Report Writing on Book Fair [With PDF]

By | November 27, 2020

Today I’m going to show you four example reports on Book Fair. After reading this article you will have an idea of how to write this type of report easily. So without further ado let’s get started.

Report Writing on Book Fair

Example 1

The Awaited Kolkata Book Fair Started

By Suprity Acharyya


Central Park, 6th February: Good days have started for the book lovers of Kolkata. The yearly Kolkata book fair started yesterday with the inauguration by the honourable chief minister of West Bengal. In her opening speech, the chief minister addressed all the book lovers of Kolkata and said that Kolkata’s book fair always has the same splendid taste of nostalgia.

This year the book fair will continue from 5th of February to 11th of this month. Every year the publishers’ and booksellers’ guild organizes the Kolkata book fair in allotted regions of Kolkata by the state government. Unlike all other years, this year the venue chosen for the book fair was the central park premises, Salt Lake.

According to the organising authority this year the total number of bookstalls can exceed up to even 4000. A passionate book lover can find his heaven among the all-around kingdom of books and magazines. Renowned authors like Sreejata Chatterjee, Tanima Gupta are supposed to be present in the book fair. Apart from bookstalls, a beautiful cultural function has also been arranged in the book fair.

Various renowned artists of all around the world are coming to perform in the program. The program schedule is available on the official website of Publishers and Booksellers Guild. Enough security measures have been taken in concern of the safety and the security of the book fair.

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Example 2

An Amazing Book Fair in Holy Child Girls’ School

By Suprity Acharyya

Holy Child Girls’ Higher Secondary School; 5th February: The Holy Child girls High School has again set an example in school education by organising a book fair exclusively for their students inside their school premises. According to the principal of this school, books help all students to flourish both inside and outside.

Moreover, a book fair organised by the school and in the school makes the students more attentive. The school garden was chosen as the venue for the book fair. As per the report, 14 renowned Publishers of Kolkata have put their stalls in and with more than 20000 books. 5 students were selected as the volunteers in order to manage the crowd from their specific classes into the book fair.

The fair that started from February 4th will continue till the end of this week. Beside this a cultural program is also scheduled on the final day of the book fair. Renowned authors like Shirshendu Chatterjee, Seema Anand are supposed to be present on the final day cultural program. The first-day crowd to the book fair went over the expectation of the School authority. 

Many students have bought so many books on the very first day itself. Now the management committee is expecting a daily crowd of about 500 students in the book fair. The principal has also promised to continue with organising such book fairs every year in the school from now.

Example 3

The Education Minister Inaugurated the Bangla Academy Book Fair

By Suprity Acharyya

Bangla Academy; 7th February: This year the book fair at Bangla Academy premises has taken a great festive look. On 5th of February the education minister of the state inaugurated the Bangla Academy book fair like every other year. This year the book fair is expecting to get a huge response from the people of Kolkata.

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That’s why all the rows and stalls are decorated beautifully unlike other years. Some organisations have also come up with an opinion that this is probably the most gorgeous and well-decorated book fair ever organised in the city of Kolkata. Moreover, the whole decoration has been done in a complete eco-friendly manner.

The theme of this year’s book fair is “Read More; Save More”. Another attraction of the Bangla Academy book fair is the huge presence of renowned authors from all around the world. The famous author like Ruskin Bond was also present in the inauguration ceremony.

Just like all other book fairs a cultural function has also been organised in this one as well. Many cultural programs like dance drama, instrumental performance will be performed by renowned artists from all around the world.

Example 4

Viswa Sahitya Parishad Book Fair has been Inaugurated by Poet Shankha Ghosh

By Suprity Acharyya

Sahitya Parishad; May 15th: Famous poet Shankha Ghosh has inaugurated the Viswa Sahitya Parishad yearly book fair in Shantiniketan. This book fair, every year organised in the VishvaBharati Vishwavidyalaya is known as the world book fair. Many Publishers from all around the world come with their new and older publications each year.

This year specific plots are allotted to the Publishers from specific countries in order to create a theme of the miniature of the world. Every specific plot has their own national flag at the entrance indicating their country. Total 97 publishers from all around the world have taken part in the world book fair. A total number of 18 publishers came only from Japan itself. It is the highest number of Publishers from one specific country.

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Besides, many other publishers from countries like China, South Korea, Mongolia, Russia, France, USA etc have also come to take part in the book fair. As per the organising committee, it is the legacy of the great poet Rabindranath Tagore that this book fair is carrying forward.

It helps in the cultural interexchange of different nations from all around the world. Moreover, this year the world book fair has also created a Guinness Book of World record to operate with 100% renewable energy.

There You Have It

So I hope report writing on Book Fair helps you.

Do you have any other topic ideas for me to cover? Feel free to mention those by leaving a quick comment below.

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