Short Essay on My Greatest Wish [100, 200, 400 Words] With PDF


We all possess some kinds of wishes in our lives. No matter all of them become reality or not, we love to fantasise about our wishes. In this session today, I am going to show you how exactly you can write essays on the topic: ‘My Greatest Wish.’

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Short Essay on My Greatest Wish in 100 Words

Wish is something that helps us to live every day. If we do not wish, then we will soon lose all hope in our life. We will not be able to progress if we leave our hopes and wishes. So like everyone, I too love to wish. I too want my dreams to come true. And my greatest wish is to be a professor.

It is a wish from my childhood. I am studying hard so that my dreams can come true. I can do anything for this wish to succeed. It will make my parents happy. I can teach many students. So I can do anything for my greatest wish.

Short Essay on My Greatest Wish in 200 Words

What helps to live every day? What makes us happy when we feel sad? The answer is our dreams and wishes. Every day we go through a lot of pain and problems. But in the end, we believe that everything will be alright. This is possible because we can dream.

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Every man has their own wishes. It is very personal to them, and they try to fulfil it soon. It is their wishes and dreams that help them to live. People work hard daily because they have wishes to work upon.

I too have my own dream. My greatest wish is to become a university professor. This wish is helping me every day to live. When I think of my wish, I feel the happiest. I feel very motivated to work hard daily. Being a professor is a tough job. It needs lots of studies.

One has to study a lot every day so that he can become a professor. They have to give examinations to get the job. The examination to become a professor is really tough. But I still want to pass these hurdles. I want to be successful in my life and make my parents proud and happy. So I am regularly working on my greatest wish.

Short Essay on My Greatest Wish in 400 Words

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam has once said that dreams are not something we see in our dreams, but dreams are something that does not let us sleep. It is very true to us. Wish is the biggest treasure of human life. It is our wishes that help us to develop every day. As we dream, we always think of our future. It is not for fun, but it also helps to plan.

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Whenever we wish, it is not just anything small. But these are thoughts for the future. Wishing helps us to build ourselves better. It is part of planning our lives. It helps us to succeed and have happiness. Wishes encourage us to work hard and get good results.

Like everyone, I too have my own wish. I dream of being a university professor. It is very personal to me that I fulfil my wish. Becoming a professor is the greatest wish of my life. It is this wish that is letting me work harder than ever. Whenever I feel tired and do not want to work, my wish tells me to study again. My wish is the biggest source of my happiness.

I am constantly working over my plans. It is very important to get my dreams fulfilled. Because it will make my parents proud of me. I will be happiest to work as a professor. I will earn and become independent. So my wish is not just to teach students, but it also has many other dreams. My greatest wish will fulfil my other wishes as well.

Being a professor is a really tough job. I have to study a lot. I cannot ignore his studies. Then the wish to be a professor will never be fulfilled. I am a part of this. I am working hard daily so that my greatest wish is fulfilled. I have to sit for examinations. Those examinations are difficult and the syllabus is huge. Also, lots of questions will be asked. For that good preparation is needed. But I am not scared of this. I am confident that my greatest wish will be fulfiled soon. Also after becoming a professor, I want to teach students.

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There are many children who do not get an education because they are poor. I want to support them. I want to teach these poor children for free so that they can have a happy life. My wish will fulfil the dreams of many others. Also, I love to read books. It is my biggest hobby. After becoming a professor, I will read more and learn more. So for my greatest wish, I will do everything.

In this lesson today, I have discussed the entire context in a very simple language, with an easy approach that all kinds of students understand very easily.

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