Report Writing on New Year Celebration [With PDF]


Reports writing on the new year is one of the most common comprehension tests relevant for various examinations around the subcontinent. These types of topics can be classified into two types of reporting categories:

  1. Magazine Report
  2. Newspaper Report

In this article, I will show you how to write reports on the New Year Celebration based on both these categories. The particular category will be mentioned prior to every report. So without further introduction, let’s jump directly into the article.

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Example 1: You are Aushi Joshi, cultural secretary, student unit, Shri Shiksha Niketan, Allahabad. Your school organized a New Year Celebration for 2021, write a report on the same for the college magazine, not more than 200 words.

New Year Celebration 2021

By Ayushi Joshi, Cultural Secretary, Student Unit


To mark the annual celebration of New Year for the year 2021, a grand cultural program was attended in our school, Shri Shiksha Niketan, Allahabad, premises under the guidance of our honourable principal Dr. Ashoke Sing Rajpoot.

Our school welcomed the arrival of the new year with great passion and enthusiasm. All the students, teachers and staff of our school were united to celebrate with joy, refreshment and entertainment.

The program commenced with the inaugural ceremony where the Guest of Honour, Shri Pramod Bidhar lighted a lamp in the stage. The prizes, awards and certificates for the academic session 2020-2021 were distributed by our principal among all the students, followed by various cultural activities.

The students performed various dances wearing traditional, vibrant costumes. A small skit was also enacted by the students signifying the importance of happiness in one’s life. A group of senior secondary students arranged an orchestra in the evening.

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Various games and contests were organised for all the students and teachers to participate in. The celebration was enjoyed much by everyone. The program was brought to an end by arranging a grand banquet in which a wide variety of ecstatic sweets, snacks and delicacies were served.

Example 2: Write a Newspaper report on new Year Celebration, not more than 200 words.

New Year Celebration 2021

By Abhinav Joshi

January 1, 2021; Mumbai: The students, teachers and the staff members of the Mithibai College, Mumbai celebrated New Year for the year 2021 in the college campus on 31st December 2020.

The program commenced with a warm welcome addressed by the Chief Guest for the program, Shri Niranjan Barik, Divisional Railway Manager, Pune, Mumbai.

This year the college introduced a new initiative in which they distributed food packets, books, crayons, pencils and clothes among the rural, underprivileged children residing in the nearby slums and villages. Students actively involved themselves as volunteers and did spread smiles in the lives of the slum-dwellers.

The area was beautifully designed with rangolis, flowers, candles, lights and lamps all across the college campus. A community lunch was organised in which the food was cooked by the teacher’s section. The delicious food was enjoyed by everyone.

In the evening, sweets and snacks were distributed among all the members of the society, followed by a concert. Mr. A.R. Rehman, a Padma Bhushan awardee, was cordially invited to the college campus. The audience was thrilled to watch his scintillating performance and applauded the famous Indian composer.

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Example 3: You are Kush Aroha, staff reporter of TOI. Write a report on the same, not more than 200 words. Add any necessary details needed for the report.


By Kush Aroha. Staff Reporter, TOI

Bhubaneswar; January 1, 2021: The members and residents of Mrinalini Cooperative Society, block-VIII under the Khurda district, celebrated to mark the arrival of a fresh new year by bidding goodbye to the previous year on 31st December 2020.

All the members of the association, the residents of the society and their families were cordially invited to join in the program. The program was graced by the presence of Smt. Pratibha Deshmukh, Secretary of the society. The members gathered for a visit to Rajarani temple located nearby. They granted their prayers and offerings and prayed for a new peaceful and positive beginning.

The event was conducted in the clubhouse of the society. The society was beautifully embellished with colourful lights and lamps. Men, women and children were elegantly dressed in traditional attires. The environment of the society was filled with great fervour.

Flowers and gifts are given to friends and loved ones. The members organised a small cultural program. The kids of the society performed a group dance which received thunders of applause from the audience.

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The program was brought to an end with a lot of firecrackers and followed by a grand dinner.

Example 4: Write a newspaper report on New Year Celebration.

New Year Celebration

By Rohan Sethi, Staff Reporter

January 1, 2021; Kolkata: To welcome the new year with great enthusiasm and happiness to look forward and welcome opportunities and try to improve the quality of life, students, teachers and the members of teachers Secondary High School celebrated the New Year with power and positivity.

The morning assembly was graced by the presence of many dignitaries who were the guests of honour for the event.

The school launched a new idea to celebrate by planting saplings, creating awareness among the society and contributing their parts towards the conservation of the environment.

The students were taken for an excursion trip. They were taken to Victoria Memorial, followed by Howrah Bridge, Birla Planetarium, and Science City respectively.

A grand feast was organised for the members in which a wide range of traditional dishes- Kosha Mangsho, Macher jhol, Alur torkari  and Luchi. Kheer kodom, Shondesh and Chanar jilipi were served in desserts.

The trip delivered indelible memories to those who were a part of it. This program brought a lot of fun, happiness, refreshment and entertainment and created a sense of unity among all the students, teachers and staff.


There you have it: Report Writing on New Year Celebration. I hope you found this article helpful. Feel free to ask me your doubts if any in the comment section.