Report Writing on One Day Cricket Match [With PDF]


Today in this article I will show you how to write reports for your school magazine on a one-day cricket match. So let’s dive in.

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Example 1


By Braj Mohanty Sinha

Pune; 12 October 2020: Our Radharaman High School organized an Inter-School Cricket Tournament last Saturday. There were four schools that participated in the tournament.


A large number of students cheered for their favourite teams. P.S Roy Memorial High School, Joy Tree High School and St. Thomas High School participated in the tournament along with us.

The first match was played between our school and PS Roy Memorial High School. We won the first match against them and got qualified for the finals. Joy Tree High School won the next match against St Thomas and secured a place for the final match.

The final match went quite unpredictable. We won the toss and chose to bowl. The opposition team set up a record of a meagre 130 runs for the 20 over match. The score was very less and we could easily cover the target within the first 10 overs. But, overconfidence took over our team. Our opening partnership scored 50 runs in 49 balls.

However, the match went down after their wickets were taken. By the end of the twenty overs, we had managed to score only 110 runs. We lost the tournament and sadly witnessed PS Roy High School lift the champions’ trophy for the first time.

Example 2


By Chinmaya Satapathy

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Guwahati; 12 October 2020: A one day match was organized between Prakriti High School and our GS Pal High School. The match was taken place at our school ground.

The day started with the players’ introduction. We won the toss and decided to let the guest team bat first. We got the wickets of the opening batsmen- Jai Pillai and Jeet Singh by the very first over. The team of Prakriti High school lost their hope for the match by losing these two crucial wickets of their best opening partnership.

Much to all their surprise, the new player on the team- Ram Peelio scored 100 runs for 90 balls next. The supporters of Prakriti School went crazy each time he swung his bat. They shouted and encouraged him to play better. However, this joy was not long-lived. Our team’s bowler Leo took Ram’s wicket at 113.

The players who followed Ram collectively managed to score around 80 runs. By the end of the match, Prakriti School had set a target of 190 runs. Our opening partnership of TS Ray and Jay Puri scored a collective 90 for 100 balls.

Next, our remaining players collectively scored 90 runs within the next 20 overs. The match got finished in 40 overs. We won a monetary prize of Rs.5000 along with the winners’ trophy. Certificates were distributed to the opposition team.

Example 3


By Shyam Sundar

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Mumbai; 12 October 2020: In a recent one-day match being played at Jayaram Stadium, between Lionel Tigers and our school team – Sukhmani Stars had a thrilling experience on the 10th of October 2020.

The stadium was filled with a large crowd shouting and cheering up the players. The match started with a toss won by the lionel Tigers. The Tigers captain, Jammy Joy chose to bat. The match began with Opener Ritik Jain who scored a sparkling 63 off 42 balls. The Tigers looked quite strong at the beginning.

They scored a whopping 200 runs at the end of the innings. Our team started the batting with a partnership of two junior players- Jeet Singh and Ram Navmi. Initially, it seemed a wrong decision to select inexperienced players to open for this crucial match.

The losing team would have to face taunts from the opposition for the next year as these two schools are nearby. However, much to all our surprise; the opening batsmen scored a history breaking record of 130 for 125 balls. The rest of our team collectively scored 71 runs in the next 100 balls.

The mind-boggling partnership of the two junior players from our school had helped us lift the trophy after five long years.

Example 4


By Muhammad Shafi

New Delhi; 12 October 2020: We at St. Teresa’s High School hosted a friendly one-day cricket match against Jagjit Singh Boys School. We won by five wickets, at our school Ground on the 11th of October 2020. The match was the finals of the Championship series played between the two teams.

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The match was played between 11 am to 5 pm. There were refreshments organized for the players in the middle of the two innings. It was a twenty overs’ match. The tough competition seemed evident throughout the entire match.

The district team’s coach Mr Ramesh Sahani was present as the chief guest for the match. Monty Singh and Yuv Jaydeep scored a 105-run at the fourth wicket. It helped our school team to chase down 239 to win the match against last year’s champions- Jagjit Singh Boys School.

Jeetendra Pal on the other hand top-scored in the second over with a 91-ball 99. Even Though, Jagjit Singh Boys’ School lost the match; the bowling record by Jolly Pillai was commendable. He took 6 out of 10 wickets including one hattrick.

The spectators overwhelmingly enjoyed the entire day and cheered for both teams. The day ended at 5 pm with our Champions’ Trophy upliftment for the first time in ten years.

There you have it: Report Writing on One Day Cricket Match. I hope you found this article helpful. Do you have any further doubts? Feel free to ask me in the comment section below. Also if you have any topic idea that you want me to cover, feel free to mention that too. I will get back to you soon.