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Example 1

A Joyous Children’s Day Celebration in Sodepur High School

By Suprity Acharyya

November 15th; Sodepur High School: Sodepur High School witnessed a very beautiful celebration of this year’s Children’s Day. Children’s Day is usually celebrated not in a very distinctive manner.


But this year went very much different for Sodepur High School. On last year’s children’s day, the school authority took a decision to help poor and distressed children with necessary books and clothing all around Sodepur area.

The whole School along with its students worked hard to fulfil their promise they made to themselves last year. That’s why this year’s Children’s Day went very special for the whole School. On this day the celebrated one year anniversary of their charitable decisions towards the distressed children.

The school auditorium was chosen as the venue for the program. After the opening with the cultural function, the headmaster went on the stage and explained the soul significance behind the children’s day celebration. Some new resolutions for the coming year were also taken by the authority.

School students performed a short drama depicting the whole of last year’s agenda in just 18 minutes. In the end, some students were awarded Children’s Day champions trophy for their notable contributions in the charitable service.

Example 2

Beautiful Children’s Day Celebration in Ushumpur Adarsha Vidyalaya

By Suprity Acharyya

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November 15th; Ushumpur Adarsha Vidyalaya: Ushumpur Adarsha Vidyalaya celebrated this year’s Children’s Day with a completely different vibe. Unlike all other years this year a whole day cultural fest was organised by the school authority.

The school field was chosen as a venue. A beautifully decorated stage was constructed. According to the headmaster, this year’s Children’s Day is dedicated to the infant children who study in the primary section of the school.

All students were instructed to be present in the field on or before 9:00 a.m. By 9:30 the program was started with the opening song performed by all the teachers of the school. The whole program was contained with various types of cultural programs like recitations, songs, dances as well as two short dramas, all performed by the students of the school.

On the other side of the field funny little competitions like musical chair, painting, go as you like etc. took place. Local MP Dr Saugata Roy was present as a chief guest of this program. In the end, the senior-most teacher went on the stage and delivered a short beautiful speech explaining the history and significance of Children’s Day.

Example 3

Maulana Azad College Celebrating Children’s Day

By Suprity Acharyya

November 21; Central Kolkata: Probably the first time in history, a college is celebrating Children’s Day. It is Maulana Azad College of Rafi Ahmed kidwai road, Kolkata celebrating this year Children’s Day in order to execute a very unique agenda. Usually, 14th November is observed as Children’s Day.

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The college chose November 20 instead of November 14th to celebrate their Children’s Day. According to the principal of the college, it is because the World Children’s Day is celebrated on November 20 every year all around the world. The chosen date is very unique in its own way.

Apart from that, the day was dedicated to the Street children who do not get the usual opportunity to study, access to nutritious food and healthy living. 100 such children were selected from adjacent areas of Kolkata.

An initiative of taking them to eco-park for a day tour was taken by jointly the college authority and the union. On that day they were provided with good food, clothing for the winter and a cheerful day that they don’t usually have.

Many human rights organisations have also appreciated this initiative taken by Maulana Azad College. The principal promised that some more unique agendas will be initiated on the next year’s Children’s Day.

Example 4

A Simple Children’s Day Celebrated in Vivekananda Balika Vidyalaya

By Suprity Acharyya

November 15th; Vivekananda Balika Vidyalaya: A mesmerizing Children’s Day was celebrated in Vivekananda Balika Vidyalaya yesterday. Like every other year, a beautiful short time cultural function was organised by the school cultural committee.

This year an exhibition of handicrafts, paintings as well as literary works by little students also took place in the school hall room. All students along with their guardians reached the school by 10:30 in the morning and the program started with the national anthem. Some students, teachers as well as guardians took part in many different types of cultural activities in the program.

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A beautiful dance performance by play class students drew everyone’s attention in the program. Afterwards, the headmistress delivered a beautiful speech explaining the reason behind the celebration of teacher’s day and the legacy of chacha Jawaharlal Nehru’s works.

Before the end, awards were delivered to the winners among the students who participated in the exhibition that was going on in the hall room. It was quite a blissful sight to witness those little students of grade 1 or 2 are going up on the stage for taking awards. Cakes, biscuits and logenze were distributed at the end of the program among the students as well as the guardians. 

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