Write a Report on Student Election Held in Your College or School [With PDF]


Here in this article, I am going to show you a couple of example reports on the student election which is held in your school or college. So without further delay let’s get started.

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Example 1

College Election

By Manav Chetri

12 August 2020, Thrissur: Like almost in every college, our college- The Chandrasekhar Government College of Arts and Sciences, Thrissur conducted the student elections for the year 2019-2020.


The main objective of the election was the formation of our Students Union who will manage the affairs of the Union under the guidance and supervision of the Principal and other senior officials affiliated to our college. 

The elections were held on the 9th of August, at the beginning of the academic session after the admissions were over. A sort of democratic training was offered to the interested students at our college level to teach them how to become good citizens and shoulder responsibilities.

Our Principal issued a notice to file nominations for the various offices of our Student’s Union on the 8th of August. The defective nominations were rejected on scrutiny. The date of 9th August was fixed for the election. Ballot papers were printed confidentially.

The student participants visited all the classrooms and halls to request other students to vote in their favour. The contestants were allowed to explain the purpose of their candidature. This year, Mr Abhijeet Shukla won the Student Election.

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Example 2


By Sumit Bhawani

The election of the College Student Union is a very important event.  For the same, an election date was declared by our Dean at the Kalinga Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. Even before the date for the election was decleared, students started campaigning for their candidates.

The election of the official authorities of our College Union gave the students an opportunity to develop their talents for leadership skills. In this process, a lot of hectic activities and events were carried out on our college campus. Students and associated members conducted rallies and delivered speeches and raised slogans to influence the audience.

Their nervousness and fear got eliminated as they learned how to express themselves impressively. They acquired the strategies and skills required to organize things. The students took pains and understood the strengths and weaknesses of various political parties and students’ organizations.

Due to differences in opinions between various political organisations, brutal arguments and quarrels were invited. The riot was solved by successful negotiation between both the teams. The election was carried out in a fair and free manner on 11th August at 2:00 pm. Santosh Mnagaraj won the election of this year.

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Example 3

School Election Report

By Simran Jain

12 August 2020, Hyderabad: The annual preparation for our school student election commenced on the 10th of August. Our school authorities issued a notice regarding rules and regulations for the aspiring candidates of the Student Election in DAV School, Hyderabad.

This year recorded a greater number of applicants for contesting the election, the nominations were conducted for a duration of one week in which all the members and their groups conducted various events and programs in our school campus to attract crowds.

The candidates visited all the classrooms, libraries and laboratories to influence the students to vote for them. At the close of nominations, the Registrar announced the candidate names. The election was organised on 11th of August which recorded active participation of many students from different streams and classes.

As per the Registrar, the candidate or candidates with the highest number of votes, within a constituency group, will be declared as the successful candidate(s). The registrar took the responsibility for the counting of ballots and our current Student Union was appointed a scrutineer to validate the election results on 11th August at 3:00 pm.

Example 4

College Election

By Ankita Ranjan Behra

 12 August 2020, Patna: Our Annual Student Election was carried out in Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Bihar University, Muzaffarpur, Bihar last month. The results of which were declared today at 3:00 pm.

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The Congress Association Organisation won the election this year as he got a total of 345 seats in our college. A team of three members consisting of the Board Chair, the College Chief Executive Officer and one Board representative was formed to approve the Election committee.

The lecturers and the professors of our college were appointed as the polling officers. The students of the different streams and semesters assembled in different rooms on the election date. They collected the ballot papers from the polling officers and with proper marks on the suitable candidate’s name in the ballot paper, they folded the papers and inserted it into the ballot box.

The polling came to an end by 2 P.M. Then the votes were counted by the officers in presence of the student-agents. The results were declared soon after the counting. This year the campaign was won by Miss Purohit Nanda in a free and fair election.

Conclusion Note

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