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Being a very famous and important city of India, essay writing on Kolkata is quite common for many examinations, especially in Eastern India. In this lesson, you will learn how to write short essays on Kolkata.

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Short Essay on Kolkata in 100 Words

The city of Kolkata is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is known as the city of joy. Indeed Kolkata is the happiest place to live in. It has a long history and lots of specimens from that past.

Kolkata contains several places of visit like the Victoria Memorial Hall, the Alipore Zoo, the National Library, the Eden Gardens, the Maidan, the Esplanade, The Birla Planetarium, and others. The city is famous for these attractions and many people visit them every year. Kolkata is the hub of some of the best sweets like Rasgulla, Pantua, Sandesh, and Misti Doi. 

Short Essay on Kolkata in 200 Words

The city of joy, Kolkata is called Tillottama in the Bengali language. Indeed she is one of the most wonderful places on Earth to live in. The city has a deep history. Many say that long ago, a British merchant called Job Charnock founded the city and named it Calcutta. The early name of Kolkata was Calcutta.


However, it is not totally right. Kolkata has its own history, and it is beautiful throughout. During British rule, Kolkata was the capital of India. So we find so many British monuments here, like the Victoria Memorial and the Shahid Minar, previously known as the Ochterlony Monument. The Writers’ Building is also an example of Kolkata’s British past. The Red Road from that era is still used for national parades. So Kolkata’s history makes it much more than just any other city.

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People from all sorts of religions arrive here and stay forever. Many foreign nationals love Kolkata as their own motherland. It is famous for its places of visit like the Alipore Zoo, the Maidan, the Birla Planetarium, The St. Pauls Cathedral, the Esplanade, and the Eden Gardens. Kolkata is the best place to have sweets, like Rasgulla, and Misti Doi.

The city is also famous as the birthplace of eminent pioneers of India like Rabindranath Tagore, Netaji, Swami Vivekananda, and others. Former captain of the Indian national cricket team, Saurav Ganguly is from Kolkata. Kolkata is the pride of India, and forever will be.

Short Essay on Kolkata in 400 Words

Kolkata is a treasure house of India. It is also famous as the city of joy. Kolkata is one of the most important cities in the country. From both safety and education, It ranks the highest in the whole country. Kolkata is famous worldwide. If we visit foreign countries, then we can find many people from Kolkata at several places. The foreigners admire Kolkata a lot. Its history is also a wonder.

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Some people say that the name Calcutta was given by someone called Job Charnock. We often see people celebrating the birthday of our city. But it is not sure if he was the real founder of Kolkata. History says that during British rule, Kolkata was the capital of the country. So we find many monuments in Kolkata that were made during British rule. 

At present, Kolkata is the queen of India. She is the love of our hearts. The best feature of the city is that it has a huge population. This population consists of people from several religions. The majority of people are Bengalis. But at the same time, people from other languages also stay in Kolkata. In fact, many foreigners love the city like their motherland. So Kolkata has the ethics and culture of several things. Kolkata has the biggest attraction of festivals.

Durga Puja of Kolkata is famous not only in India but also in the whole world. Recently, UNESCO has also declared this festival as an intangible cultural heritage. The people of this beautiful city also celebrate other festivals with equal happiness. In Kolkata, Christmas is celebrated with equal importance, although it is the festival of Christians. So The city teaches us humbleness to all.

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Kolkata is the birthplace of lots of important personalities. They have made us proud through their good works and actions. Kolkata is the place of eminent people like Netaji, Rabindranath Tagore, Bidhanchandra Roy, Swami Vivekananda, Rani Rashmoni, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose, and others.

The city has several attractions like the Victoria Memorial Hall, the Dakshineshwar Temple, The St. Pauls Cathedral, the Birla Planetarium, the Alipore Zoo, the Maidan, and others. Kolkata also has the best sweets in the world. Bengali sweets like Rasgulla, Pantua, and Misti Doi are famous dishes worldwide. So in several ways, Kolkata is the best place to live for me.

That was pretty much everything to write about Kolkata in such short essays. In this session above, I have tried to discuss the topic in simple language for a better understanding of all types of students.

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