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In this session, you will learn to write short essays on Mobile Phones. Here you will go through three sets of short essays on the same topic covering different word limits. 

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Short Essay on Mobile Phone in 100 words

As the most advanced and modern living beings on the earth, human beings need equipment and devices to communicate with each other and with the world. Mobile phones are the most sophisticated communicating devices which enable people to not just talk with others, but also to play games, watch movies, listen to songs, and enjoy different modes of entertainment.

Mobile phones were established in 1973 as portable handsets. But from there it has evolved into walkie-talkies, small mobile phones, and later on the androids and iPhones. The greater the change in appearance, the better the quality of the phone. Today mobile phones are the definition of development. Without it, the internet cannot be used and one will remain completely disconnected from the world.

Short Essay on Mobile Phone in 200 words

If there is anything that can define the 21st century is the gadgets that human beings use for their daily purposes. Several instruments are necessary for our daily needs and we simply cannot think of our lives without them. A mobile phone is one of those gadgets which occupies a very important position in our lives.

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It was invented by the Motorola company on 3rd April 1973 as a portable handset like the handset of the landline telephone connections. Its only purpose at that time was to make and receive phone calls. The portable form made it altogether more attractive. For a more extended period, such phones or walkie-talkies were in vogue. 

However, with a change in time, mobile phones also have undergone evolution at different levels. In the beginning, the handsets were reduced in size, and a screen was added to see the time, place, and the name of the person calling.

It was equipped with other minimal settings and language changes and also provided with a small fun game. With the invention of smartphones as android systems and later through iPhones, today the concept of mobile phones is greatly altered. It includes a camera, internet, banking facilities, and several applications for shopping and selling. The Internet now defines the use of mobile phones. So without this device, one can hardly even exist in the modern world.

Short Essay on Mobile Phone in 400 words

The mobile phone is one of the most important devices of all. It is the premium model of communication and environment in the present-day world. Since its invention, it has now undergone several evolution and changes. As a result, it has tied up with the developing century and accustomed itself to its needs. Today we can hardly think of living without a mobile phone for even some hours. It is the most indispensable need of mankind and a marker of its development.

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Mobile phones were invented by the Motorola company on 3rd April 1973, as portable headsets so that they can be used as a walkie-talkie. It is the first step towards the development of mankind in a more sophisticated method. It enabled humans to use it without the connecting wire of the landline telephone connections. However, those sorts of telephones were only used for calling and receiving phone calls. It had no screen and only buttons for calls.

Later on, with gradual research and developments, phones were modified into the first modern-day mobile phones, famously popularized by Nokia. It was the first handset with a screen that was much more than just simply calling the other person. It included a small screen for the first time that showed the time and simple details of the mobile phone. It contained several minimal settings and also some simple games for fun purposes.

The mobiles had ringtones and colour changes for personalized versions of their own. Thus with this more research took place and the present android system was created for the first time. Companies like Samsung, Nokia, Lenovo, and others started producing androids. It has much more developed functions with the application of the internet.

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Thus more sophisticated games and software can now be accommodated into this new system. Systems like video calls and other messaging facilities, and social media applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, messenger, and others are introduced into android phones. Presently, iPhones are the most expensive and sophisticated ones. 

With growing times mobile phones have also developed. However, that has created ample problems too. Many people including children are getting addicted to their phones. Harmful games and gambling are destroying the youth. Several health issues are happening due to the prolonged use of mobile phones. Also, phones are becoming quite expensive to afford by the common people with low capital. Thus with these difficulties in mind, one has to be quite careful in handling this modern electronic device. 

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