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Hello readers, today we came up with a new essay on my favourite animal rabbit, I hope you like this essay presentation so let’s dive in!

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Rabbits are my favorite animals since they are quite cute and fill my heart with joy. The long-eared animal has always had a place in my heart, and I can undoubtedly say that my love for them is undying and undeniable.

They are born of different breeds and colors but its quite weird if you found a purple, blue or green rabbit but still adorable. Their face is what indeed is cute. It’s like a newborn baby so innocent and with no blemish to its life.

As for me, I do not take my rabbits as livestock but rather as pets as they are quite cuddly and so warm to have. The noiseless animals are quite calm and will certainly not frighten anyone by quirky voices.


Feeding time for rabbits is such an excellent time for me to watch them chew mostly on carrots. With their small body size, you would think it’s a cute little human trying to eat a giant piece of carrot. Apart from carrots, they also feed on grass, leafy weeds and grains.

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It makes it quite comfortable as these are foods that I do not have to look widely for as they are not scarce.

Rabbits do not actively compete for grains to humans as much as other livestock such as chicken and hence they are cheaper on a diet. Over the years, I have had lost of rabbits just walking around in my house and compound, and it gives me so much joy when I see them feed and grow and reproduce, and the cycle continues.

When it comes to the reproduction of these adorable animals, they mature at 4-5 months to be a fully grown adult that can bear off-springs. They are fertile animals as the females can conceive up to 12 animals at a go. Does (female rabbits) are however quite unhappy and sad with your presence while they are pregnant and tent to be a bit cranky.

If you dare to touch or open the cake while she is inside, she may growl a warning just as a little aggression she has. After she has delivered, I always ensure that I give her enough space in terms of the size of the cage so that she is quite comfortable. Does is excellent caregivers just like any mother, but I always check on the health of the kits(the young ones) to see to it that they are well nursed.

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The bucks (male rabbits) on their side when they reach maturity they tend to become more dominant and tend to mark their territories. It’s just like any male with his homestead. They do this by rubbing their chins on anything surrounding their habitat and use their scent gland located under the chin as their marker.

The gland produces a specific scent unique to the buck, and this defines its territory. However, bucks are often aggressive at maturity. Over the years, I realized that they tend to express behaviors such as mounting, biting and thumping on the ground just as a character of their dominance and aggression.

Bunnies are sensitive to stress. The first time I ever saw one of my rabbits faint, I thought it was hilarious not until I realized it was due to stress. I consulted my vet, and he told me that bunnies and stress do not tag along. After intense up and down jumping and exercise, I would note that among my pack, one would faint.

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I knew the way around it is to minimize their play and let them stay on a healthy diet. Apart from the fatigue, males are often by the fact that they may be at maturity and do not have a female release they impulse to.

It’s just like any man who is at marriage age but hasn’t found a spouse. The way to go about it is even in a domestic set up always have balance sexes so that your males are well catered.

Last but not least, the fact that rabbits do not require sheds or a huge cage gives me joy as I may pick one to travel with, which may be odd to others but peaceful to me. Bunnies are just so adorable to me and I being a caregiver of a pack I would recommend anyone to emulate me for love is real.

So guys how was the essay on a rabbit? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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