Report Writing on a Robbery in a Jewelry Shop [With PDF]

By | January 17, 2021

In recent times a trend of newspaper report writing on robberies in jewelry shops has been observed in various exams nationwide. But in order to write a perfect report, it is necessary to know every important aspect of the very topic. So, in the following session, we’re going to learn writing a few such reports on robberies in jewelry shops.

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Example 1


Reported by: Ratan Sahay


Naihati; June 15: Ratna jewellery workers, a renowned jewellery shop in Naihati witnessed a daring robbery yesterday. According to an eye witness, It was around 3:30 in the afternoon when a group of 5 robbers arrived on a Maruti Omni van.

The shop owner Mr. Satish Karmakar has let us know that entering the shop those robbers hold two of the employees at gunpoint and asked to vacate all the showcases in the shop. Facing the threat, the owner couldn’t help vacating the showcases.

After looting everything in the shop when they were trying to run away, one of the shop’s employees fought back and tried to stop the robbers. But unfortunately, the robbers fired back and he got injured. After the robbers fled, the local police station was informed and they came to the scene within half an hour.

The investigating officer-in-charge Mr. Pratyush Mitra told us they are investigating the case very carefully. One group of robbers has become pretty much active all around the city. The injured employee was sent to the hospital immediately. He is in better condition now. The monetary loss due to the robbery is around 41lakhs rupees, as per the report by the owner of the shop.

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Example 2


Reported by: Roheen Sikder

Agarpara; December 11: A jewellery shop in Agarpara, a significant downtown area near Kolkata, was notoriously robbed yesterday evening by a gang of 7 robbers. The name of the shop is Surabala Jewelry House. According to one of the employees of the shop, it was around 6:30 in the evening when the group of robbers appeared seemed out of nowhere, and put 3 customers in the shop at gunpoint.

Facing the threat, the shop owner handed over everything at the front shop. Then within 10 minutes, they attempted to run away by a jeep that suddenly appeared in front of the shop. While running away after the robbery, the local people caught one of the robbers despite the threat of fire weapons.

The group ran away leaving their partner behind and the local police station was informed immediately. The police came and took the man in custody on charges like trespassing, robbery, and attempt to murder.

As the officer-in-charge told us, he will be interrogated for getting the link of the whole gang. All the robbers were wearing masks and thus nobody got able to identify them. But the police are checking the CCTV footage as carefully as possible.

Example 3


By Special Correspondent

August 11; Ichapur: A jewelry shop in Ichapur named Santosh Golden House got robbed by yesterday night. It is the 2nd jewelry shop that got robbed this year in Ichapur. Shop manager Gautam Sadhukhan discovered this incident first when he came to open the shop in the morning.

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According to him, like every other day, he came to open the shop and found that all the main locks of the front gate were broken and informed the police as well as the owner instantly. He dared not to further open the shop and touch anything. The police, as well as the shop owner Mr Bimal Biswas, came as soon as possible.

Then after opening the shop in the hand of police officers, it was discovered wholly looted with 3 broken CCTVs. But fortunately, everything was recorded till the robbers broke those cameras. The police are investigating the case and trying to trace the gang.

As per the report of Mrs Ranjita Guha, the officer-in-charge of the case, it was discovered from the CCTV footage that there were 5 members in the gang and they entered the shop at around 3 am in midnight. The loss of around 77 lakhs of rupees is assumed by the owner of the shop.

Example 4


Reported by: Rajat Banerjee

February 19; Kolkata: Finally The Kolkata Police have arrested the entire gang of robbers responsible for the notorious robberies in various jewelry shops all around the city. As the officer-in-charge Ramesh Ghatak has let us know that they got a significant clue from a trusted source that the entire gang has absconded themselves in Bihar at a village situated near the border of West Bengal and Bihar.

Based on this information, they planned a joint operation with the Bihar police and captured the gang. According to the police report, there are a total of 11 members in the gang of robbers even including a female. In interrogation, the police came to know that the gang used to function in several phases before performing the final robbery.

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Many tools of robbery were rescued along with around 5.7kgs of looted gold and 19 lakhs rupees cash. After the formal handover by the Bihar Police, they were brought to Kolkata yesterday and will be presented in the district criminal court by tomorrow.

Rajiv Kumar, the commissioner of police in Kolkata has congratulated the operation team and signified it as a big achievement for Kolkata Police in a press conference.

That was all. These were every possible aspect that can be written in a report writing on robberies in jewellery shops with relevance. We tried to cover everything in the topic that can be relevant for any exam. Hope you find this session helpful and relevant according to your need in examinations. 

Thank You; See you again.

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