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In this lesson today, you will learn how you can write short essays on Childhood within a predetermined word limit. There will be three different sets of essays in this session covering specific word limits. 

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Short Essay on Childhood in 100 Words

 Childhood is one of the most important aspects of human lives and also for other living beings on earth. Every life on earth passes through this primary stage that links to the later puberty development.  Childhood is the moment of all joy and innocence, that is free from all complexities and tension of life. It is the time when a child can grow up beautifully.

Childhood is the time to grow unbridled of any external pressures, that can stimulate negativity in them. A child is supposed to play more and experience his environment. It is the most important segment of the four stages of life that creates the character of a person.

Short Essay on Childhood in 200 Words

Childhood, technically, falls into the category of Brahmacharya, where the life of a child and a student merges together. It is very important for a child to understand the nature outside the four walls of a small house. Childhood is an essential moment for all since it bridges the later half of physical and mental development. 


Childhood is denoted by playfulness and enjoyment. If a kid is then fettered and not allowed to enjoy this moment, then he will grow up to be retarded. Proper nourishment is necessary for a healthy childhood. It leads one to their puberty. Disturbed child life is a primary reason for someone to later experience hideous attitudes, that affect both him and his surrounding.

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A child must be fed good food and left free to roam and enjoy the environment. Let him experience the pain when he falls on the ground while playing. This will keep his abilities intact. Childhood is the elixir of maturity and a great person is created only when he has his source of early life beautiful and innocent. Parents must maintain a specific distance between the child and unnecessary complications, as that may affect him widely. It is their basic duty to provide their innocent child with a safe environment.

Short Essay on Childhood in 400 Words

Every stage of our life is important to us since it shapes and constructs a specific character out of it. All of them need attention enough to pick only the virtues of these growing phases and discard all errors that can create a vicious figure in us. The foundation of all these lies in childhood, which is experienced by each one of us.

The Vedic age divides a natural human life on the basis of 4 stages, which include the essence of several aspects and duties of life. Brahmacharya, Garhasta,  Banaprastha, and Sanyassa. Childhood belongs to the primary stage of Brahmacharya, which denotes the early ages of a child in devoted learning under the guru and keen observation of the environment around him, by staying outdoors with the guru. Childhood, according to this Vedic ritual, is the time to develop a nourishing foundation, on which the rest of the human life will support itself.

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Childhood is the primal nature of a baby which starts from his birth to the age before attaining puberty. This pre-lapsarian age is the essence of childhood which includes innocence of mind and body. It is the time when a child is free of all complexities. He does not realize much about life and enjoys playing the freedom he is offered.

Childhood is the time to learn as well. An attentive study of both books and nature enables a child to develop a stronger character. If the base of learning at this point is weakened, then that child will experience a life-long struggle to be literate. Also, childhood is the space to grow freely. Parents make this sure that the child is not exposed to violence, which may affect the peace of his mind.

A disturbing childhood is a seed to the creation of an abnormal mental and physical character. This can affect not only the child concerned but also his surroundings. If a child is exposed to parental quarrels, fights, insane atmosphere, and exchange of immodest vocabulary, the child will learn that only. He is no less than a sponge who absorbs all that is presented to him. So a beautiful child has safe childhood on his back. 

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Childhood is the time to play and experience the world. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. This is a famous quote about childhood. It is the moment where he will play, fall down, and again rise up to enjoy more. A child must be allowed to make friends and enjoy good company. He must develop an interest in reading good books and watching good films as well.

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