Diary Entry on Science Exhibition Held at Our School


Today we will be learning how to write a diary. Consider Diary writing as your best friend. The way you share the nitty-gritty of your life with your best friend similarly you can share your day to day life, experience, achievements, emotions and opinions with your diary.

Study the samples below to learn about the exact format.  To make an intriguing diary entry keep the language natural and relaxed.

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Set 1

Question-1: You and your few classmates have participated in the science exhibition. Make a diary entry on that science exhibition.

Hints: Date and venue of the exhibition-Who were the participants-theme of the exhibition-What were the projects displayed- Who visited the exhibition- What was your project- Share your experience and learnings

October 12, 2021,
Tuesday 7.00 PM.


Dear Diary,

Our team led by me has grabbed the first position in the science exhibition held at our school. It was a three days based state level science exhibition starting from 25th June to 27th June. Budding science of Class IX and X from all across the state had participated in the exhibition. The theme of the exhibition was “Innovations Meet Sustainability.” The exhibition empowered us to showcase our talents. The exhibition taught me that by being sensitive towards the surroundings, we can easily point out the real problems of it and innovations come freely. In the last three days, we witnessed more than 100 innovative projects that are the brainchild of the students from all over West Bengal.

The projects displayed were Potato Battery, Solar Lantern Vacuum Cleaner and so on. These are all developed by the students using items from our day to day life. Our project on Magnetic Railway Signal had gained immense popularity and seized validation from the Education Minister who was present to grace the occasion. Teachers and students from various schools also visited the science exhibition. The science exhibition was a great exposure for us to interact with the best brains of the state and also motivates us to nourish our imagination and skills.

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Set 2

Question-2: Your friend Mohit is aware of your weakness in Science, still, he updated your name in the participants’ list of the science exhibition. Make a diary entry s on the science exhibition and your experience.

Hints: Your friend give your name in the science exhibition- Venue and date of the exhibition- Who were the participants- What was your contribution – How it changed your life-Who visited the exhibition-How your parents and teachers are feeling for you

October 11, 2021,
Tuesday 7.30 PM.

Dear Diary, 

Our school class monitor was taking the names of the students who were interested to participate in the science exhibition. While most of the class were willingly participating I remained silent and suddenly learnt that Mohit updated my name in the list. It was probably the best thing he could do for me. The science exhibition held at our school on 25th April changed my life for the better. With the help of the internet and following Mohit’s suggestion I developed a Motorized windmill by myself which I could never think of. Talented minds of our school grace the exhibition with their stellar innovations.

Though I didn’t stand out in the crowd the exhibition injected me with confidence. It made me realise with constant effort and the right mindset we can achieve the unbelievable. The exhibition gave me the chance to compete and learn from the best. I was praised by our class teacher and principal. My parents were proud of me. Besides our Education Minister Mr R.C.Mukherjee, professors and teachers from various Institutions grace the occasion. After this science exhibition, I decided to become better at science by working on my weakness.

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Set 3

Question-3: You and your sister went to a Science Exhibition. Make a diary entry on the exhibition using the following points.

Hints: Date and venue of the exhibition-Who were the participants-Theme of the exhibition- Share your experience and learnings

October 02, 2021,
Tuesday 9.00 PM.

Dear Diary,

My right brain is more active than the left is no more an alien fact. So I enjoy participating in programmes that allow me to rekindle my creativity rather than grinding my logical and reasoning side. I may not participate in the Science exhibition that was held on Saturday, 5th June in our school auditorium but I attended the exhibition. The Science exhibition provided the young talents with a platform to showcase their innovative ideas. It was an opportunity to learn from the young brains who are ready to take over the world.

Since my young sister takes a great interest in Science I also took her to the exhibition. She was enthralled by the unique ideas and also expressed her desire to develop a model based on the understandings gathered from the exhibition. Like my sister, it was a marvellous learning experience for hundreds of visitors who visited the exhibition. The science exhibition of our school gave us a lovely time to indulge ourselves in learning. The revolutionary concepts that these talents are nurturing will make the world a better and sustainable place to live in.


Set 4

Question-4: Every year your school organises a Science exhibition. Make a diary entry about the exhibition using the given points.

Hints: Name the exhibition-Where it held-Who participated in it The guests present-what were the projects-Aim of the science exhibition-Your experience

October 22, 2021,
Tuesday 7.50 PM.

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Dear Diary,

Like every year, our school organised the famous science exhibition UDAAN-giving wings to the talents. Science partisans from all across the city await this leading science exhibition. The most anticipated science exhibition held at our school grounds on Monday, June 19th. Almost 100 students from various prestigious schools of Kolkata participated in the exhibition. The stalwarts like Mr K. Bhatia- the Education Minister, Miss Malini- a science scholar and many more prominent personalities grace the exhibition. The raw young talents spellbound the visitors with their innovative ideas that range from digital and technological solutions, waste management to Health and well being.

The participants are overjoyed to get validation from the renowned science practitioner. The exhibition aims to hype the young talent to come up with ideas that are beneficial to the human race. Popular media houses were invited to cover the event to give world exposure to the unique ideas of the students. The participants not only developed the projects but actively demonstrated them. They never hesitated to clear the doubts of the spectator. To sum up, UDAAN was a spectacular science exhibition encouraging students to nurture and nourish their interest to achieve their dreams.


Oh! What a lovely time I had while writing these sample diary entries for you. I am sure you also must have a great time reading and learn from these. Let us know in the comment section below what you want us to write for you, so you can ace your writing skill.