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In today’s lesson, you will learn to write short essays on Monkeys. There will be three different sets of short essays below covering different word limits. 

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Short Essay on Monkey in 100 Words

Monkey is one of the wild animals that almost every part of the world is aware of. It is the direct bridge between the apes and mankind today. Generally found in the forest regions, monkeys are good friends to charmers like the madaris, who roam around with a baby monkey at his shoulders and entertain people with their sports.

Monkeys have been intrinsic to Hindu mythology where the god Hanuman is a mighty money warrior and the greatest devotee of Shri Ram. They are essentially peace-loving creatures and contented with foods and fruits, especially bananas. Monkeys are of different varieties and exhibit human-like attitudes. Darwin’s The Origin of Species is based on this transformation of humans from monkeys or apes. 

Short Essay on Monkey in 200 Words

Our earth is inhabited not only by humans but also by animals, who carry on their specific cycle of life and create their individual world. Monkey is one of those species of animals on whom the greatest of human evolution theories have developed. A monkey more than being a wild animal is a biological being of nature, from whom humanity is directly linked.

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Darwin in his book The Origin of Species discusses the huge evolution process from monkeys or apes to modern man. Several features of this animal coincide with humans principally because we share the same origin. A monkey can be of varied forms as per the region it inhabits. Researchers and scientists have discovered that more than 200 species of monkeys are available worldwide. Baboon, Orang Otang, chimpanzee, gorilla are all some of the most commonly found varieties of them. 

Monkeys are intelligent, warm-blooded mammals and are content with fruits, mainly bananas. Physically also they are quite strong. They have long limbs and a long prehensile tail that help them to quickly jump from one plant to another. A monkey often screeches but has a body vocabulary like humans. In India, monkeys are worshipped since they represent God Hanuman, the mighty monkey-god, who assisted Lord Ram in his search for Sita. A monkey is also a symbol of faith, devotion, safety, and divinity. Hence a monkey is different from ordinary beasts.

Short Essay on Monkey in 400 Words

A monkey is one of the most common and widely available animals found all around the world. It is extremely intelligent and also quite agile and naughty. A monkey is a specific connecting link to mankind since the apes or monkey-like humans are our ancestors. We, humans, have developed from them. A famous book by Charles Darwin discusses how the evolution from an ape to a modern-day human being has taken place.

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The book concerned, The Origin of the Species elaborates on this change from a monkey to a human. Incidentally hence, a monkey and a human share almost the same features. A monkey shows more primal and yet similar features of eating and expressing than humans that today scholars are still doing their research about. 

A monkey is both physically and mentally a strong figure. It has strong limbs and a long tail that enable it to jump for longer distances from one branch of a tree to another. In fact, the tail is strong enough to hold a tight grip over the bough, thus allowing the animal to swing on it. A monkey is well-known for its playfulness and agile spirit. However, it can be quite a naughty animal often.

We often hear stories of monkeys stealing foods and fruits from markets and households, especially bananas which is its favourite. The brain of a monkey is quite strong to comprehend a situation and manipulate any actions. It happens so because a monkey possesses almost the same features as humans. Even a monkey is a man’s best friend. This playful quality of this wild beast makes it easy to tame and domesticate. On the streets, we seldom see madaris with monkeys at their bak to show funny tricks to passersby and collect money. 

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Monkeys are apes generally found on trees. Forest is the ideal habitat for these wild beasts. They mainly thrive on plants, fruits, nuts, and others vegetables. Wildlife contains several forms of monkeys in different parts of the world. Baboons, Chimpanzees, Orang Otang, Gorillas are some of the widely available forms of monkeys. More than 200 or more species of monkeys have been discovered so far, and research is still going for the discovery of more.

Monkeys have a more developed communication system that is a primal version of that of man. Hence they are easy to pet. They bear individual gestures to indicate all emotions of happiness, pain, and anger. Hanuman, the mighty god and an ardent devotee of Ram is an example of the prowess of a monkey. In several ways, the beast is a greater company of a man. 

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