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Our today’s session will be focused on writing short essays on Lions. I will write three different sets of short essays on lions with a very simplistic approach for a better understanding of all kinds of students. 

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Short Essay on Lion in 100 Words

Generally known as the king of the animals and the jungle, a lion is one of the most ferocious carnivorous beings on the earth. Its wild nature and the extravagance of physical posture make it greater in strength and psyche than any other wild and domestic animal in the world.

A lion is a figure of immense courage, ability, and strength; principally that is the reason why our national symbol the Ashok Stambh contains sculptures of four lions. In the animal world, it reigns at the topmost level of the food chain and food pyramid as the significant predator. A lion essentially is an auspicious figure associated with Goddess Durga and also as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Hence it is the marker of alpha power in the animal world. 

Short Essay on Lion in 200 Words

A lion is one of the most ferocious predators found in the whole world, principally because it is a huge animal of prey and is renowned for its carnivorous attitude. It is not only the king of the jungle but also lives at the topmost level of the food pyramid. It has a strong outer body, with thick and strong limbs and big paws and claws to enable it to run fast and catch its target prey.

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The male lion has a very unique mane of thick furs which gives the lion the apparent view of a mighty king. The lions essentially move in pride that contains a number of lions from both sexes. It is however the lioness who catches the prey, while the lion is associated with the protection of the pride. Physically and mentally both a lion and a lioness are symbols of alpha power and grandeur.

Lion is a fierce being in several mythologies and the symbol of virtue and justice. In Hindu mythology, it accompanies Durga and also is an incarnation of Vishnu when they need to kill the evil. Lions are also an essential component of Indian structures like the Ashok Stambh. Often their faces were placed at the top of the principal entrance of many zamindari houses. Hence for several reasons today the hunting of lions is a crime and it involves a huge project for the preservation of this beast.

Short Essay on Lion in 400 Words

If any predator in the world is to be counted as the most magnificent with an equal show of physical and mental prowess, then the lion is perhaps the best choice. Known as the king of the jungle and the animals, the lion is indeed a gallant animal figure. It is extremely strong and ferocious. A lion is one of the principal carnivorous animals and is available in several parts of the world.

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Lions prefer roaming in jungles and hence are widely found in India, parts of Asia, and also Africa. Even European countries contain a good amount of lions. Lions lie at the pinnacle of the terrestrial food pyramid. They have a strong muscular body, strong limbs, and are capable of running at great speeds to catch their target. It is essentially hunting beasts and the lionesses are generally in charge of hunting and feeding the kids.

The lion also has a handsome mane which provides it with a more masculine dignity. As the alpha power, the lions generally move in pride, which includes their family with the cubs. Lions have strong paws, sharp nails, and sharp-pointed canines to easily devour their prey. The roar of a lion is quite terrifying since it echoes to greater distances.

The figure of a lion always signifies virtues like justice, power, leadership, strength, force, and integrity. The wild beast possesses a great sense of identity about itself and also its surroundings. Hence through ages lions have been the symbol of protection as well. Many mythologies across the world prioritize the strength of a lion for good causes.

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Lions are integral to Hindu mythology, where Goddess Durga rides on a ferocious lion and Lord Vishnu takes the avatar of Narasimha, which is none else but an incarnation in lion’s form. In several instances, the lion is utilized to mark the end of evil and destruction. In fact, in many movies like the Hollywood Lion King, the figure of a virtuous lion through Simba and Mufasa is portrayed.

In India, the national symbol, The Ashok Stambh contains the sculpture of four lions. In early India, the principal entrance of many zamindari houses contained the face of a lion to denote the significance of the main gate. Hence lion has been forever an important animal. Presently, its poaching and unbridled hunting have been barred and now extensive preservation techniques are being appointed for their conservation. A lion is always the pride of any nation.

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