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By | July 23, 2022

In this lesson, you will learn how you can write short essays on the topic ‘My Village.’ Here I will write three sets of sample essays on the same topic covering different word limits. 

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Short Essay on My Village in 100 Words

In origin, I’m from Bangladesh. But after the partition, my family came and settled in a remote village in Murshidabad. Presently, I stay in Kolkata with my parents, but several times I have heard my father remember his childhood days in the village.

During the vacations, I often visit the village. People are so innocent there and all of them love us so much. They care for their nature and do not harm it like the urban people. Also, they have still kept their tribal festivals intact. I love to enjoy their traditional food and this bonding between my people in the village. Whenever I visit my village, it has always been so ni experience.


Short Essay on My Village in 200 Words

Since my childhood days, I used to fantasize about spending my life in our ancestral village. Staying in a village has never been an opportunity for me because I am born and brought up in the city. We hardly get a chance to meet my ancestral people in the village of Murshidabad. The story goes back to the partition of India when my great grandparents migrated from Bangladesh and settled in Murshidabad to protect their families. At that time they were extremely poor and had a humble income to spend their days. They were followed by many others.

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The village is now much more developed than it was when first inhabited. When I visit the village with my parents, during the vacation, it gets quite enjoyable to meet them after a long time. The clean air and water are beautiful with pure fruits and vegetables to eat. The reads are of red soil and soft to walk over. The humble neighbour of that village is the main reason I love my village. 

Some of our relatives still live in the village. Their primary profession is agriculture. During my visit, my cousins took me to show the agricultural fields. It was totally a mesmerizing experience. The entire horizon was green and such a peaceful life that I could never experience in the city.

Short Essay on My Village in 400 Words

Life in a village is much different from what we experience in the city. The urban lifestyle does not provide us with all views of the Earth. The world has much more greenery and beauty than it seems to us. The city definitely gives a modern life, better infrastructure, more communication, and quick connections. But it also takes away the natural goodness from us.

I find myself extremely lucky to think that I am from a village. I stay in a distant village in the suburbs of Darjeeling. The best part of living in a village is that I can stay far away from the daily crowd of the city. The city is too confusing and suffocating for me. I cannot bear staying there even for a week. I always crave the peace I get in my own village. The village called Kasaimara is extremely beautiful in its flora and fauna. The air is clean and pure like the innocent people of my village.

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We do not have many modern amenities like the city. We often face problems with network and communication, we do not have good schools or hospitals. But still, the peace of nature allows us to live a long and healthy life. I love to take long walks up the hill slopes in the morning or often cycle all the way. It saves the cost of taking any gym practice and is also helpful in maintaining a healthy body and peaceful mind. 

Due to no pollution, we always have a majestic view of the mountains from our village. Around 50-50 families live in our village. For weekend and holiday picnics, all our villagers come together and celebrate with our ethnic music and dance. It is not like the mechanical life of the city. Everything we do here has a spontaneous charm and is full of life.

The environment of my village is so beautiful. The people work hard to preserve ethnic integrity. We have a rich history o folktales and myths. As a child, I often heard my grandparents tell me stories about them. They are precious and innocent like the people. They easily befriend other members, even from a different community. My village celebrates our own tribal festivals with great enjoyment and pomp. I am extremely lucky that I am a proud villager of India. We do not have many facilities, but at the end of the day, we are at peace with ourselves and others.

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 I have tried to write these essays in very simple language for a better understanding of all kinds of students. If anyone still has any doubts regarding this topic, kindly let me know through some quick comments. To read more such lessons, keep browsing our website.

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