do you need the leave- Mention from the dates you will not be at school- Assure him about your studies- End the letter showing him gratefulness

1D Park Street,
Kolkata- 700032,
February 10, 2022

The Headmaster,
A.B.C School,
6 Ballygunge Place,
Kolkata- 700019.

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Sub: Applying for three days’ leave owing to bad health

Respected Sir,

With due respect, I Rashika Mathur of Class X, Section D beg to state to you that I am suffering from viral fever and thus would not be able to come to school on the 11th, 12th and 13th of February. My doctor has suggested I take complete rest for three days. I also have been prescribed antibiotics for a speedy recovery.

I will return to school as soon as possible and assure you my leave will not affect my studies.

I have attached a copy of the prescription with this letter. Kindly approve my application agreeing to my condition and oblige me.

Yours sincerely,
Rashika MathurX-D

If you have gone through the above samples, then by now you must how to write a letter to the headmaster/principal or the teacher. While writing a formal letter you must focus on its format as an integral part. In the examination, you will be given credit for following the format. Write to us in the comment section below, if you are enjoying our articles. As I always way your opinion matters to us the most. See you in the next session. Till then keep up your learning game strong.