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Write a Newspaper Report on Tree Plantation in Your School [PDF]

In this article we are going to present a Newspaper Report on Tree Plantation in Your School.

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Example 1

Tree Plantation on School

By: Suprity Acharyya [Replace by your name or XYZ]

5th June 2019; Bal Mandir Senior Secondary School, Kishangnaj: It was 5th June 2019, Wednesday the Bal Mandir Senior Secondary School, Kishangnaj, Bihar took a great initiative to plant trees in the school campus on the occasion of World Environment Day. This is an important step of afforestation to maintain the ecological balance of nature.

It was morning at 7:30 am students of respective classes were given the scheduled time earlier and were asked to report the school filed accordingly. The students reported the site on time and were given sapling of the trees which were managed by the school by the Municipal Corporation of Kishanganj.

A total of about 200 trees were planted on the school campus and were furthered watered by the students. The teachers planted the trees along with the principal himself too went for the plantation.

Mr. Rakesh Singh guided the senior students and was given sapling to plant them along the roadside, which could resist the pollution. The local people seeing this clapped for the students and thanked them for taking such a great initiative.

The principal of the school thanked Mr. Singh to conduction the event so smoothly and made sure that all the events of the day were being photographed to be presented in the school magazine.

The principal too expressed the importance of planting trees and saving nature. The students were also asked to share their feeling after planting trees.

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Lastly, a group photograph was taken with everyone present in the event of the plantation. The event ended at 2:30 pm. These pictures were also spread in social media to give a valuable message to society.

Example 2

Tree Plantation on School on the Occasion of World Environmental day

By: Suprity Acharyya [Replace by your name or XYZ]

4th June, 2019; St. Xavier English Medium School, Kisanganj: It was an amazing morning of 05th June 2018, Tuesday the St. Xavier English Medium School, Kisanganj, Bihar organized a great event of the plantation of saplings in the auspicious occasion of World Environment. The school has been doing this since the year of its establishment and it has been 25 years of the school celebrating this day in this way.

The students reported the school garden at 7:00 am morning and were given saplings by the school authority. They were divided into groups and were asked to work accordingly. All the time instructions of the day were given by Ramesh and Suresh uncles who were the gardeners of the school.

Mr. Pandey was the in-charge of the event and everything was under his observation. The school had an epic strategy of the generation i.e. the best 5 plants means the plants which will be giving better fruits and flowers will be given this award the next year, so the students do all their work with their utmost concentration.

The teachers, non-teaching staff, non-students all were indulged in the process of plantation. The school planted 218 trees the last year and this year it increased to 258.

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The principal gave a vote of thanks to all the teachers and the students, a special thanks was paid to Ramesh and Suresh uncle who helped a lot to let this day happen so smoothly, he also mentioned the need for the tree plantation and its benefits to nature.

Mr. Pandey took photographs of every event and was later circulated on the school website and on different social media platforms to give a social message to society. The event ended at 2:30 pm.

So I gave the two examples of Newspaper report on Tree Plantation in your School, I hope you are able to understand, how to write reports on this topic. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask me in the comment section.

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