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Today I’ll discuss a report writing on fire accident. After reading this article you will have an idea of how to write this type of report.

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Example 1


By Suprity Acharyya

Ranaghat, 18th September: A catastrophic fire broke out in a slum area of Ranaghat yesterday’s evening. The fire drastically affects the huge slum quite close to the Ranaghat police station.


Many poor vendors and factory workers used to stay in that area. According to one of those vendors, they lost everything in the fire. Hundreds of huts are gutted. Six engines with 49 fire workers worked very hard to extinguish the fire.

The neighbours joined their hands with firefighters and worked tirelessly to put out the fire. The conflagration was brought under control only by the next morning.

As per a police investigating official, 15 people got themselves killed in the fire devastation. Many others are suffering from fatal burn injuries. They were taken to the Ranaghat public hospital right away. Some of them were admitted in ICU and some are kept under observance.

Many people who witnessed the whole incident are in total mental trauma and not in a position to describe anything. The estimated value of the total loss is likely to run to about a crore of rupees. Forensic experts are investigating beside the police and looking for the reason behind this major accident.

Example 2


By Suprity Acharyya

December 9, Durgapur: A devastating fire caught the famous Durgapur City Mall by yesterday evening. Around 7:30 in the evening some smell of smoke spread out inside the mall. Suddenly the present people witnessed the main exit of the mall horribly set on fire.

According to one of the shoppers they got stuck inside and were trying to get out through the alternative exits. The fire brigade was immediately informed and reached within half an hour with three engines. After a long 8 hours, They got themselves able to control the Fire.

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Till then most of the people inside the mall took the way of an alternative exit. But one shopper and one security guard got themselves killed in the accident. Apart from that, many people suffered from minor injuries and smoke suffocation.

They were taken to the nearest nursing home for first aid and basic treatment. Police and forensic experts are investigating the whole shopping mall. Interrogation has been launched against the management authority of the mall.

They are being asked why the automated fire extinguisher didn’t work! In the primary investigation, forensic experts are assuming that the Fire broke out from some short circuit that happened inside the central air conditioning system.

Example 3


By Suprity Acharyya

June 19; Highland Park, Kolkata: The famous Abhishikta building complex was caught by fire yesterday night. According to one of the security guards on duty, it was around 12:30 midnight when some noise of screaming came out from a backward part of the complex.

Security guards rushed towards that point and discovered a massive fire broke out in a huge part of a building. The police as well as the fire brigade were informed. The fire brigade reached the spot within 20 minutes along with 4 engines.

According to a fire brigade official, they became able to control the fire after 3 and a half hours of attempt. Local people also went on in order to help the fire brigade in their rescue operation. One particular building in that complex is heavily damaged and many people got themselves severely injured by this fire accident.

The nearest hospital was informed immediately and they came with 11 ambulances to take the injured people to the hospital. In the primary investigation, police are assuming some major fault in the power room as the reason behind this fire accident. The forensic experts are further investigating the situation. 

Example 4


By Suprity Acharyya

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July 7, Konnagar: A massive fire accident broke out in a chemical factory of Konnagar that burnt alive 19 workers inside. It is a small factory in Konnagar for producing laboratory chemicals. According to a tea shop owner close to it, he heard a terrible sound of an explosion from inside the factory, then witnessed blue flames of fire coming out from there.

The fire brigade was immediately informed, but the local people accused them of delaying a lot of time. Before the fire brigade came the local people tried to extinguish the fire in their own way. According to a local fellow, the fire brigade came after one and a half hours.

Till then the Fire devastated the whole factory. The fire brigade became able to control the fire after some time. The burnt bodies of 19 workers were rescued after that. Police have arrested the owner for interrogation about the safety measurement inside the factory.

According to the inspector in charge, there were no permission certificates the owner was able to show for the production of chemicals inside that factory. Forensic experts are further investigating the whole incident for more evidence.

Example 5


By Suprity Acharyya

September 15, Burrabazar: Burrabazar was again caught by fire yesterday. It is the second time in this year the Bazaar area has been caught by fire. The last time in February when the fire broke out in the area, many safety measurements were taken by the Bazaar authority as well by the police.

But it is proved by yesterday’s fire that all the measurements went to the vein. According to one shopkeeper, it was around 4:30 in the afternoon when suddenly a massive fire broke out from nowhere.

7 fire brigade engines attended the spot immediately, but unfortunately, it took around 13 hours to fully control the Fire. The local police station is investigating the whole accident. According to a report, around 62 shops were devastated by the fire accident.

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The accident killed 9 people and injured several this time. All of them were taken to Kolkata Medical College. Some of them are suffering from fatal injuries.

The police are investigating why the dedicated automatic fire extinguishing system of Burrabazar area didn’t work. A high-level committee is also about to be set up to deal with this type of fire accident in the Bazar area.

Example 6


By Suprity Acharyya

August 19, Kolkata North: Massive fire broke out in Shivnath Shastri girls’ High School yesterday evening. As per the report presented by the security guard of the school, he suddenly noticed fire coming out from the electric metre room that is just beside the stairs.

Though he tried to extinguish the Fire himself, it spread out without giving further time. The school authority as well as the fire brigade was informed immediately. Initially, two engines of the fire brigade came on the spot. But examining the whole situation one more engine was summoned.

After 2 hours of continuous effort, the fire brigade team got able to bring down the fire under control. In the primary investigation, a major short circuit seemed responsible for the fire outbreak.

Further investigation is going on. The school management authority has called on high-level internal enquiry and meetings. An automatic fire extinguishing system has been proposed for the set-up in the school. A total loss of about 4-5 lakhs rupees is assumed.

The School has declared vacation for the next 5 days to complete the reconstructional activities. Fortunately, no death or injuries have been reported in this accident. 

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