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Example 1

Women's Day Celebration

By Arati Kumar

A grand celebration was organised to mark the International Women’s Day on 08th of August in the office premises of the Office of Divisional Railway Manager (DRM), Chennai at 10:00.

All the women employees working in Railways working in various departments – commercial, electrical, signalling and many others were cordially invited to join the program. Nearly two hundred Railway women employees were involved in this event.

The event was conducted under the guidance of Mr. 00. All, Senior Divisional Engineer. The main conference hall of the office was decorated with flowers and rangolis.

The Guest of Honour for this event was Mrs. Subhashree Patra, Secretary of Women Welfare Department, Southern Railway, Chennai. A welcome speech was addressed by Mrs. Subhashree to inspire and encourage all the women to keep excelling consistently and to keep moving every time.

Sweets, snacks and beverages were served among the participants for their nourishment and refreshment. A discussion was carried out by the members emphasizing their gross average performance for the annual year 2019-2020.  The deserving employees were felicitated with various merits. This celebration brought fun, happiness, entertainment and a sense of unity among all.

Example 2

Women's Day Celebration

By Naina Kaur

International Women’s Day was celebrated in the local premises of Gurpreet Cooperative Society, Chandigarh on 10th of August to appreciate and inspire all the women.

A special program was organised in the society compound by the children and youth of the society. The clubhouse stage was beautifully adorned with lights and lamps to give a warm welcome to all the guests. Men, women and children were cordially invited to be a part of this delusional program.

The children of the society offered flower bouquets to all the women and greeted them. They also distributed many hand-made colourful cards and greeting. The efforts of the children were clearly reflected by the message given in those cards.

Sweets and beverages were served among the audience for their refreshment. The program grew more exhilarating as the kids went to perform a small skit signifying the role of Women in everyday life which received thunders of applause from the audience.

The kids also dedicated poems and narratives to the women. Women were invited to perform something over the stage to entertain the audience. Women sang melodies, shared stories and experiences from their life and danced merrily.

Example 3

Women's Day Celebration in School

By Snigdha Satpathy

The students, teachers and staff members of Birla Global School, Cuttack commemorated the International Women’s Day in their school premises on 12th August 2020.

The whole event was planned by the Student Council of the school under the guidance of Rohit and Harleen, Head Boy and Head Girl of the school.

All the women teachers and staffs were warmly invited to witness the small program which was organised in the school auditorium. The students of the school gave various tributes to their teachers by performing enchanting poetry, thrilling skit, melancholy song and a scintillating dance performance.

The skit performed by the primary students of the school signifying many social issues such as Female Infanticide, Women harassment, Rape culture as well as Gender Inequality mesmerised the audience with tears and nostalgia. The group dance was based on the theme of Women Empowerment in which the dancers showed various “avatars” of the women tribe.

A few games were held for all the teachers for their recreation. Sweets and snacks were kept for refreshment. The teachers blessed the students and thanked them for such big efforts.

Example 4

Celebration of International Women's Day

By Sukriti Kakkad

The International Women’s Day was celebrated on 12 August 2020 with power and positivity in the premises of “Guria India” Ahmedabad, an active Non-profit organisation which works to give legal justice to women by counselling and providing the victims with financial-aid.

The organisation has been running successfully since the last five years under the guidance of Ms. Chitralekha Chakraborty.

This year all the women members of the organisation were gathered and invited to attend a short awareness program in the organisational premises.

Approximately 145 women were actively involved in this program. A powerful, motivating speech was delivered by Ms. Chakraborty to encourage the women to fight for their rights and to strengthen their efforts.

Food packets, clothes and daily supplies such as groceries, solar lights, food grains were effectively distributed among the rural, underprivileged women.

Ms Chitralekha announced a new initiative in her organisation under which she will carry out all the expenses of children education of a few women, who are in a need of financial assistance. The program was brought to a conclusion by hope and faith being instilled among all women.


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