Write a Newspaper Report on a Boat Capsize or Accident [With PDF]


In this article, I’ll show you a couple of reports writing examples on Boat Capsize. So let’s get started.

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Example 1


Reported by: Saswata Baksi, Staff Reporter, H.T.

Canning; June 23, 2020: The lungs of West Bengal, Sundarban has again witnessed an unfortunate incident of the boat capsizing. Basically, Sundarban is quite familiar with these kinds of incidents because most of the people of this part are fishermen in their profession. But this unfortunate incident has snatched 3 innocent lives, and two people are missing.


These people were the inhabitants of canning. According to the pre-scheduled timeline, they went to the river with their boat for fishing. Suddenly a devastating storm hit their boat. There were a total of 7 people on that boat. Three of them were found dead by yesterday night with the help of the rescue force.

Two are still missing. The rescue operation is going on in the Gosaba river. According to the two survivors of the incident, that storm was quite sudden as well as devastating. There were no signals or warnings from the river weather forecast authority about the arrival of this storm.

The chief minister of West Bengal has announced a compensation package for the victims’ families and promised government jobs to be provided to one member of those families. The local panchayat has also promised to look into the issue of weather forecasting.

Example 2


Reported by: Shanku Garai, Staff Reporter, ABP Ananda.

Chandipur; August 21, 2020: Major accident occurred in the Bay of Bengal near the West Bengal coast. It is very close to Chandipur where a fishing trawler got capsized by the hit of a massive cyclone. The trawler left for fishing last night by ignoring the warning of the weather forecasting authority.

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The ocean weather forecasting authority has already warned the fishermen about a cyclone forming very near to the West Bengal coast. All fishermen were requested not to go to the sea for fishing till the clearance signal. But ignoring that warning, 13 fishermen went out for fishing activities with their trawlers in the deep sea.

As per the previous warning, they got hit massively by the cyclone and were completely devastated. One dead body was found on the sea beach yesterday evening and rescue activities started.

But due to the ongoing cyclone in the sea rescue operation couldn’t be performed properly. “Unfortunately, nobody is expected to survive this incident,” told us the officer in charge of the rescue party.

According to a survey, every year at least 8000 people die all around the world from ignoring the warning about the weather. The weather forecasting authority has again appealed to the people to follow the guidelines of the Bengal fishery management authority.

Example 3


Reported by: Sudipto Mahata, Staff Reporter, TOI

Hooghly; July 13, 2020:  Hooghly witnessed a measurable incident of boat capsize yesterday in the adjacent Churni river. It was a passenger boat capsized due to some technical fault by yesterday evening. The boat capsized while crossing the river departed from Chinchurah to Naihati ferry ghat carrying about 50 passengers.

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As per the chief captain, they felt some heavy jerking inside the engine room while in the middle of the river. Then suddenly some passenger reported that water is flowing inside the boat heavily and a part of it is sinking down gradually.

The assistant captain let us know that they asked for support in wireless but got no response. After a few mins, the boat completely collapsed. Unfortunately, there were not enough life jackets or tires for rescuing all the passengers. As per the report, many of the passengers didn’t even know how to swim.

According to an eyewitness, they all cried for help but gradually drowned getting no help from anywhere. Some of the passengers saved their lives with the help of a few life jackets. Approximately, a total number of 19 passengers are missing in this unfortunate accident.

Rescue operation is still going on in search of those missing passengers. Till yesterday 11:30 pm, 3 dead bodies were found from the river.

The local water transport administration is investigating the whole incident very carefully. According to them, some major negligence definitely happened from the quick response team. The officer-in-charge of the quick response team was sent to compulsory waiting along with 5 other officials.

Example 4


Reported by: Staff Reporter

Murshidabad; August 2: A merchant boat capsized yesterday in Jalangi river, Murshidabad by the hit of cyclone Rumpan. As per the reports, the boat was going to Kolkata from Murshidabad, carrying some heavy essential goods. But getting the delayed warning of the cyclone Rumpan the boat made an attempt to halt in the Shimuli Port through Jalangi.

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Unfortunately, the attempt failed due to the sudden arrival of the cyclone Rumpan. According to the one and only survivor of the accident Mr Ramesh Thapa, their boat got devastated within just a few seconds. They even got no chance to take any precautions.

There was a total of 13 persons in the boat including Mr Thapa. 9 of them were found dead till yesterday night and 3 are still missing. The rescue party is still looking for them in the river. The meteorological department has let us know that the wind speed was at least 115 kmph at the time of the accident. The water transport authority of West Bengal is investigating the whole incident of not getting a cyclone warning at a specific time.

According to a survey report, a total number of 67 boat capsize incidents happen every year due to delayed warnings. The chairman of the Water Transport Authority of West Bengal has let us know that they will immediately look forward to upgrading the whole infrastructure of advance warning to the sailing ships and boats.

There you have it: Newspaper Report Writing on a Boat Capsize. I hope you find this article helpful. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section regarding this article.