Write a Diary entry about How You Celebrated Teachers Day in Your School [With PDF]

By | March 1, 2021

This article contains a few examples of diary entry on the experience of teacher’s day celebrations. You can find the helpful points from it, to get a proper idea on making your own diary entry.

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Diary Entry Set 1

Question-1: Experience of teacher’s day celebration always reminds you of a sweet bonding with your academic parents. Teacher’s day is such a day to convey heartfelt respect to your teachers for their highly responsible guidance throughout your academic sessions. And in every country, celebrations of teacher’s day are considered as a great academic event. Now follow the hints to make a perfect diary entry.

Hints: A special schedule-free day – Different from other routined days Students come with a burden-free mind – Decoration of the teachers room – cultural celebrations.


11th September 2019,
Time: 10:30 am

Dear Diary,

Last Teachers Day brought a bunch of excitement as our new class teacher joined on that day. It was a schedule-free academic day, while all the students came in a cheerful mood.

All of us made the Teachers Day far different from other routined days of our academic sessions with heartious efforts to make that special day more special for respected teachers. It was a great day, while students of all classes participated in the special decoration of our teacher’s room with a burden-free mind.

We gave special attention to keeping chocolates and surprise gifts for our new class teacher. Our heartfelt respect made her emotional on her first day in our school. As well as the senior batch of our school performed a play on the childhood days of Swami Vivekananda. Our teachers enjoyed the play with lots of wonder. Both teachers and students enjoyed the day with a simultaneous feeling of excitement and joy.

Sunidhi Roy

Diary Entry Set 2

Question-2: In your school life teacher’s day celebration always scopes the students to express their wholehearted love and respect to their teachers. And their excitement makes their teachers emotional to their responsibility. So, in the entire academic sessions teachers day always brings students and teachers closer beyond the routined relationship of the classroom. Now, based on the following hints make an expressive diary entry on the celebrations of teacher’s day.

Hints: Teachers did not restrict – Great day of cultural celebration – Going to school with a joyful mood – No burden of routined classes – Colourful decorations – Cultural functions – Emotional bonding between students and their academic parents.


11th Sept, 2019,
Time: 09:30 am.

Dear Diary,

It was a very cheerful day, while all of us were very happy, as on that day teachers could not scold us for errors in hometasks. As we planned for special celebrations, we all took part in recitation, singing and acting to make the day special for our honoured teachers.

We all reached our school with intense excitement in a joyous mood without any stress of home tasks and classwork. So, being free from the burden of routined classes, we spent half of the day in decorations of the teacher’s staff room.

Teachers were very surprised to see the entire decorations of the staff room. We arranged special gifts for our teachers and they received those gifts with heartious joy. Through cultural functions, we represented the ethical values of life. And our spontaneous performances overwhelmed the mind of our honoured teachers. We made the day great for our academic parents and strengthened the emotional knot between us.

Payel Sarkar

Diary Entry Set 3

Question-3: In academic life, teacher’s day is considered as a great social event for the students in each country. Students arrange special cultural attractions to express their respect and love to their teachers. And teachers also receive their heartfelt gratitude and love through participation in this academic event. Now, look at the following hints and make a diary entry on teacher’s day celebrations.

Hints: Great academic event – Celebrations of sweet relationship between teachers and students – No burden of routined classes – A joyous day in school – Arrangements of cultural events – Floral decorations – surprising gifts for teachers – Blessing of respected teachers


11th September 2019,
Time: 09:30 am.

Dear Diary,

On teachers day, we students arranged different events in our school to celebrate the day for teachers and make them feel honoured in a great way. We always tried to intensify the sweet bond between our teachers and us through the flavor of cultural celebrations.

Few among us were rehearsing their role for cultural play on teachers day. And few students were busy arranging floral stuff for the colourful decorations of the staff room. All the teachers were in a very joyful mood seeing our efforts and execution of planning for celebrations.

While they got the surprise gifts which we kept for them, a feeling of intense joy overwhelmed all of our teachers. Before starting our cultural functions, they blessed us with wholehearted affection. Our teachers enjoyed all the arrangements for grand celebrations on teachers day. We made the day memorable for our respected teachers in each and every way.

Debjit Chatterjee

Diary Entry Set 4

Question-4: In each academic session, students make lots of arrangements to make their teachers honoured on teachers day. So, on the occasion of the celebration of this special day, students and teachers get involved in cultural functions. Through the participation in the heartious celebrations of teacher’s day students and teachers both strengthen their emotional bond beyond the academic relationship. Now, go through the hints and make a diary entry on teachers day celebration.

Hints: A memorable day for students and teachers – A joyous day out of the classroom – Teachers and students participated in cultural functions – A cheerful day with gifts and decorations


11th September 2019,
Time: 09:30 am.

Dear Diary,

It was a memorable day for both teachers and students as we all involved ourselves in the cultural celebrations on last teachers day. Both teachers and students were in a joyous mood of celebration. All the students were engaged in different responsibilities for the celebration of the day. All of us kept busy ourselves in the colourful decorations of the teacher’s room.

We gave heartious effort for a joyous celebration on teachers day for our honourable teachers. Our enthusiasm for the grand celebration on teachers day made our teachers spellbound.  Our cultural functions on that special day made our teachers overwhelmed as we raised the ideals of student life through recitations, singing, play etc. And specific gifts for individual teachers and the mind-blowing decorations of the teachers room made all the teachers mesmerized.

Chaitali Roy

This article showcases different examples of diary entry on teachers day celebration. Do you have any other ideas that you want me to cover next? Let me know by commenting below.

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