Short Essay on Monsoon [100, 200, 400 Words] With PDF


Our today’s session is going to be focused on writing short essays on the Monsoon season. I will write three different sets of essays on monsoon in this session, covering different word limits most commonly recommended in various exams. 

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Short Essay on Monsoon in 100 Words

The term monsoon is derived from the Arabic word ‘Mausam,’ meaning seasons. Several parts of the world actually experience two major seasons. Those are summer and winter. Alongside with it two short seasons of spring and autumn intermediate the major ones. But none experiences the rainy season as particular a part of the seasonal cycle.

Only India has this speciality, whose climate is the tropical monsoon since, for a greater part of the year, the people enjoy rainfall. Monsoon is the significant one helping in Indian agriculture. It is also the source of water for drought-prone and dry areas. Indian life depends principally on it since its arrival and departure is the reason for the well-being of the people.

Short Essay on Monsoon in 200 Words

Every place on earth is inhabited by certain people, vegetation, culture, which arise out of the typical climate and seasonal diversities that every place experiences. India is a land of diversities, not much for its variety in inhabitants and culture, several states, but also for the uniqueness of its climate.

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Indian climate is called the Tropical Monsoon because it is the only country that experiences rainfall in a particular season. It is unavailable in the rest of the world. The term monsoon comes from the Arabic term ‘Mausam’ meaning season. The Indian climate favours the monsoon season as it is the most important force behind its agrarian economy. 

Monsoon occurs on two spells in India, where the southern part experiences it twice during summer and winter. Monsoon arrives in India in June and continues till September. It is mainly conducted by the si=outh-west wind to drive the moist air from the Indian ocean and the Bay of Bengal to cause rainfall on its eastern sides.

The deserts remain dry because the moist water ends up by the time it reaches the west. An early or late monsoon is a symbol of flood and drought respectively since it is the vagaries that affect the cultivation. Hence its proper showering is essential for the sustenance of life.

Short Essay on Monsoon in 400 Words

Rain is one of the most significant natural forces on earth, which drives the course of vegetation, human and animal lives, and the cultural context of a certain place. If a place is well fed by rainfall then it will produce greenery and softness in minds of people, whereas regions on earth that hardly receive any water have to toil really hard with the deserts in their background. Thus monsoon is time to nurture nature and ourselves to the best of our ability.

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The term monsoon is not an indigenous term. It is derived from the Arabic term ‘Mausam’ meaning season. Monsoon in plain terms means the rainy season and India is the best country to recognize the significance of Monsoon. It is the time when seasonal winds blow from the south towards the north, thus taking up moist winds from the Indian ocean and the Bay of Bengal and resulting in creating rainfall in the eastern part of India.

The winds blow from southwest to northeast. By the time it reaches the Western Ghats, the moist winds get dry and create very little rain. Monsoon determines the position of agriculture in India, where adequate rainfall supports optimum crop cultivation and production. Monsoon defines India according to two slopes. The places receiving rainfall are the perfect region to produce a better lifestyle, than the rain shadow areas that hardly ever receive rain. In fact, the equatorial regions also receive heavy rain throughout the year and are the belt of the deep equatorial forests. 

Monsoon is responsible for floods and drought. It happens according to the wet spell and dry spell. If the monsoon arrives prior to its time or departs much late than its usual time, it is the wet spell that creates a flood. On the other hand, if the monsoon is too late to arrive or arrives much before its completion of a cycle, then the dry spell creates drought and scarcity of water. These are the vagaries of monsoon and it creates immense trouble to the countrymen. India’s agrarian economy is highly hampered due to the drought and flood and it becomes very difficult to revive it again. 

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Monsoon is hence one the most essential seasonal aspect of India, where Cherapunji receives the maximum rainfall in the whole world. While the world is satisfied with summer and winter, India experiences a wonderful and unique cycle of seasons, where monsoon is not just a show of drizzles.

I have written the essays above with a very simplistic approach for a better and easier understanding of all kinds of students. So, hopefully after going through this lesson, all your doubts regarding this context have been resolved. If you still have any queries regarding today’s session, kindly let me know through the comment section below. Keep browsing our website to read more such important sessions on various important topics. 

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