Report Writing on ‘Safe Drive, Save Life’ Campaign [With PDF]

A few years ago, an ambitious ‘Safe Drive, Save Life’ campaign was launched in West Bengal to control the increasing trend of road accidents due to rash and unlawful driving. Since then, a trend of the newspaper, as well as magazine reportings on this very topic, became quite relevant in various examinations. Today, In the following session, we are going to write a few such reports that you might find relevant for your use.

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Example 1

Kolkata is All Set to Welcome The ‘Safe Drive, Save Life’ Campaign

By Bikash Dubey

Kolkata; January 9: The Cultural capital of India, Kolkata is all set to welcome the newly launched ambitious ‘Safe Drive, Save Life’ campaign. This ambitious campaign is very recently launched by the government of West Bengal in order to put a check on the number of accidents that happen in the city throughout the year.

According to the joint secretary of the department of transport Mr Piyus Biswas, this campaign will focus on spreading awareness about driving and strengthen the prosecution laws against the lawbreakers. As per a recent survey report, a total number of more than 1.5 lakhs of people die due to road accidents every year in India.

Under this initiative, almost every major road and lane of Kolkata has come up with innovative posters for the ‘Safe Drive, Save Life’ campaign. Every fuel station in the city is instructed to refuse fuel refill to motorbikes if the rider doesn’t come with a helmet.

The Kolkata police have started taking care of the newly reformed traffic laws. Eventually, this campaign is being considered as one of the most innovative landmark campaigns ever launched to control road accidents in India.

Example 2

Rally Launched by Kolkata Police under ‘Safe Drive, Save Life’ Campaign; Overwhelmed by the Response

By Special Correspondent

Kolkata; February 11: The city of culture, Kolkata, yesterday witnessed an Overwhelmingly successful rally under the ‘Safe Drive; Save Life’ campaign. This rally was organized by the Kolkata traffic police in order to spread awareness about safe driving.

The recently launched campaign has already drawn attention around the whole country being the first such campaign. According to the DG Traffic, Kolkata, Mr. Pranab Sanyal, this rally is expected to increase the interaction between traffic control guards and the public. This rally is also expected to increase the awareness level among the citizens about the newly reformed traffic laws and most importantly about safe driving.

The rally was attended by famous public figures such as Saurav Ganguly, Prasenjit Chattyapadhya, Honorable Mayor of Kolkata Mr. Firhad Hakim. The rally was led by senior citizens of Kolkata riding bicycles to promote green vehicles.

Following them, many students from various schools of the city participated in the rally, holding awareness placards and posters. The honorable mayor of Kolkata has also expressed his hope about this campaign that it will put a real check on the unfortunate accidents that occur in Kolkata everyday.

Example 3

Traffic Awareness Rally by Students of Durgapur; ‘Safe Drive, Save Life’ Campaign Spreading Everywhere

By Amit Kar

Durgapur; April 23: The ambitious ‘Safe Drive, Save Life’ campaign launched by the Govt of West Bengal is gaining popularity in every corner of the state with days. Till the time, Kolkata was the primary hub of these types of campaigns but now, other parts of the state are also coming forward to take part in these campaigns.

Yesterday, the steel city Durgapur witnessed such a rally with overwhelming participation, especially by the students. The president of the organizing committee, Mr. Sudip Dhar, has let us know that almost every school in Durgapur city has come together in order to participate in this rally. The local M.L.A Mr.

Narayan Biswas is hoping that such a rally will put a check on the increasing number of road accidents around Durgapur caused by rush driving. Around 350 students from various schools of Durgapur participated in this program.

Many kinds of self-made creative placards and awareness posters were carried by them as well. The headmistress of Durgapur City Public School Mrs. Shovona Roy told us, this kind of participation of students in such social awareness movement enriches the students themselves and lead them in the way of being a responsible citizen in future.

Example 4

Kolkata Is Remembering the Road Accidents Victims, Another Flashcard of ‘Safe Drive, Save Life’ Campaign by the Kolkata Traffic Police

By Rohit Bannerjee

Kolkata; Sunday 15: Kolkata traffic police organized a program yesterday in order to remember the victims of road accidents around the world. It was the 3rd Sunday of November when every country remembers the road accident’s victims all around the world as per the UNESCO declaration 2005. The Govt of West Bengal recently launched the ‘Safe Drive, Save Life’ Campaign, and the Kolkata police are remembering this day as another flashcard of this campaign.

Through this program, the Kolkata traffic police have planned to spread awareness about safe and lawful driving around the city. This is probably the first instance of remembering this day in Kolkata on behalf of the administration.

The traffic guards present on the roads of the city have set humanitarian examples by offering flowers to the lawbreakers for this day and requested them to follow the traffic rules for their own sake.

The DG of the Kolkata traffic control board, Mr. Suresh Kumar, has let us know that such initiatives under the umbrella of the ‘Safe Drive, Save Life’ campaign seem to have a significant impact on the driving lives of Kolkata. The number of helmetless motorcycle riders has come down significantly.


The net result of this ambitious campaign came out to be quite satisfactory. The number of road accidents due to rakeless driving has come down to a significant number. We have tried to explain the whole campaign and its features through those reports. Hopefully, you find these reports helpful as per your requirements. Thank you; see you again very soon.