Report Writing on No Tobacco Day [With PDF]


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Report Writing on No Tobacco Day in School

Example 1

No Tobacco Day Campaign At School

By Elisa James

June 1, 2019; New Delhi: This year we had a small campaign organised on No Tobacco Day which is celebrated on 31st May around the world. The campaign was inaugurated by Dr Deepa Geo our principal. She spoke a few words on the importance of creating awareness in people about the harmful effects of tobacco.


Students were looking forward to this day. The higher secondary students of our school had organised a flash mob which they performed at a public shopping mall. The flash mob was made in such a manner that it created awareness among people. There were other programs like a short skit depicting the side effects.

Several other programs were performed so as to make people understand the dangers of using tobacco and so as to reduce the use of tobacco and nicotine.

Smaller children were taught about the side effects that were created due to the usage of tobacco and in making them aware, they pledged they would try to create awareness in others and in doing so stop them from smoking. Thus, this campaign helped students in making others understand what tobacco actually does to a person’s health.

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Example 2

Anti Tobacco Day Campaign At College

By Anna Abraham

January 8, 2018; Kerala: Our college had organised a campaign. Every student was supposed to take part in the campaign. The campaign was arranged by the college in order to make common people understand the toll tobacco takes on life. Smoking and chewing tobacco lead to short or long term effects on health.

It can cause short term health conditions such as ulcer, cavities, tooth decay, sore mouths and so on. It can lead to dizziness in a person. Short term effects often lead to long term side effects like cancer, lung diseases, heart diseases, a sudden stroke etc. Our campaign helped people understand.  One of the main objectives was to make people understand the dangers of using tobacco.

We conducted rallies, bike rallies. Flash mobs were conducted in different parts of the city. Free awareness classes were given to school students about the dangers of using tobacco and also of nicotine.

We also helped them understand that second-hand smoke can also cause side effects. The campaign came to an end by evening with the conclusion speech by our former principal Dr. Eyeleen Anna. Thus the campaign was a success.

Example 3

World No Tobacco Day

By Sasha Mark

June 1, 2016; Bombay: The World no Tobacco day is celebrated every year on 31st May. This day also known as the anti-tobacco day was an initiative by WHO. The theme selected for this year’s World No Tobacco day was ‘Get ready for plain packaging’.

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This was an initiative taken to make people understand the harmful and negative impacts, how second-hand smoke affects the smoker and his surroundings like their family and their community. A large number of processions, bike rallies, flash mobs were a part in creating awareness among people.

There were skits and other short dramas to spread awareness and to educate people about the harmful effects. Tobacco is used in many different ways such as in the form of cigars, bidis, cigarettes, snuff and gutkha etc.

In spite of creating awareness among people, there are still reports of a large number of people dying due to the usage of tobacco and nicotine. About 1,300 deaths are reported daily around the world due to tobacco and nicotine usage.

Reports and studies inform us that according to the present rate of usage of tobacco, the mortality rate is gonna increase unless it is controlled.

Example 4

Say No To Tobacco Campaign

By Greg Heffley

August 5, 2015; Gujarat: This was a campaign organised to help others understand the negative effects of Tobacco. This was initiated due to the increasing number of death cases being reported due to tobacco usage. The rate of people suffering from diseases related to tobacco were increasing without limit.

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Students went to villages so as to make them learn the dangers of using tobacco and nicotine. They should slowly stop the unwanted usage of tobacco as these lead to mouth ulcers and to the extreme end cancer and strokes. They were taught the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.

The harmful effects that the usage brings to the smoker, his family and community were explained in a manner that they might understand. The theme of this year’s no tobacco day was ” Stop illicit trade of tobacco products “.

We encouraged them to reduce their use of tobacco and also challenged them to finish a day without using tobacco. They eagerly accepted the challenge making our campaign a success.

They pledged to reduce their usage of tobacco and eventually stop using them. The experience was different for us students.

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