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In this report writing example, I'm going to show you a couple of example reports on Mid Day Meal programme of your school. So let's get started.

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Example 1



February 12, 2020; Bhubaneswar: NDRC High School, recently set up near the rural slums under Khurda district has introduced the Mid day meal scheme today.

The Principal of the school, Shri A.K. Patra invited District officials and Railway authorities to his school to bless the children of his school and launch the initiative to provide mid-day meals to underprivileged children.

This program was first introduced by The Akshaya Patra Foundation under the Karnataka Government in 2001. This scheme has impacted a lot of rural children’ lives since then.

The main objectives behind this initiative was to increase school enrolment in Khurda , improve socialisation among the backward castes and bring unity among people. It also considers eliminating child malnutrition.

The children from classes one to five were given a full meal of rice and dalma. Dalma is traditionally made using vegetables and lentils which provides considerable nutrition.

According to the Principal, the students of his school will also be served eggs one day a week on Wednesdays. They will be served soybean and pickle as well on alternative days. The children were blessed by everyone.

Example 2


By Manika Behera

February 12, 2020; Balasore: The Utkal Gopabandhu Education Government School decided to implement the mid-day meal scheme for children aged 6 to 14 years in the school premises as per

“Our menu revolves around suitable and feasible range of spices, vegetables, condiments and staple foods”, said Mr. Dayanand Saraswati, the Headmaster of the school.

He continued stating that the consequences of introducing this scheme had been tremendously positive. The rate of enrolment has grown by 12% as compared to that of last year. The attendance statistics depict a considerable increase in the number of attendance of students. The academic performance of the school has been improved by 4.8% since last year.

For effective implementation of this scheme to encourage more children to enroll and receive education, the Principal is looking forward to tieing up with Private institutions so as to raise more funds for the schools as well as to receive financial assistance , if needed.

His vision is to emphasize the significance of education in everyday life and contribute his part to make this world a better place.

Example 3


By Buddheswar Dandapat

February 12, 2020; Kolkata: Little Flora School, located in the outskirts of rural Ballygunge, had been implementing Mid Day Meal Scheme since the last few years.

Mrs Asha Dutta, Principal of the school feels very enlightened to share her experience signifying the impact Mid-day meal scheme has made in her school. Because of this scheme, she has provided employment to many underprivileged, rural women. The women receive economic as well as social support from this scheme.

The number of admissions has been increasing every year. The primary students (classes I to V) are provided with mid-day meals five weeks a day. Rice, chapati, cereals, lentils, greenies and vegetables, soybeans and eggs are served among the children. The average performance of all the students, in both academics as well as sports had been improving consistently.

The students of her school had won the Inter-school sports competition last year. The principal aims to provide many other basic necessaries and supplies such as books, pencils, chalks, stationeries and supplies among the children to encourage them more to explore their lives by pushing the limitations and barriers life had offered them.

Example 4


By Arpita Mangaraj

12th February 2020: Kundipur: In accordance with the Mid Day Meal Scheme, 2001, introduced by the Karnataka Government, The Bhawanipatna Gangadhar Education Society school has implemented the same on Monday.

As per the school records, this year saw a rise in the number of enrolments made every year. This initiative was carried forward by the principal of this school, Mr. Ajay Srivastava so as to provide equal opportunities to the underprivileged, poor and rural children.

Along with a sufficient balanced diet containing staple foods, vegetables and eggs, the students are provided with clean, potable water so as to ensure good health and hygiene of the students and eliminate malnutrition.

Students are very cooperative with the teachers as well as staff. They maintain discipline in school premises. Their parents too are encouraging them to go to school as it reduces their plight of arrangement of food and adds value to their children’ lives.

The children had been actively participating in all the events and programs organised by the school. They are consistently developing skills along with values and ethics one needs to excel and grow in life.


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