Report Writing on Inter-School Debate Competition [With PDF]


Today in this article, I’m going to show you how to write a report on Inter-School Debate Competition. So without further delay let’s jump into the article.

Report Writing on Inter-school Debate Competition

Example 1

Interschool Debate Competition

By Diya Sreesanth

January 1, 2019; New Delhi: This year the Interschool Debate Competition was held at our school. There were 24 different schools participating. The competition was held for a week. Food and accommodation were arranged at our school hostel. All the participants were extraordinarily skilled.


One could actually see the future leaders in the contestants. The decisions of the judges were final. There were no foul plays. This year our school won the first prize and much to our amazement two of the best speakers were from our school.

All the participants were students with equal calibre and potential but in the end, some stood out shining brighter than the others. The topic for the final competition was ” the increasing number of old age homes in India “. There were so many notable points presented by each team but the point presented by the winning team was the game-changer.

The prizes were given away by the honourable education minister, who talked about a few memories from his school days.

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Example 2

Intercollege Debate Competition

By Arshida Menon

August 18, 2018; Kerala: The day of the final competition had arrived. Everyone was at the brim of tension. A hot discussion was going on between the judges. Everyone present knew that the decision was rather difficult, even for the judges. The final teams presented their views and proved their points in such a manner that none could decide which team was better.

The competition was a week long. There were a large number of participants from different colleges. All the necessary arrangements were done by our college management and students. Food and accommodation for all the registered participants were arranged in the college. The topic was ” Corruption and Politics “.

This was the topic given for the final round. This brought to light many of the hidden facts about corruption in politics. Every point presented was accepted with cheering. So sharp were the points that it actually made a commoner think about the fact. The first prize was won by St.Teresa’s College.

Example 3

Inter-Department debate competition

By Sulaksha Nair

January 1, 2019; New Delhi: The debate competition was held between different departments. Each department could be represented by two teams. The competition was judged by an excellent debater known for his skills in debating. The competition was held in the auditorium. Points presented were accepted by the spectators with cheers and claps.

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Some of the points even made us think about the facts. There was so much talent in the room. Arguments were made and proved. The competition was so interesting that it had a very huge audience. The competition was a huge success. Our college chairperson was selected as the best speaker and debater.

The first prize was won by the department of political science. They marched through the college ground. At the end of the prize distribution, the principal gave his presidential speech thanking everyone for their active participation and also the organisers, and everyone who worked for making this a success. Our principal appreciated the judging panel and also all the participants for sharing their views with us.

Example 4

Inter-state College Debate Championship

By Jane Anna

January 1, 2019; New Delhi: The competition was arranged by the Mahatma Gandhi University. Participants representing different states from different colleges had come to take part in the competition. The huge attraction of this competition is that the winner receives a check of 1 lakh for the college he/she studies and a sum of twenty thousand for themselves.

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Experts from every State came to take part in the competition. This is a competition conducted to bring out the talents in the students and to take it to the next level. There were heated discussions. All the necessary arrangements for the participants were arranged in the college where the competition was held.

There were refreshment counters and snack bars. There were necessary precautions taken in case of any emergencies. The participants exhibited their oratory skills and displayed their knowledge. They proved their points in such a manner that the audience was convinced.

The competition was a huge success and the first prize was won by the team representing New Delhi. The best debater was Royce Adams. The competition came to an end with a vote of thanks given by the principal of the college in which the competition was held.


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