Short Essay on Our Culture Our Identity [100, 200, 400 Words] With PDF

By | January 30, 2022

Culture is the most significant identity of human beings. So, knowing own culture is very much important. In this lesson today, you will learn how to write an essay on the popular phrase: Our Culture Our Identity.

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Short Essay on Our Culture Our Identity in 100 Words

Culture plays an important role in our lives. Every person is unique and different from the other. It is mainly because of their culture. People belong to several nations and communities. So their language changes, their dresses are different, their habits also do not match with each other. All of these happen because we belong to several cultures.

Our culture builds us to be complete human beings. It is our identity. Culture affects our behaviour, manners, and style. It includes the nature we have. Also, it comes from our family background, the teachings we receive and the moral education that we are given. If we are well cultured, then everyone will praise us. 


Short Essay on Our Culture Our Identity in 200 Words

The line ‘ Our culture our identity’ comes from the country Nepal. Nepal is a land of diversity. It has various types of flora, fauna, festivals, food, dresses, and culture. But now this is applicable to every country living on Earth. Culture is a part of our identity. It builds our character and manners. If we are cultured, then we are praised by all.

Culture also includes language and our behaviour. It also contains our social activities. Culture differs from person to person. It happens due to different nations. We grow up under a definite culture. It affects our moral development. Culture comes both from our family and also from our surroundings. 

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Culture Whatever we believe comes from our culture. It remains throughout our life. Nowadays, several people are going to different countries. They study or work abroad. Then the culture of that foreign land affects the person. He mixes the foreign culture with his own. Everything in our life is controlled by culture. It makes us what we are. Our wishes are also part of our culture.

When we succeed in our life, our culture is praised. Culture includes our religions and festivals. Durga puja is now an important festival in foreign countries. All know about Durga Puja. So this helps the Hindu religion and Indian culture get more popular. We live for our culture. Our culture is our pride.

Short Essay on Our Culture Our Identity in 400 Words

We are Indians and we are proud of our nation. We are proud of its people, culture, diversity, independence, nature, and surroundings. What is important for us is the culture we have. Culture makes our identity. As Indians, we have a specific culture. It is different from what others have.

Our culture separates us from others. It is something that makes us unique. It teaches the right and the wrong. We start learning about our culture from childhood. So that we can forever remember it. So culture is our strength. If we follow our culture and its rules, then we will be praised forever. 

The identity of a person is formed by his culture. Whatever we believe comes from that. If we have plans for the future, then our culture helps us in it. When we work for our nation, our culture is praised. Every culture has its own value. We cannot forget that. As we grow up, we have to maintain those values. It helps to grow our lives. It makes our lives more beautiful.

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These values are different from one another. Every country has its own culture. It has its own values and morals. We see different habits, people, their practices, festivals, foods, clothes, and language. All of these happen because of culture. Our behaviour and manners are also important. It shows how beautiful our culture is. 

We are taught about our culture from our childhood. Parents always teach their children about the cultures of their country. Even a small society has a separate rule. Culture comes from our family. If we are well behaved, then people praise our family background. Our grandparents also give us lessons on our culture. They are old and wise.

They know a lot about the culture of the nation. Our environment plays an important role in building us as well. If we have a bad surrounding, then it affects us. We do not learn good manners, we become rough, and also go the wrong way. It becomes very difficult for us to adjust if our culture is not good. So culture creates good and strong personalities. 

The line ‘our culture our identity’ comes from Nepal. Nepal is a land of diversity. It has a different language, nature, clothes, food, festivals and people. But now this is applicable to all countries. Culture is very important for us. We must know about it. It makes us proud of what we have. A cultured person is always the best human being on Earth.

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In this session today, you have learned how you can write essays on the popular topic:  Our Culture Our Identity. In this lesson, I have tried to discuss the topic from a very easy perspective to make it easier to understand for all kinds of students. If you still have any doubts regarding this context, post them in the comment section below. 

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