Report Writing on the Inauguration of the School Auditorium [With PDF]

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School auditoriums have now been quite common in many schools of the subcontinent. This trend makes the topic important for English comprehension tests such as report writing. Such reports are generally written in the pattern of magazine reports but can also be framed in the pattern of newspaper reports in some cases.

In today’s session, I am going to show exactly how you can write a report on the inauguration of the school auditorium in both the relevant patterns. For your initial clarification, three sample reports will be written on the magazine report pattern, and one will be a newspaper report. The category of every report will be mentioned prior to the samples.

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Example 1 [Magazine Report]



By Arpita Swain

A school auditorium was inaugurated at our school premises on Saturday at 10:00 hours. The Principal of our school, Mr Vigneswaran Patnaik was the Guest of Honour at this event.

The event was graced by the presence of many other senior & junior teachers and other secondary staff.

Our school, Sharda Devi Birla Global Academy was established fifteen years ago. Over the last fifteen years, the dedication of all the members of the school and the cooperation between the students and the teachers had yielded many awards and tags with the name of the school. Sincere efforts made for the improvement of school has provided eventual excellence to it.

A new auditorium has been constructed behind the primary building of the school. Parent-teacher meetings, student council meetings and conferences are to be held in the auditorium as per the school authority chairman Mr Swapan Saha.

The auditorium is well equipped with smart gadgets and projectors. The large room is air-conditioned and can accommodate nearly 500 persons at a time. The walls of the auditorium are decorated with various posters and pictures related to the school’s heritage and achievements. Our school is looking up to make the best use of the auditorium.

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Example 2 [Magazine Report]


By Mitali Pradhan

A newly constructed auditorium was inaugurated in the premises of our school, Kendriya Vidyalaya Unit no.1, Vadodara at 8:00 am on Monday.

The auditorium was beautifully embellished with balloons and ribbons. The event commenced when Arun Sinha, the Principal of our school joined in and cut the ribbons.

The new auditorium is built just beside the Principal’s cabin. It is a huge and spacious auditorium which can accommodate nearly three to four hundred people. The auditorium is well-maintained, air-conditioned and aided with advanced technology.

The smart classroom setting is installed in the hall. Loud, audible speakers are enabled in all the corners of the auditorium. The windows of the auditorium were covered by bright, colourful curtains. The auditorium also consists of some tables, sofas, and chairs to accommodate teachers, students, guardians, and our school staff.

Our principal consistently aims to develop the infrastructure to make our school provide better facilities and quality education to the students. Another purpose to built the auditorium is to encourage students to participate in various public speaking and career orientation programs and events organised in school.

Example 3 [Newspaper Report]


By Chinmayee Samal

Nagpur; December 11, 2020: Little Flora Pre-school, located on the outskirts of East Nagpur inaugurated a new school auditorium which is constructed on the rear side of the main school building.

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The principal of the school, Ms Pramila Seth commenced the program by a short addressing speech in the morning assembly after which a few students were voluntarily called upon the dais to the ribbon-cutting ceremony to inaugurate the new auditorium.

The primary aim behind building such an auditorium in a pre-school school, according to the principal, is to promote the importance of art, culture and literature among the tiny tots by conducting various competitions and events and by organizing many workshops as well as meetings.

The principal has also said the students will be taken to the auditorium once every week for their refreshment and recreation by making them watch some documentary films on the large screening projector of the auditorium.

On the very first day, all the students of the school were queued up and asked to sit in rows and were made to watch “Taare Zameen Par”. The students were very delighted.  

Example 4 [Newspaper Report]


By Satyanshu Das

Bolpur; June 15, 2021: In a recent event, the honourable principal of Rabindranath Senior Secondary High School, Mr Pritam Chowdhury, yesterday inaugurated a new auditorium in the school premises at 9:00 hours.

The school that had been recently established has progressed a lot in almost every field of academics. The school’s infrastructure had been rapidly modernised and improvised to provide quality education to all the students. The school has recently inaugurated a large playground, a park for the primary section, two customized computer labs, a sports chamber that followed by the auditorium.

The auditorium has been established to offer a lot of opportunities to both the students as well as to the teachers. The auditorium is well designed to cater to all the needs of the members of the school. As per the principal, it will also be used to conduct all kinds of meetings associated with the school.

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The principal has planned to invite special guests every month to the school to conduct various seminars and counselling seasons. According to him, it will create more awareness among the students and will help them to enrich both their knowledge as well as experience in the schooling years.

So that’s it for today, I hope you found these examples helpful to your requirements. If you have any queries or any topic ideas that you want me to cover, do not forget to mention them by leaving a quick comment just below the article.

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