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Durga Puja Festival

By: Sruthi Singh

Durga puja is a festival that lasts for 10 days of which the last 5 are more significant. This festival is celebrated 6 days after  Mahalaya. Durga Puja is a major festival for the Bengali community. During the celebrations, devotees dress up in traditional attire and offer prayers at pandals of Goddess Durga.


Durga Puja coincides with the festival of the nine goddesses that is Navaratri. Navaratri is also dedicated to Durga and her avatars. Pushpanjali and aarti are performed in Durga puja pandals on Ashtami. Durga puja is also called Durgotsava. The puja is conducted at homes, pandals. There are public processions.

It epitomizes the victory of good over evil. The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm, pomp and show. Programs such as scripture recitation, revelry, exchange of gifts, feasting and so on. Families and friends gather together to celebrate the festival.

The tenth day of the festival is marked by a huge procession of devotees carrying the statues over to a river to immerse them. This is done as it is symbolic to the return of the goddess to Shiva in Kailash.

Example 2

Durga Puja celebration at Bengal

By: Amir khusro

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Durga Puja is widely celebrated in West Bengal. During the festival, the streets are decorated with lights and all sorts of shops. Streets are decked up with speakers which play festive songs, hymns, slogan and chants by priests. During the last 5 days, the streets and roads become overcrowded with shops, devotees, revellers along with pandal visitors.

Visitors from all over the world come to take part in the festival. Shops, eateries, bakeries and restaurants are kept open through the night. Exhibitions and fairs are set up to attract people. Dance and various other cultural activities are performed by the devotees. Organising committees are formed to oversee everything that goes well.

Married daughters visit their parents during the festival as tradition without fail. Pooja’s are also conducted at homes in Thakur dalan, where the sculpture idols are kept. After the poojas, prasad is distributed to everyone.

It is also the season for shopping. People often gift each other new clothes which are worn to the pujas. People also use these holidays to visiting tourist places while some others visit their ancestral home to celebrate the festival.

Example 3

Durga Puja Festival a Consumerist Social Carnival

By: Arathi Krish

2019, Bengal. Durga Puja is a festival which lasts for 10 days. People mainly Hindus celebrate this festival and conduct pujas. This is a major festival in Bengal due to which it attracts a lot of attraction. This often turns Durga Puja into a Consumerist Social Carnival. People from all around the world come to take part in this traditional festival.

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Pandals are beautifully decorated for holding pujas. Streets are packed with people at all times. Shops, bakeries, restaurants and all sorts of eateries are kept open all night. This is also a season for shopping. People of all sorts go shopping for traditional and non-traditional dresses.

Nowadays Durga Puja has become a major public spectacle and also a major arts event riding on commercialism. It has turned into an event that is conducted based on corporate sponsorship. It is a great season for business since people buy all sorts of things making a huge profit.

Spectators from all around come to take part. Families hire purohits to perform necessary pujas and rituals on behalf of that family or community. This traditional festival is also a tourist attraction.

Example 4

 Durga Puja a Festival of Rituals and Practices

 By: Sam John

This festival is celebrated in honour of goddess Durga. This is a festival filled with rituals and practices. This is the main reason for the attraction. The festival begins right after Mahalaya. Mahalaya is a day in which Hindus offer food and water to their dead ancestors known as tarpana. On the sixth day of the festival, the festival celebrations are inaugurated, devotees welcome the goddess.

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Durga Puja is actually a social and public event in eastern and northeastern states of India. Navapatrika is a bundle of nine different plants, this is a practice to show its importance in agriculture. This is also known as a post-monsoon harvest festival. The festival officially begins at twilight by praying to Saraswati.

From day 2 to 5 devotees mark the remembrance of the goddess and her manifestations as kumari ( goddess of fertility), Mai ( mother), ajima ( grandmother), Lakshmi ( goddess of wealth). The pujas involve rituals with the chanting of mantras, shlokas, chants and arati, and offerings.

The rituals before the puja begins with bodhana, adhivasa, navapatrika snan, sandhi puja and ashtami Pushpanjali, homa and bhog, sindoor khela and immersion, dhunuchi naach and dhuno pora.


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