Report Writing on Magic Show Organised in Your School [With PDF]


In this article, I will show you how to write a report for your school magazine regarding a Magic Show. So let’s get started.

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Example 1


By: Devika Bhagat

Our school had organised a magic show on 12th June 2015, after a long wait. There were teachers who opposed this due to some reason. After a long but persuasive talk with the principal, promising her to present good results for the coming exams she agreed to organise this event.


Students were excited about the show. They came around 30 minutes earlier to make sure that they did not miss it. Everyone was filled with curiosity as for some of them this was the first experience. The show was arranged in the school auditorium. The magician came at the pre-scheduled time.

He introduced himself to the audience. He first exhibited a small trick and asked a student to do the same. Any student could not do it however our principal did it. The magician said this simple trick could be done by everybody. The reason why the student could not do it but the principal could is because she had observed carefully. The magician performed several tricks, taught us a few and concluded the show.

Example 2


By: Arathi Saha

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This was the first time we were taken to a magic show from our school. We never thought that our principal will ever allow such things. It was the children’s day and so she wanted to amuse us with the magician’s tricks. We were excited. We were taken to the magician’s den at around 12 in the morning.

It was dark and there were weird, scary sounds coming from inside the den. The magician was dressed like a vampire We became excited when they saw the magician. He described the incidents of a story using his magic. He started narrating about a girl and out came a girl from the hat he was carrying.

The den was reverberating with applause. The teachers and all the students equally with bated breath waited for more to come. Soon the story came to an end. We were sad that the show had come to an end so early. But despise sadness everybody was very happy with the surprise our principal had given on this children’s day.

On the way back to school, we thanked our principal. This was such a different experience for all of us. Most of us had never seen a magic show before that.

Example 3


By: Arpitha Stanic

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Our school was busy with all sorts of exhibitions during our foundation day ceremony. After all these exhibitions ended, our creative club wanted to organise a magic show. Everybody liked this idea of the magic show since it had never been organised in our school before.

Our club talked to the principal and she granted us permission to proceed with the plan. The show took place after the day of the ending of the exhibition. All the parents and students were cordially invited. Parents had to book their tickets. All of us were so excited that anyone could hear whispers from all around the auditorium.

The lights began to dim and there was a sudden dead silence. The magician was standing on the stage ready to perform his tricks. He started by pulling out a pigeon, rabbit from his hat. When he started actually cutting a woman in front of our eyes, the entire auditorium screamed into fear. We thought the woman had lost her hands and legs but when he said a mantra she came out from the box in one piece.

Example 4


By: Basanti Nair

Last Friday a grand magic show was organised at our school. Magic is an art that is performed to entertain the spectators by the usage of seemingly impossible feats conducted by the use of tricks, illusions and also sleight of hands which needs a lot of practice.

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The magician appeared and introduced himself.  He started performing the first trick. He erased himself with an eraser. Then asked his assistant to draw him so that he could come back. Then he lit a fire from his mouth. We were eagerly awaiting the next tricks. It was a two hours long magic show. For the final trick, he called one of his assistants on stage to assist him.

The magician asked her to lie down on a table and covered her with a cloth. He took a long sword and started cutting her fingers. Blood was flowing and the students were screaming in shock. Then eventually he cut off her legs and it fell on stage. We had nearly lost our mind when he asked that assistant to stand up. She stood up on her feet to everyone’s excitement.

There you have it: Report Writing on Magic Show Organised in Your School. I hope you find this article helpful.
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