Report Writing on Republic Day Celebration in School or College [With PDF]


Today in this article I’m going to show you a couple of report writing examples of Republic day celebration.

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Example 1

Beautiful Republic Day Celebration in Sodepur High School

Reported by: Ankita Acharyya [Designation, if any]

January 27; Sodepur High School: Sodepur High School yesterday celebrated Republic Day like all other years. This School is quite famous for its solemn celebration of National ceremonies like Independence Day, Republic Day etc.


They celebrate these ceremonies in a very eventful manner. This year was no exception as well. Students came to the school premises within 8:30 in the morning as per the instruction.

A beautiful procession mostly led by students of the school went out of the school at about 9 a.m. The procession came back within 45 minutes. Then a cultural function was opened with an inspiring speech of the honourable headmaster.

Following that some short drama depicting the parliamentary system of India was staged by the students of class 11 and 12. The program was full of Cultural events like singing, recitation, dance etc.

The senior teachers delivered some speech as well as explaining the soul sacrifice of the revolutionaries in making our country independent. The local MLA Mr Swapon Ghosh was invited for this day in the school. He was present as a chief guest. Even he delivered a short speech and honoured the architects of independent India. 

Example 2

Amazing Republic Day Ceremony in Holy Child Girls’ High School

Reported by: Ankita Acharyya [Designation, if any]

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January 27; Holy Child Girls’ High School: The Holy Child Girls’ High School celebrated the Republic Day ceremony yesterday with great splendour. All students were instructed to be present at the school premises within 7:30 in the morning.

Then like all the years, the celebration was opened by the flag upliftment ceremony. This was followed by a drill march led by the girls of the school. This march is very famous among the city as it is a beautifully decorated procession and musical instruments like bagpipes, drums and flutes are played by the little students of the school.

The procession returned to the school premises after 30 minutes of march. A beautifully decorated stage was constructed in the school field for the cultural programme to take place. Like all other years, students, as well as teachers, participated in the function.

Even a collaborative drama of the students and the teachers was staged depicting the moment of birth of independent India. After the drama, the headmistress went on the stage and delivered a short speech explaining the tradition of the school in Republic Day celebration since independence. Thus the beautiful ceremony came to an end with the utmost completeness in the heart of everybody.

Example 3

Republic Day Cultural Programme in Muralidhar Girls’ School 

Reported by: Ankita Acharyya [Designation, if any]

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January 27; Muralidhar Girls’ School: A beautiful cultural program took place yesterday in Muralidhar Girls’ School auditorium in order to celebrate the Republic Day this year. Unlike other years, this year the school authority decided to organise a cultural program on behalf of this day.

A notification was issued about a month ago in order to enlist the names of the participants in the program. Students started their rehearsal on a regular basis under the supervision of the class teachers.

On this particular day 26th January, all students were instructed to be present in the school premises within 9:00 in the morning. At around 9:45 the usual flag upliftment ceremony took place with the hand of the headmistress. Then a short speech was delivered by her in order to explain the significance of this particular day.

This was followed by the opening of the cultural program with the national anthem of our country. The function was quite eventful. Most of the students as well as teachers participated in the program.

Little students of class 5 and 6 were present at the entrance of the auditorium to welcome the guests with red roses. Thus, such an eventful day came to an end with a short drama staged by the students of class 9 and 10.

Example 4

Vidyasagar College Celebrated Republic Day

Reported by: Ankita Acharyya [Designation, if any]

January 27; Vidyasagar College: Vidyasagar College organised a different type of agenda in order to celebrate this year’s Republic Day ceremony. An agenda of spreading awareness about Indian democracy and its history was taken on behalf of the college this year.

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To implement this humanitarian agenda the last week was declared as Republic awareness week from the college union. During the whole week, many beautiful informative posters were designed by the students and pasted all the walls around the college.

A unique initiative of painting graffiti was also taken on behalf of the students. These all forms of art depicted the great tradition and heritage of Indian democracy. According to the spokesperson of the college union, a complete awareness about the celebration of this Republic Day is very much important for the success and prosperity of Indian democracy.

On the particular day of 26th January, at the end of the Republic awareness week, a cultural program was organised by the college. At the very beginning, a flag upliftment ceremony took place and a splendid parade march was launched in honour of the architect of Indian Constitution Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar. Then the awareness week came to an end with a very eventful cultural function in the college premises. 

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