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In this lesson today, you will learn to write short essays on doctors within a predetermined word limit. There will be three sets of short essays on the same topic covering different word limits. 

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Short Essay on Doctor in 100 Words

In our lives, we meet several people who help us in different ways. A doctor is one of the greatest social help to mankind. He not only cures people of diseases but also saves them from death sometimes. A doctor is always ready for any kind of emergency his patients might face.

He studies a lot about medical treatments, their procedures, and equipment, and after attaining a certain degree he is allowed to start his own practices. A doctor is no less than a god since he is responsible for the lives of patients. This is a noble profession, as it enables a serving to mankind. 

Short Essay on Doctor in 200 Words

A doctor is a lifesaver in the world. Like the soldier fighting at the borders, a doctor in his chamber or in the operation theatre is always responsible for the life of his patient. He makes sure that his patient always receives the best medical facilities. Only after receiving a certain degree and having in-depth knowledge of the field, a person is given the title of a doctor.


We find how day and night they are giving us their precious service. During pandemics, we have observed the death of many doctors while caring for the affected people. It is our duty to pay our deepest respect for this noble profession. We must never criticize him for any fault since a doctor always pledges the well-being of his patients. A doctor is no less than God.

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India is a land rich in this medical field. Not only do they treat people well, but they are also involved in several charitable works. West Bengal especially holds a great position in such charities. Bengal in fact is the seat of medical history. The great doctor Bidhanchandra Roy and R. G. Kar are specialized doctors from Bengal. They have been the greatest inspiration to doctors all over India and the world. Also, India is filled with medical colleges that provide world-class medical knowledge. Overall the past and present situation of medical services in India is a satisfactory one.

Short Essay on Doctor in 400 Words

The world is filled with several noble professions that help mankind every day. The job of a doctor is one of the most significant among them. Whenever we fall sick, the doctor helps us to get well real quick. Even if a patient is suffering from any deadly disease, the doctor can save him from death. Due to his work, he is no less than God on the earth. But the way to serve mankind is not easy.

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The person aspiring to be a medical help must have deep knowledge of the field and receive a proper degree. Only then can he be a bonafide doctor. He selects one specific field of interest and studies accordingly. Thus soon he receives his position to serve and treat people well throughout his life.

The life of a doctor is filled with several doubts since he can face an emergency at any moment. Also during critical situations, when it involves the risk of the patient, a doctor finds it difficult to arrive at an easy conclusion. He needs lots of help to assist him properly. His position is equally dangerous as he can be easily accused of wrong treatment and held penalty for it. As a result, an extremely cool brain, expertise, and experience are required to survive in this field.

A doctor acts like a soldier at the frontier and does not care more than his patient at hand. Often he engages in charitable works. In remote villages where illiterate people are unable to receive correct medical treatment, some doctors agree to help these poor people with medicines and food. The life of a doctor is also a blessing hence.

India is a great seat for medical treatment. It is a pathfinder to the world and an inspiration to future doctors. India including Bengal is the place for world-class medical facilities. Great doctors and mentors like Mahendralal Sarkar, Dr Bidhanchandra Roy, and R. G. Kar all hail from Bengal. Bengal has forever flourished in the medical and scientific fields.

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The first woman doctor of India, Mrs Kadambari Basu Gangopadhay also is the daughter of Bengal. Through her diligence and strong personality, she has successfully gathered love and inspiration for future generations. India shows the path to many medical experiments and teachings. Even in the pandemic, Indian doctors have been one of the biggest supports to the world. The future of medical science under efficient doctors is really rich.

So, hopefully, after going through this session thoroughly, you have understood all aspects regarding the context and will be able to write such essays on your own. For your better understanding, I have written these sample essays in very simple words. But if you still have any queries regarding this lesson, kindly let me know through the comment section below. To read more such essays keep browsing our website. 

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