Write a Diary Entry on Your Trip to an Amusement Park

By | April 24, 2021

Diary writing is a skill which is very important to know for personal development. The habit of diary writing has been proven to strengthen one’s recall ability and such examples will help you understand various scenarios you can refer to while writing a diary entry. We explore diary entry through the topic- visit an amusement park.

Whenever asked to write, these examples can come in very helpful. So, let’s start.

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Set 1

Question-1: Write a diary entry, About a visit to an amusement park with your family.

Hints: Which amusement park did you go to? – Your experience there?- Your most memorable ride?- Will you visit again?

17th March 2021, Saturday
7:00 pm.

Dear Diary,

I can not wait to share the fun day I had today!

My family decided to go for a picnic in an amusement park. Such family events happened often but due to the pandemic situation, things changed. So I was very excited to go on a picnic after so long. WonderLaa is a well-known amusement park all over India. The theme park has a lot of thrill-seeking rides, like the Maverick, Roller Coaster, Dungeon ride among many others. 

As I lay eyes on these towering rides, I was really excited to join in the fun. The ride I found most memorable was the Recoil. India’s first reverse looping roller coaster was a thrill to ride. Dear diary, I am really happy to have experienced such an amazing time with my parents and I hope to visit again soon.


Set 2

Question-2: Write a diary entry, About a visit to an amusement park with your friends.

Hints: Which amusement park did you go to? – Your experience with your friends?- Most memorable event of the day?- Will you visit again?

8th  March 2021, Thursday,
6:00 pm.

Dear Diary,

I am really glad to pen down the fun day I had today.

I was really excited to visit this famous amusement park with my friends. It was a short trip to WonderLa, the biggest, most thrilling amusement park in the city. The first look into the amusement park with those towering rides was a site to remember. My friends and I had the most fun in the Flash Tower, a 40-meter free-fall ride. As the shuttle was let go from the 40 meters height, all of us screamed out in fear and excitement. 

I spent the rest of the day ride-hoping with my friends. It was a day filled with fun and laughter. So the memories I had there are something I will always cherish and I pray that such days will always return and I get to have as much fun when I go back there.


Set 3

Question-3: Write a diary entry, About a visit to an amusement park for a birthday party celebration.

Hints: Which amusement park did you go to? – Your experience in the amusement park?- Describe the birthday party you went to?

8th  March 2021, Saturday
5:00 pm

Dear Diary,

My friend’s birthday was splendid, and I can’t wait to share the story with you.

Raj invited me over to his birthday party held at WonderLa amusement park. I was greeted by my friend in the banquet hall. After the cake cutting ceremony all of us headed to a day filled with unlimited rides for as long as we wanted. Recoil, Flash tower, The Maverick and other such rides were full of thrill. I would definitely ride the Recoil on my next visit.

The party ended with a small magic show. The magician performed many outstanding tricks that left us all spellbound and curious. After the show ended I knew it was time to get back home, I thanked my friend for the wonderful time I had and I wished to come back here to experience such a thrilling day again.


Set 4

Question-4: Write a diary entry, About a visit to an amusement park organised by your school.

Hints: Which amusement park did you go to? – Your experience with your classmates there?- Describe the events you enjoyed and experienced there.

4th  March 2021, Thursday
4:00 pm

Dear Diary,

I had an amazing visit to this amusement park with all my classmates.

My class was informed that we were going to visit WonderLa, which is one of the most well known amusement parks in the city. It was a wish come true. The rides there were amazing with kids my age playing all around. All of my classmates joined in the fun as well. My most memorable ride there was the Equinox. This daredevil ride at its peak position traveled upside down from a height of 16 meters from the ground, and everyone should at least experience this thrill once. 

There were also rides like crazy cars, where we bummed against each other in our cars and all I saw was my friends laughing and enjoying together. Such rides made my school visit to this amusement park very memorable and I wish to visit as soon as I can.


The examples given here cover different scenarios regarding a diary entry on a visit to an amusement park, these examples will help you have a better understanding of diary entry structure. Hope you found this session to be helpful. Let us know your valuable opinion as well as suggest anything you want to bring to our notice in the comment section below. Thank you, hope to see you again soon.

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