Write a Report on the Van Mahotsav Festival Celebration in School or College [With PDF]

In this article, I'm going to show you how to write a report on Van Mahotsav. So without further ado let's get started.

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Example 1

Van Mahotsav Festival Celebration in School

   By Sanghamitra Chinara

June 20, 2020, Dispur, Assam: Students, teachers and staff of the Trinity Scholars School, Dispur celebrated the Annual ‘Van Mahotsav’ Day on 13th of June 2020 in the school premises. A “Go Green” initiative was introduced in the school to promote afforestation and growth of trees.

The event commenced as the Head Girl, Bansita Das, XII B, gave a short, but influencing speech signifying the importance of trees for humankind. Several problems or issues caused due to loss of trees by various means such as deforestation, pollution, modernization of agriculture etc. The audience was made to understand and spread awareness about the role played by the trees in balancing the ecosystem as well as the biosphere as a whole.

A Debate competition was organised among the students of the school to discuss the impact of Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming as well as Climate Change on the environment as well as humankind. Aravlik house won the debate competition. Further, a quiz competition was also held for the interested students. Many other events such as a Poster making competition as well as an Essay Writing Competition were held.

Example 2 (This is an example of Magazine report) :

Van Mahotsav Celebration in School

By Raghunath Shetty

 To mark the annual celebration of Van Mahotsav, our school organised an event to commence the same on June 20, 2019, Friday in the school premises.

The program was enlightened by the presence of District Railway Manager, Shri Nishith Rao. He delivered an addressing speech among the audience.

At 9:00 hours, all the students, teachers as well as other staff were collected and gathered to conduct an Awareness rally in the nearby locality.

The students held flags, banners as well as banderols brightly coloured and decorated to attract the public and spread awareness. The rally consisted of nearly 200 students along with 45b of teachers and other staff. The rally covered areas from Lal Bahadur Chowk to Shivaji Nagar, approximately 8 km long route.

The members of the rally shouted slogans and sang poems and community songs in the local areas to join more people in this initiative. The locals also joined the rally. In the end, all the members planted saplings of wide variety across the roads, societies as well as School premises respectively.  The program was a success because of the coordination and cooperation among all the members.

Example 3

Van Mahotsav Celebration in School

Reported by Nimita Jain, Staff Reporter

June 20, 2020; Kolkata: The students, teachers and the staff of St. Thomas School, Lake Street, Kolkata sincerely coordinated and participated in an event to mark the annual commemoration of the Van Mahotsav on 7th of June.

The Guest of Honour for this program was Shri Sanket Agrawal, the District School Commissioner whose presence graced this event.

The main objective behind celebrating Van Mahotsav is to promote and spread awareness among the audience.

The event commenced with a warm welcome speech by Shri Raghuram Jha, the principal of the school. The primary students of the school performed a dance skit in which they were beautifully dressed in green, bright costumes as different plants and trees and gracefully showed how mankind is on the verge of destroying and recklessly cutting the trees.

The whole audience was influenced by their scintillating performance. Many other curricular activities were also held in which the students of various classes participated enthusiastically.

The NCC as well as the Scouts and Guides students and teachers of the school guided everyone to the playground where they planted saplings and cleaned the environment.

Example 4

Van Mahotsav Festival Celebration in College Premises

By Sruti Panda

June 12, 2020; Chennai: Christ International College, Bangalore celebrated the annual Van Mahotsav on June 9th along with various socio-cultural programs.

All the students, teachers, staff as well as local guardians were cordially invited to participate in this program, the program was graced by the presence of the Guest of Honour, Smt, Smriti Saraf, Education Commissioner, Bangalore.

The event was initiated by a warm welcome speech given by the Principal. Various cultural programs were showcased by the students of the college. The thrilling performances of the students brought a thunder of applause and appreciation from the audience.

An act was enacted by the senior students which showed how difficult it will be to sustain on the earth without trees. Various academic curricular such as Essay writing, Debating as well as Poster making were also organised.

About a hundred different varieties of saplings were planted all across the school premises. Smt. Smriti emphasized the children to take consistent care of the saplings.

Various awards and certificates were distributed among the students to encourage them further to participate in such awareness programs and to help in making this world a better place.


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