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Example 1

A Horrendous Bank Robbery in Kalighat ICICI Bank

By Suprity Acharyya

October 18; Kalighat: Kolkata is again hit by a horrendous bank robbery in the kalighat Branch of ICICI bank. According to the branch manager, it was at around 2:30 when a gang of 4 robbers came to the branch in the disguise of customers.


As per the branch’s security guard, they entered the bank separately. One of them was enquiring about opening a new account while another one distracted the security guard. There were very few customers at that time in the bank.

According to one of them, two fellow wearing masks suddenly entered the bank, locked the main gate and showed fire weapons and gathered all the customers and bank staff at one place. Then the first one who was talking to the manager about opening an account put him in gunpoint and opened the vault.

According to the bank, they looted around 15 lakhs of rupees and some important property papers are also missing. They fired 4 rounds of bullets in the air while fleeing from the bank. Kalighat police station is investigating the whole case.

According to the chief investigating officer Sambar Dasgupta the robbery was well planned and that’s why it was neat and clean. Police are checking all the available CCTV footage and hoping to arrest those individuals and rescue the money.

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Example 2

Daring Attempt of Robbery in a Public Sector Bank on  Sunday Night

By Suprity Acharyya

June 15; Chowringhee: A desperate attempt of robbery has been recorded in a public sector bank’s Chowringhee branch. It was the security guard who first noticed the main lock of the front gate was broken.

As soon as he noticed this he called the branch manager straight away. The local police station was immediately informed. As per the branch manager, an attempt at breaking the main vault has been done. But fortunately, the robbers became unable to do so.

Though one vault was broken, it was only containing coins. So, the loss is very minimal as reported by the bank. But still, the police as well as the forensic team is investigating the whole situation. The forensic team has collected samples of scratches from the broken lock area.

The police are checking the CCTV footage as well. According to the chief investigating official, some important evidence has also been rescued from the spot.

The 24*7 security guards are being interrogated. But till the time, no evident information has been recovered by the police. Local M.L.A has also visited the place and assured a high-level enquiry and future security. 

Example 3

Another Notorious Bank Robbery in Kolkata: One killed, Two Injured

By Suprity Acharyya

August 19; Bhawanipur: The people of Kolkata are flabbergasted by a vicious bank robbery in Axis Bank Bhawanipur branch that has taken one innocent life. A dangerous daring robbery broke out in the bank yesterday afternoon.

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According to the branch manager, a gang of at least six robbers infiltrated the bank in masks at around 3:30 pm and took 9 customers as a hostage in front of modern fire weapons. Then they threatened to kill them if the manager did not open the main vault.

As per the bank’s report, the estimated loss is of around 1.75 crores of cash and jewellery. Some important property papers are also missing. The worst happened when the robbers tried to flee away after the robbery. Some local fellows rushed into them and the robbers openly fired 5 rounds of bullets.

One of them was captured and banged by local people. But in the firing one man was killed and two people got bullets in their hand and thigh respectively.

Three of them were immediately taken to the nearest hospital. One of them was announced as dead and the other two are admitted in ICU under observance. The captured fellow has been arrested by the police and is being interrogated.

Example 4

Valuable Vintage Property Robbed From Bank Locker in Serampore

By Suprity Acharyya

June 3rd, Serampore: A notorious bank robbery has been recorded again in a public sector bank’s Serampore branch. This time the loss is much more than money. It was some vintage historical gold coins and small gold statues.

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The robbers infiltrated the bank in the midnight as recorded by the CCTV cameras. According to the branch manager, the value of the lost properties can not be measured in cash.

It was very much valuable as the historical missing link between the 18th century and present. The property exclusively belongs to the Mahamilan Math situated in the Dunlop area.

At the day’s opening of the bank, the manager himself first noticed the front gate lock as broken. The jewellery vault was badly cut most likely by gas cutters. Local police and the owner of the property were immediately informed.

Investigating the whole situation, the officer-in-charge is assuming the whole incident as a result of long term planning. As per the CCTV footage, there were 7 robbers in the scene.

The forensic team is examining all little evidence as well. The higher administration is taking this incident very seriously most likely as this is connected with a religious place.

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